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November 16 2006

Astonishing X-Men #18 reviewed. Couldn't get a hold of the last part of the Torn arc? Then catch up with this very detailed recap and review.

Out of the three arcs so far, this is my favourite. Very dark, very insular and some wonderful scenes. Some of Joss' best writing to date.

Totally agree with you on this one Simon as it brings the best of the Claremont and Morrison era and put a new Whedon spin on them. Can't wait for the final arc. Does anyone knows when #19 is supposed to come out?
Out of all the books I got this week AXM #18 was by far my favourite. Astonishing is just a perfect combnation of great writing with top class art.
As of right now, 19 is slated for December 27 with 20 at February 7.
Thx CaptainB! :)
I'm a little disappointed by Torn ending like this. Spoilers:

After everything that's happened, it seems like a major let-down for this to all be in Emma's head and for Scott to still be defending her. But it would have been so worth it if Scott really had shot Emma and she stayed dead.

I'm surprised the Astonishing team is heading to space, since the Uncanny team already has a year-long space arc with a similar type of mission.

Hopefully the Astonishing team finishes the Breakworld story and goes to help the Uncanny team with Vulcan. It will be funny to see what Xavier says after all the grief Scott gave him over taking Darwin into space when the Professor finds out Scott ended up taking Hisako.

I hope Beast remains his suit for the duration of Unstoppable.

I'm also concerned about who's not coming back. We all know Joss loves killing off characters, and if he kills Kitty, I will never forgive him or read or watch anything he writes ever again. Now, if he kills off Emma, he'll replace Claremont as the greatest X-writer ever.

He would never do that Faithfan, that'd be like him taking down buffy at the very end of a season. Oh wait...

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