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November 19 2006

(SPOILER) Bones makes a list of the Fall TV shows you should be watching. Veronica Mars,Heroes,Dr.Who and Supernatural also mentioned.

Cool! Except for Dr.Who, Nip/Tuck and VM, I am watching all these.

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That list is great with one exception. The OC? Really? With all those other quality shows. I'm baffled.
David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel were introduced in the audience at Comic Relief tonight. Apparently they're involved with the next one, which will be about wildlife.

Supernatural has improved greatly this season. I think it has to do with having Ben Edlund as a producer/writer.
I must be honest. I've no desire to watch "Bones".

Doctor Who. Really not into this show. Never liked it as a kid and I've been at a loss to see what the fuss is about with the new show. I've seen more than enough to know that it's only a notch above average Childrens BBC programming. Sorry, all you Who fans. I'm just not seeing it.

And comparing Who to Battlestar Galactica or Lost? Really? Slightly like comparing Pratchett to Tolkien, in my opinion. Not that Pratchett is a bad writer by any means but their styles are (or were, in the case of Tolkien) radically different and I'd say the same is true for Who compared to Lost and BSG. Not the same sort of thing at all, even on a "coolness" level. Chalk and cheese (with Who providing the cheese).

Heroes has yet to start over here but it does look pretty interesting so I'm looking forward to seeing that. Men in Trees and Brothers and Sisters. Honestly, never heard anything about either of them so not a clue.

Veronica Mars held my attention for season one but it's second season wasn't anywhere near as interesting, sadly. I'll give the third season a look but it's not a high priority for me.

The Office. Once you have seen the original UK version there simply is no reason to see any other. After catching an episode or two of this remake on ITV2 I REALLY wish I'd stuck to that advice myself.

The OC has no right to be on any list of quality television shows. It has very little right to be on television.

Nip/Tuck never really worked for me. About half way through season two I just started to forget to watch, which says it all.

Bones is a strange creature for me. I usually hate any procedural shows with a passion. I'd rather juggle sharp knives than sit through shows like Law and Order or the various CSI series. They bore me senseless. Bones, however, seems to keep me interested. I still wish that David had found a role half as interesting to me as Angel was but as far as this show goes it isn't terrible. Emily Deschanel definately helps to keep it a step above the norm for a procedural series.

Leading me to the one show on that list that I can get behind one hundred percent. Supernatural. It got off to a very slow, ploddy, monster-of-the-week sort of start but by the end of season one I was hooked. I'm really looking forward to season two on ITV2 early next year.

I have to say, for a list of must-watch television shows, there really wasn't much there that I would recommend. Each to their own, I guess.
The Office. Once you have seen the original UK version there simply is no reason to see any other. After catching an episode or two of this remake on ITV2 I REALLY wish I'd stuck to that advice myself.

I actually enjoy US Office more than UK Office. It's slightly less cringe enducing, and - of course - the US Office is longer and has story arcs and stuff... Oh, and I am in love with Pam. And Jim. And Pam and Jim.
"Once you have seen the original UK version there simply is no reason to see any other."

Well, you're missing out on a whole lot of good shtuff, GrungaPunk. I didn't think a US remake would lead to anything great, but so far the two seasons have been fantastic. Jim sending Dwight faxes by his future self? Priceless.

As for the O.C., it's hit or miss. Some episodes are outstanding, a lot are run of the mill. I'm enjoying the current season a lot more than last. It only took culling Mischa Barton from the cast to work that magic.

As for Bones. Thanks, but no thanks. My vote goes to Dexter.
"It's slightly less cringe enducing..."

See, that's my problem with the remake, I think. If you aren't cringing at least once a minute then it's not The Office. :)

Caroline, Dexter is supposed to be showing on FX here in the UK (not entirely sure if it has started yet or not). I've not heard much about it beyond the Julie Benz connection. Is it worth a watch?
Dexter is this years best show. For me, anyway. It's dark and compelling. I have to fast forward through the title sequence, though, as it makes me ick.

By the way, I recently picked up Studio 60 and I don't care what people say - I think it's funny and entertaining, and oddly I don't find any of the characters overly smug. I mean, the president of the network? Yeah, she's smug. She's the president of the network, so if she was a push over it'd be a bit pants.

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"I have to fast forward through the title sequence, though, as it makes me ick."

Thanks, gossi. That alone is reason enough for me to check this show out, hehe.
I"m really not a fan of Bones. The cluelessness of Emily Deschanel's character toward pop culture was better done by Jorja Fox's Sara Sidle on CSI, and the interaction between Sidle and Grissom far better than between Desachanel and Boreanaz, who always seems to be overacting rather than the underacting he did so well on Angel.

