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November 17 2006

Wizard World offers a Diamond Select Box Set of Buffy figures. BTVS Watcher's Guide Box Set of 3 Action Figures (Rupert Giles, Wesley Wyndham-Price & Spike as Randy Giles) Gentle Giant! Limited to 2500 (Advance Order).

Wes & Spike look pretty good. Gotta LOVE that hat !!
Oh, god, these figures are looking increasingly appealing to me. Is this a symptom of escalating fanhood or something? Do I need to get a blood test or a transfusion or some kind of injection? Is there a cure?

For years I've resisted the purchase of any and all Buffy-tchotchke, and now all of a sudden I'm getting huge cravings. I want a Giles and a Randy Giles and an Evil Willow and an Anyanka and a Faith and a regular Willow and a Buffy and a Spike and a Wesley and a Drusilla...

Arrghh. Maybe this is that second childhood you hear so much about...
QuoterGal, I know what you mean. Everytime something comes out I say 'this is the last thing I will get'...then something else comes out. I think it's called addiction or something and if you do find a cure, let me know.
For me the trinkets started with a bust of Angel...then Diamond Select did that wonderful Illyria. I had to have her! The she looked so alone on that shelf, I felt she needed company so then came a Diamond Select Lorne (Judgement Day), Angel (The RIng), Wesley (Rain of Fire) and Fred (with pigtails). Then a Buffy vs. Dracula bust, and Spike bust... Yep I am addicted!

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