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November 16 2006

(SPOILER) Buffy: back from the dead in season 8. A fab interview with Georges Jeanty, the Buffy comic book artist, over at the Wizard website. Juicy little tidbits to mull over till the first issue comes out next year.

Alright, I'm excited... NOW WHERE IS IT?
Very Cool!

I seriously can't wait for this. I am very excited to see Xander still by Buffy's side and that he features so prominatly.

I love his drawings.
Yay! Can't wait. So glad to hear mentions of Xander in particular. Hope we see more of him in S8 than we got in S7, that's for sure. Of course, also looking forward to seeing Buffy again - hopefully she's not nearly as depressed as she once was and we see sides of funny, goofy Buffy that I used to love.

I was talking to one of the clerks at my LCS, and between this and the Anita Blake series, they're expecting to see lots more women than they're used to visiting the shop. I think that's wonderful. I hope all the Buffy fans who stop by to pick up Whedon's new comic also take a look at all the other wonderful comic offerings, including Pride of Baghdad, Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Invincible, Ultra, and lots, lots more.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. I was thinking, "As opposed to ...?"
Yeah, she slays by the seashore.
Actually, I think it's great a lot of people are waiting by comic book stores for the new Buffy comic. It may not be a big as the Playstation 3 coming tomorrow, but it's right up there.
What about this?

I love reading the scripts because Joss is writing full scripts, so it's just like reading a teleplay for one of the episodes.

Waaah I wanna see the scripts!!!
Damn I am excited about this. I just love to hear people get so excited about continuing "Buffy". It's been a long time coming and although I would rather see a Big screen continuation of Buffy with SMG, this really is the next best thing.
Thanks for the link. :)
"she-slayers" Tracking them down, relentlessly destroying them...okay, I get it...sorry!
Expect some big press release from Dark Horse for the release next week of the following one.

If nothing changed from original schedule, the first issue is still scheduled to be released on (or in, can't remember the right preposition for this) March 2007.

Dark Horse solicitation are usually released a few days before DC's and Marvel's, during the months second week. So expect some Press Release a little bit before that.
Poster Boy, you caught that, too, huh?

You'll meet a lot of cool characters that are unique in such a way that only Joss can write them. I love reading the scripts because Joss is writing full scripts, so it's just like reading a teleplay for one of the episodes.

Wouldn't that be a great idea! Well after the Season 8 comics have finished, so it wouldn't threaten their sales, couldn't the scripts themselves be published?? Please, someone, somewhere consider it!
Happens more and more these days, scriptbooks for comics, so who knows. Might be an idea if--once you have the actual comic--you write in asking about one.
March would make a lot of sense. It would tie in perfectly with the 10 year anniversary. The first episode aired March 10, 1997.
I truly cannot wait until this comes out (hopefully) in March.
I guess I am a contrarian. When I first heard about this new comic series I got really excited, but as Mr. Jeanty talks more and more about it and leaks little bits of information, I find that my wariness is rising and I am starting to lose interest. While I fully expected to be out there buying each book, I am getting to the point where I may just read reviews and see what the storyline is. My reason has to do with the fact that my greatest pet peeve of S7 was the focus on a bunch of potentials that I cared nothing about; now that they are all active, they have to be built into the story and it is assured that at least one or two will have to get some space- meaning that the characters I really care about get less. I also do not want to have to wait for the first 4-series arc to complete the task of introducing all the scoobies back into the tale. And finally, and for me, the 500-pound gorilla in the room, is whether or not I see Tara.
Finally, given that this is supposed to be canon, I read this as the end of any consideration of a movie or new tv teleseries.
Finally, given that this is supposed to be canon, I read this as the end of any consideration of a movie or new tv teleseries.

The season 8 comic book series was supposed to tie in with the purposed DVD tv movies (that are still up in the air from what Tim Minear recently said).

To quote Joss:

This was originally a concept that was designed to tie in to some Buffy movies that are probably not going to happen. So now the comic is out there twisting in the wind by itself. But I have this arc; this concept of what I refer to as “Season 8” of “Buffy,” which is the “What happens next?” Although it’s very much more comic book in scale and style and time frame. Everyone’s like, “What week will it pick up during?” And I’m like, “It’s not quite like that.”

What I’m doing is working with Georges Jeanty. He’s gonna be drawing the first four, which I’m writing. And Jo Chen’s gonna do the covers. I’m a huge fan of hers. I have this arc laid out which I’m sort of writing up as where I want the series to go and then I’m gonna be bringing in anybody from the camp or any of our friends who have the time to do arcs within that. Just sort of servicing certain beats and then going off on their own. Because at this point, it’s sort of fair game. There are certain characters I’ve been saving because I thought I might make movies about them, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I'm on the other end, it makes me MORE hopeful than ever for a Big Screen continuation of Buffy and her gang with a few ATS cast members thrown in for good measure.
I do think the telemovies are a dead issue though but you really never know. Once Joss gets this Universe hopping again, anything is possible.

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