But Heroes- best new show on TV.
Agree about Dexter, but what about House? That's been the best it's ever been this season. Nip/Tuck has just been strange with everyone acting in and out of character as the lack of plot dictates and Veronica Mars has been un-involving so far and I'll be surprised if anyone comes away from the awkward rape plot in a good light.

I feel I should be checking out Heroes and The Office, though.
Although, "Bones" struggled a bit in season one, I'm so glad that I gave it a chance to find its footing. I have not missed an episode. It's a shame that some viewers only watched the pilot and/or never gave the show a chance. Like most shows it needed time to develop the characters. Being a character driven show sets it apart from the endless parade of procedural shows.

As a fan of David Boreanaz, it was the reason I started watching. David can make me laugh or cry with just an expression on his face. David's talent, charm, energy, and heart, not to mention great comedic skills make this show a guilty pleasure to watch each week. This talented ensemble cast has such great chemistry and their real life friendships add warmth to the characters.

As a fan of Hart Hanson, I've enjoyed the witty dialogue, fun banter, and the twists and turns in the writing. I especially appreciate the balanced approach to the various character traits given the characters and issues in life. We have the different views of Booth and Brennan regarding religion, marriage, children, sex, objective vs. subjective, analytical vs. instinctual, and then of course there's Jack's conspiracy theories thrown into the mix just for a bit more fun.

I'm hopeful more and more viewers will switch to "Bones" and see what they have been missing. "Bones" has their own TV Guide cover coming up soon, so maybe that will help the non-believers take a chance and tune in to this fun and sometimes quirky show.

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dreamlogic wrote: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel were introduced in the audience at Comic Relief tonight. Apparently they're involved with the next one, which will be about wildlife.

I saw that, as a matter of fact almost that entire line-up introduced by Bob was like deja vu for me, since I met them all at the Farm Sanctuary event last May. They are all very passionate and dedicated to helping animals.
A few of my favourites have made it on to the list. To be fair, The OC's gotten a lot better since Marissa left. It's gone back to the campy fun on the first season.

Heroes, Supernatural and Veronica Mars are three of my favourite shows on television at the moment. Heroes is intriguing and cool, Supernatural is beautifully shot, and Veronica Mars is written really well. Plus, extremely attractive people and former Jossverse stars frequent all three shows as a bonus.
Bones and Veronica Mars are my priorities. Like they said, if you're too high on your horse to watch them, "Hey it's your loss."
You guys should really give Bones another try. Last week's episode was it's best yet. In fact, it was the highlight of my television watching last week (and I watch a ton of TV from VM to BSG). So good! The banter, the emotion, the supporting cast, that wonderful chemistry between DB and ED. It just keeps getting better.
Bones has been getting steadily better. The cast chemistry is really, really good. I think its the kinda show that grows on you after you stick with it a while ... there's a lot of character backgrounds that aren't hit upon repeatedly, but knowing them from being a steady viewer makes you appreciate the nuances of their interactions more. Unlike other procedurals, it's got a rich serial storyline with heart.
Never given The OC a chance, struck me as teen soap rubbish, and I've never felt that I'm missing something by not watching it.

Similarly never given Bones a chance, as cop shows aren't really my thing, similarly never watched The Inside, starting to think I should probably watch both shows at some point.

Doctor Who is really in the spot it deserves, really is my favorite show on TV, counting down the days till the next episode, praying Catherine Tate doesn't ruin it. Not really sure about the comment that the fans wouldn't be opposed to a kiss between The Doctor and Rose, as a lot of fans definitley would be opposed to such a thing.

Heroes is a good show, I wasn't as bowled over by the pilot as a lot of people, and it took me a few weeks to get into, really enjoying it now though.

Can't stand the UK The Office, but the American version really is brilliant, gonna be tough for me to decide which to get first when Scrubs joins it on the same night (In what I read the other day and hadn't noticed myself, is 2 hours of laughtrack-free-sitcoms).

Veronica is as good as ever, sometimes think that the comments about it being different are being made purely because it's on a new network and people are thinking "it must be different, and therefore not as good".

Battlestar should be on that list, true, it's not as good as Doctor Who but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a spot in the top 10, as this season has just been excellent.

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I have to say, I'm not such a fan of Bones simply because I really can't get into the "she doesn't get it!" kind of NCIS, there's Ziva, but she's Israeli so I understand why she's not so familiar with pop culture. But can someone really be THAT out of the loop? :shrug: Also, I never really grabbed onto any of the characters...I mean, "geeky lab tech" can go so far.

