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November 17 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg's "evolution". MTV/VH1 report about Buffy's kid sister becoming fashion "it" girl.

Anyone else see almost entire paragraphs repeating?
Yep. It's for the kids of today - keep telling them things until they remember. Yep. It's for the kids of today - keep telling them things until they remember.

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"...becoming fashion "it" girl.

Hmm. She'd have to wear her hair differently to look like Cousin It, actually. I mean, so could I if I grew my hair 3' longer and wore it in front of my face...
This article and those quotes remind me just how annoying Dawn was. I see that she hasn't changed - just gone from whining about needing attention to spouting superficial nonsense about fashion.
I'm sorry, but I just can't stand her. She's turning into a press whore, turning up at every event in this (LA) town. I don't give a damn what kind of jeans she wears of what she thinks of women in low-cut sweaters. Why would anyone care what she thinks about that?

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There's some needlessly catty comments in this thread. If people continue in this vein, they will be in the last chance saloon.
Fashion may be seen as shallow and silly by some, but it IS big business. Michelle Trachtenberg is demonstrating that she has a knack for impressing people/exerting influence in this industry as well as making her own contribution in the form of an accessory line (with every piece apparently made by her, as per the article.) I can respect that (especially considering I make jewelry myself), and I don't see designing or handcrafting something beautiful as any sillier an endeavor as, say, acting.
Michelle's a 21-year-old actress, so I don't have a lot to say about her concerns and drive for publicity, except that they don't top my priority list. Though I will mention that the article simply screams "I'd like free clothes, please" and ain't nobody offering me free couture these days. Pity, that.

However, the overuse of "edge" and "edgy" in the writing sets my own teeth on edge, and the sentence repetition is just funny -- as if the story weren't empty enough. Some overworked proofreader's gonna get an ass-whuppin'.
No, QC, they'll get a job at IMDB instead.
Yep, IMDB only employ overwurked prforeaders if they have at least one terrible VH1 'article' to their credit. Fact.

And apparently New York is very, very 'edgy'. I'd love to see the head of the New York tourist board's face when that gets out.

Reading it was kind of an education though. Reckon I now know how 'normal' people reading articles about computers must feel cos of the 60 percent that wasn't repeated about 80 percent went flying over my head. Didn't Ferragamo play the Incredible Hulk in the 70s series ? ;-)
November 17 2006

Dear IMdB:

I am looking for a chalenging pozition in the exiting and edgy world of online proofreding,

I have wurked at MTV/VH1 for over one yeer now and i think I have enuf expeerience to be an aset to your company. Attacked please find my resum and an artickle I proofed for them while working there. It was edgy. Attacked please find my resum and an artickle I proofed for them while working there. It was edgy.

I am a self starter and a team player and always pay grate attenshun to detail.

I look forwerd to hearing from you soon-

Minion "Edgy" Underling
New York City, NY
I also feel that Michelle, who is a fine actor, has been spending too much time at premieres and other openings, and that while this gets you publicity, I think you'd rather be known for what you do rather than who you are and who you hang with.
I am as fashionable as a cactus. I just don't get the appeal. I mean I understand wanting to look nice and all... but this is just extreme. And I got such a headache reading that, can you imagine if BBC news had that language?

"So the president of China was at the G8 meeting presenting something about trade. But the important thing was that he did a faux-pas where he should be arrested by the fashionistas for wearing a Dolce & Gabanna knock off top with an Armani pants. Anyone with any common sense knows that was du-jour, en vogue, a la present, in 2003, but is passe today" I just dont get the obssession with fashion I guess. Lego on the other hand... I can't understand why people aren't excited about that?
*EEEK double post how the hell did that happen?? Maybe I had too much espresso in my no-fat latte....

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Dear Minion,

You're qualifications sounds grate on paper but hear at INDB as well ass our top koala-T prforeading we pride our selves on supplying only the most made up news in the timliest fashion.

You seam to have only little expericne actually reporting or, as we say, composing the news and so we may not be a match made in heaven (as are, in braking news, Germaine Greer and George Bush, scene clamping face recently at New York's Club Edgy, NY, New York).

Police reapply when you have composed a mini-mum of five news stores about famous actor/sesses and their respective underwears. Extra credit will bee given for dizze desem spreding the news wide or far.


PS This just in !

PPS And also, KAte Bekunsale will play Morgun Freemun in 'Wonder Woman !: My Life Trapped as a Man !'

PPPS And remembur, their is no 'I' in edgy but they're is nearly a 'hedge' ! Keep on tyring !
Despite the paragraphs that repeated themselves, I found this article a pleasure to read. It was positive and as much as I could care less for fashion, it was nice to read something in that vien. I get tired of seeing all the negative articles printed about who wore what where and how awful they looked.

Um...and that's my two cents.

