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November 16 2006

Fox orders three more episodes of "Standoff." Fox's hostage drama, starring Gina Torres with Tim Minear as a consulting producer, has been given six more episodes -- upping its first season to nineteen episodes in total.

BECAUSE FOX HATE US. Or something.

Have the ratings actually gone up? As far as I knew they were still going down.

Edit: just checked and it's hovering at around 5 million. However, given the amount of shows FOX needs to cancel due to poor ratings this year (chiefly The OC. But they might as well rename the network House!FOX), I can see why they've ordered more for now.

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Actually, the eps since the break were much less crappy than the first ones. I don't know if those actually had input from Tim or not, but, anyway. I'm sure they know that Tim has a full-time job he has to go to -- right, Fox?! ;-)

Anyway, yay (Tim and) Gina! :-)
Yeah, billz, I'd have to say they've improved, too. When I watched the first episodes of this show, as much as I hoped it would pull through, for Gina & the other actors, I didn't think it was long for this world.

The last few have been tighter and tauter, with fewer gratuitous interactions between Matt & Emily, and more punch to the story and scripts.

Dunno if that's the Minear-influence at work yet, either, but it is better.

And then on to Drive...

“Do it like that. Why do you suck? Do it like that.” -- Tim Minear, "Showrunning" panel, WorldCon 2006
Apparently Veronica Mars got an order for another 7 episodes which means season 3 is looking likely to be 20 episodes in all.
Yay VM! Shiny news, Simon, thanks for posting it! :-)
I second everyone else's comments - Stand Off is better, and terrific news about Veronica (thanks for posting it, I was getting worried). But stupid FOX has gone and cancelled Vanished which I was hooked on (I like closure). I never learn my lesson.

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