My pick goes to Supernatural. I have been loving it this season. Last season we had a few loopy episodes, involving bugs and such but it was overall a very good season. I've got it on DVD and I keep watching it over and over! I love shows that bring a sense of humor to them. Also, Supernatural affirmitively knocked Grey's Anatomy off my Thursday night radar -- and it takes a lot to do that!

And I adore Dexter! I really need Showtime!!

I agree, BSG should be on the list. I'm thankful Heroes is, because I absolutely love it. It's really my Monday night obsession. Another show I like is Studio needs work but these past two weeks, with the continuing story about Tom's arrest and John Goodman being the judge -- priceless. Great comic writing and I think when the show steps off the stage and goes for a story about the personal life of someone, gives these people a chance to show some chops, it turns out to be great tv. And I adore Nathan Corddry (Tom).
Battlestar should be on that list, true, it's not as good as Doctor Who but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a spot in the top 10, as this season has just been excellent.

Ghost Spike, please don't take what I'm about to say as an insult as it's not my intent at all. Knowing in advance what I'm about to type, I think that unless I say right away that this isn't me having a go at Who fans but rather the show itself then I'm going to annoy a lot of people. That isn't what I'm trying to do here.

That said...

Honestly, I find it hard to even compare the incredible and ground breaking Battlestar Galactica to the mediocre and sometimes painful to watch material I've seen on Doctor Who. I know that I'm in a minority around here but whilst I've never had trouble admitting to anyone who asked that I'm a Buffy and Angel fan, or a BSG fan, or any number of "out of the mainstream" series that I love, I'd be too ashamed to say that I watched Doctor Who.

Everything that I've seen on the show makes me recall the badly made childrens programming that I used to watch as a kid on the BBC. The effects, the creatures, the dialogue, the acting (apart from that of David Tennant, but even he seem to struggle with some of the lines he has to say). Everything about the show just makes me cringe when I watch and not in the "good cringe" way I mentioned earlier concerning The Office.

Usually when I see a series discussed around here I can see what people are getting out of watching it, even if I don't like the show myself. However I really cannot understand how anyone is able to watch Doctor Who and enjoy it, let alone compare it to anything Joss has made, or the likes of Battlestar Galactica. To me it simply is not in the same league.

Again, apologies to the Who fans around here but the fact is that of all my family and friends (of which there are many, which is why I'm now skint coming up to Christmas) I know of precisely one who like Doctor Who and she is my girlfriend's seven year old daughter. And even she prefers Buffy.
We get that you don't like Dr Who. Can you get that some of us do like it. You have your reasons not to like it, others have reasons to like it. You say it's not your intent to offend but imo you are bordering on having a go at those who like the show. Especially when you say the only person you know who does like it is a child.

This year I am loving Bones, Heroes, Dexter, Supernatural and liking VM, Lost, CSI - yes, I like this show and I'm not embarrassed to say so. :0)

gossi I can't watch Dexter's titles either. It's all so normal and creepy at the same time. *shudders*
OK, I watch, "Bones", "Dr. Who" (and I mean for YEARS..I still have an old interview with Patrick Troughton from an PBS station in San Jose), "Heroes" in chunks, and a couple of "Supernatural" episodes. As for the latter, I have heard about the angst between the brothers over losing their dad..and why it happened...but it's not a regular thing.
I guess "Studio" 60 isn't getting the love so far, but what about "The Nine"? That show is picking up in plot.
Yeah, no point going over the Who thing, i've defended it to death in the past but like all TV it's totally subjective and not everyone's going to enjoy it (I won't say 'get' it because I can't stand that "you do/don't like this show therefore you're daft in the head" type of attitude).

'Bones' really grew on me. The pilot gave me enough to bother watching more and it's gradually climbed near the top of my fluff TV pile. I think Emily Deschanel does a great job as Brennan (for me, Sarah Sidle always seemed to be affecting her lack of pop-culture awareness whereas Deschanel convinces me that's who Brennan is). And in case it's not clear by now I love obsessive characters ;).

Much as I like 'Heroes' though, 'Dexter' just pips it to fave new show this year. The delicate moral balancing act, the (admittedly slight ;) possibility of a redemptive arc, the jet black humour and fantastic acting all combine to make it totally compelling TV. And I really like the credits sequence, it's very suggestive without actually showing anything (you could play it to a kid and they'd be none the wiser). Give it a try Grungapunk, sounds like we didn't steer you too far wrong on 'Bones' (though that was in another country, and besides the screenname is dead ;).