*runs off*
My only concern is that it said she's hanging around with Paris Hilton!! Run, Dawnie, Run!!
I don't care about fashion or "it girls" but I am interested in seeing the kind of jewelry Michelle is making. Not that I could afford it, going by the prices listed in the article. Does anyone know if there are pictures online?
ElectricSpaceGirl, there are some photos at WireImage, and at least one here.
For the chronic Michelle/Dawn flamers on this site, you might like to know that Michelle will be on Law and Order: Criminal Intent Tuesday, Nov. 28 in an episode called, ironically, Weeping Willow. It airs at 8 p.m. CT on NBC. She continues to act. I am so tired of the trivial crap that overwhelms sites which are designed to celebrate Whedonverse stars -- if you don't like someone don't read about them and don't comment.
Yeah thats another concern of mine, hanging out with Paris Hilton, she is too good for that, and I think hanging around with Paris will only bring bad publicity to her. And yes RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND!

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Oh, Saje, you are the funny, though indubitably getting older, man. *wide shared grin of increasing decripitude*

"And remembur, their is no 'I' in edgy but they're is nearly a 'hedge'"

Is that if I h'aspirates the h'aitch? *full glottal stop*
Thanks for the heads up on the Law and Order episode. I have to say, as someone who is far too addicted to fashion and designers (drooling over them, not actually owning and wearing them), I have been very impressed lately with Michelle's fashion choices at various events. I'm even more impressed now that I know she doesn't have a stylist to help her pull it all together.
"'Wonder Woman !: My Life Trapped as a Man !'"

Is the trailer out yet? T-shirt? Original Art(TM - 11th Hour)?

Teh FUNNY,you guys. And kudos to QG for that highly original bit of hilarity. :D
T'anks, Willowy. As always, you Whedonians tickle and stimulate the old funnybone...

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Wow, Dawn has grown up into a stunning woman. But who's this Michelle Trachtenberg?
ohnjaye leave the moderating to the actual moderators, your language is unbecoming and nekulturny which is why you're on a time out.
And kudos to QG for that highly original bit of hilarity

T'anks, Willowy

Agreed on both counts ;). We're all offal in the inspiration pie. Though not disgusting like that sounded.
Aw, I've had a soft spot for MT ever since she played Lily on All My Children. Nice to see her getting some buzz, even if it is really poorly-edited buzz.
I love fashion and I think fashion is relative -- if you take away the opinions (and snark) of fashion designers, editors and consumers and walk to the local Wal-Mart you can still see fashion. The things that I see on the runway at NY Fashion Week, I'll see again in department stores like JC Penney. Like it or not, what you wear and what you consider to be "unfashionable" was at some point, fashionable and was based on something designed by someone.

I think because fashion is relative, in my opinion, anyone who isn't "fashionable" just isn't being fashionable in the way the rest of the country or the popular culture is fashionable. Okay, some people wear hideous clothing but it doesn't reflect on them as a person, whereas I think Hollywood hinges a person's ability and a person's personality on the clothing they wear. That's what she's immersed in and she's definitely not a household name. But by procuring a custom-designed dress from Dolce and Gabbana, she was able to get a little more press.

Step 1: Insert yourself as a fashionista, as a formidable fashion consumer

Step 2: Once the studios get wind that you're popular and will possibly make them tons of $$, they send scripts

Step 3: Land a role you may not have otherwise gotten, or would have had to audition for, can readily say you had the luxury of CHOOSING your roles and have the chance of being a formidable actress as well as a formidable fashion consumer

Do you blame her for wanting to be popular and famous AND try to get a solid acting career?
Well Browcoat, I agree with you, its just hanging out with paris Hilton??? Sorry I can't get over tht... I really have a problem with Paris....

Anyways, I guess the thing about being a fashionista, will she be able to develop a body of work in terms of acting she would be proud of? The type of roles that she would get, would they be romantic comedy movie of the month?Which isnt bad from time to time it pays the bills, but all the time in my mind anyway is just... well boring. Or would she get roles that are more subtanctial and not necessarily artsy but more risky. So far from what little I have heard of her career(I havent followedher path at all ..), has she done any worthwhile roles outside of Buffy? I am just worried that her getting all "fashionable" and with it, she will pieonhole herself in bad movie trash. And then dummped 3 years later b/c she would be no logner the it girl...b/c we all know how that sort of fame lasts.
I felt a little hole open up in my heart when I saw a picture of Michelle Tranchtenberg at some Hilfiger thing standing next to Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie. The girl still has the sweetness of her age in her smile - something Hollywood "it" girls lose pretty fast. Hopefully her taste in hang-out buddies is for publicity rather than life choices. Some of this can be neccessary to get the kind of exposure that leads to better opportunities, but what she does with it will determine whether her career goes the direction of Kate Winslet or Tara Reid.
Like Emma Caulfield (Anya), with Michelle Tranchtenberg I love the characters they played and they have great acting talent to be sure, but I can't stand their real-life personalities... I hope she uses her 15 minutes wisely...

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