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November 18 2006

(SPOILER) Joe Quesada on Joss and Civil War. Marvel Editor in Chief talks about Joss in his weekly Joe Friday column at Newsrama.

"If you remember back to some of the original discussions we had here at New Joe Fridays about the formation of Civil War, you’ll recall that Joss Whedon was in town and had stopped by our creative summit and really pushed us to make sure that the ending was as tight as it could be. We had our ending, we knew where we wanted to go, but we had three or four ways of getting to that point. Joss was instrumental in helping us find which one of those ways of combinations thereof would serve the story best."

So if I don't like the end of Civil War I can just blame Joss. ;)
You like the beginning of it?
derf, it would make a nice change from everyone blaming poor old Joe Q.

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