BSG just keeps knocking it out of the park too. No offence to the cousins but a lot of season 3 has found me having trouble believing it's made by Americans it's so dark and brave (OK, brave in the obvious way but still brave). Well done you lot [/end of patronising ex-colonial head patting] ;).

Presumably they don't think anyone's NOT watching 'House' hence its non-inclusion. Still brilliant (probably have been the highlights so far for me. V. moving) though I think we've yet to see this season's 'Three Stories' or 'No Reason'.

Also liking 'Studio 60' a lot but jeez, gossi no-one seems smug ? Last week I wanted to slap Danny when he was on the phone from Pahrump, he was so condescending (though he did redeem himself somewhat near the end). Really starting to think it's deliberate now though.

(BTW, how does 'Supernatural' truly stack up when the eye candy aspect is removed ? On the Smallville scale where Stargate is a few tens of Smallvilles, Dexter is a few hundred kilo-Smallvilles and House/BSG are probably about one mega-Smallville each ;).
You should be watching:

1) Torchwood. It's the British Angel. (Though Hex was the British Buffy, Torchwood is actually quite good).

2) The State Within. So many subplots. And Jeremy Isaacs too.

3) Life on Mars. Best tv show ever (subject to approval). Oh if you live in the States get the DVD, BBC America have hacked it to bits apparently.

4) Doctor Who. When it's good, it's very good indeed. The last episode of season 1, I could watch over and over again till the cows come home.

5) Spooks - glorious spy fun. Harry is the man.

And for god's sake, don't rubbish shows that other people like. It's not a playground here.
My favorites this year have been Supernatural and VM. I also like Eureka, Lost, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives and Psych. I know, I need to get a life.....
(BTW, how does 'Supernatural' truly stack up when the eye candy aspect is removed ? On the Smallville scale where Stargate is a few tens of Smallvilles, Dexter is a few hundred kilo-Smallvilles and House/BSG are probably about one mega-Smallville each ;).

I'd say Supernatural is probably several kilo-Smallvilles. (If I'm getting your scale right!) I can't say how it compares to Dexter, but whilst it's not at the level of BSG or House, I personally think it's far better than Stargate or most of the other shows on TV right now, sci-fi-ish or not.

Disregarding the outward appearance of the two leads, you actually do still have a pretty good TV show. The two leads do have a good, brotherly chemistry that comes across quite well, and the characterisation and relationships are strong enough that they make you stay on to continue watching the show, beyond the Monster of the Week aspect and all that. The MOTW was frequently iffy in the first season, but the second season has had more hits than misses so far.

The mytharc also has yet to bog down the show to the extent that it did X-Files in its later seasons, and again, as the writers have got more familiar with the brothers' relationship and the actors' ability to play it out, the characterisation has got stronger, and the writing of the characters really makes you care for them. In fact, I'd kind of compare it to Buffy at this stage: S1 was occasionally iffy but had good moments with strong potential for the emotional story arcs, and S2 has just ramped it up so far - MOTW-story-wise, emotional-arc-wise, and overall-mytharc-wise. The show's definitely avoiding the typical sophomore slump thus far, 8 episodes into the season. (And as someone who's completely spoiled up to ep 13, it looks like it's staying strong too.)

I know the show often gets derided because of the pretty leads, and I won't deny that that's what piqued my interest in the show initially! But beyond that, it's definitely one of the best shows that the CW currently has, with the two "pretty boy" actors actually being able to really act, and the writing and acting making you care about the characters too, making the show more than just a MOTW show like Smallville or Charmed. It's hard to say just how it'll compare to the good shows like Buffy, X-Files or any of the other long-running genre shows on TV now, but it's one of the better shows on network TV right now, IMO, beyond just the CW or the genre aspect.

(By the way, for a point of reference of other shows that I've prioritised at the same level as Supernatural (i.e. highest priority): VM and BSG, and Heroes leading the pack of the next priority level. So yeah, admittedly, I do rate it pretty high, but it's a show that actually makes me care about their main characters and has yet to sacrifice characterisation for plot or allegorical points, which has been a bit of a problem with BSG lately.)

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Simon, did you now they are doing a US remake of Life on Mars? The bloke who did Ally Mcbeal is doing it. Yeah, that'll go well.

My watching list this year also includes How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty. Yep, I like Betty - it has messy soap bits and it's entirely predictable, but a like the meshing of two worlds which shouldn't ever meet.

On Heroes: I was actually a bit down on the pilot, saying the pacing was bad. Well, I've grown to like it. The pacing in the actual episodes has been great - there's a lot suggested, and a lot actually happens, too.

On Who: it's a kids program that appeals to adults. The primary audience is a 2 point 4 children family. And I'm down with that - they have some smart writers, and when it works, it works well.

On Torchwood: it occasionally becomes online fan fiction for me. Cyberwoman? Oh. My.

On Dexter's title sequence: don't get me wrong, I don't think it's 'bad'. It's done so well, in fact, that it just creeps me the hell out - even though you don't see anything bad. Again with the done well.

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I haven't been able to get into Bones, but Supernatural and Heroes are my two "can't miss" shows of the week. It is a real shame Supernatural is pitted against Grey's Anatomy and CSI because I think even more people would tune in to the show once they got a load of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki's wonderful chemistry. Those boys can make you laugh one minute, and rip your heart into tiny little shreds the next.
I'd be glad to see "Torchwood" if it ever comes here in the States, hopefully on Sci-Fi. Too bad about how BBC America hacks "Life on Mars". I shudder to think what it could do to Doctor Who once it starts that show's run this week. Good thing I have the DVD set.
I think Supernatural is a good show. The epi last Thursday was one of the best of the series. The two main characters are interesting and multi-layered. Frankly, now that JD Morgan is no longer on the show, the question of eye candy is moot for me. I think Sam and Dean are great characters, but too young to be considered hot in my book.

And to be honest, I haven't watched Bones lately. I'm still taping it, but I think it will be the same situation as House was for me: a show I watched because I loved the lead actor, but after a while lost interest in because the epis all seemed the same.
Reddygirl, I hope you find the time to watch those 'Bones' tapes soon. I think you'll be pleased to see it isn't the same old, same old stuff that you might think. The humor alone in seeing Booth's & Brennan's relationship develop should keep you coming back for more. I hope you don't give up on David's ability to keep you laughing.

Did you catch DB's small bit on the History Channel for the show airing tonight about the Pilgrims? Now who else could connect Pilgrims and beer as part of a promo for a show. :):)

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Lynnnie: I am a major fan of CSI, but only the Las Vegas one. The arcs with Sara Sidle were set years in advance, aking to the best of the Buffy arcs. Things we observe in S1 are finally explaing late in S4, leading the revelation at the end of S6. This is long-term planning writ large- and Sara Sidle really does not know pop culture because she has no life outside of work and never did, for reasons it takes several seasons to understand. It is certainly not affected. I've tried to like Bones, but so far I like the novels much better- the characters do not resonate with me like they did on Buffy (Tara!) and do on CSI (Sara!). I've had the same problem with Dr. Who.

And Lynnie: how did you take Sara's comment to Grissom at the end of last week's episode? Trouble brewing?
The only one of these shows I'm a true fan of is The Office. I resisted it totally the first year, but now I know I'll eventually have all the dvds they put out. I love the whole cast which is a necessary ingredient for me to count myself a fan of a show.
I think that "The Office" - UK and "The Office" - US are two different animals. Usually we Yanks ruin the hell out of Brit shows we remake (Coupling, Fawlty Towers and others spring to mind) but occasionally we get it right (Till Death Us Do Part/All In The Family, etc.), and success is usually achieved by letting the shows mutate into something different, rather than going for crappy copies. (I'm so relieved, sweetie-darlings, that the American AbFab suffered and died in translation. Roseanne could have bitched that up royally, as the creators eventually did themselves...)

I watched an early episode of "The Office" - US, and then quit, 'cause Ricky Gervais is totally a comedic god, and I thought they were just going to a (very workman-like) imitation. I checked it out again as I kept hearing good things about it (including from Jane "!Kittens!" Espenson's blog) and it is quite good - so much better than most of what else is available. Aside from the acting, which is all-around ace, they've let it develop into something different and with its own shiny merit.

I pray for the cringe-worthy scenes - I think that tingle tells you it's working...

I tried not to get hooked on new TV, since I'd prefer to do other stuff in my life *sigh*, but here are the shows that I can't not watch:

Veronica Mars, House (why, oh why this schedule face-off with the two?), Simpsons, South Park, Heroes, Studio 60, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, I look forward to the third Extras season (which also makes me cringe), can't get Torchwood yet, and I'll be buying BSG and Life on Mars. I've checked in on Standoff and 30 Rock and Ugly Betty, but they have not grabbed me...

And so much for cutting down on the television machine...

NEIL GAIMAN: "Yes. It really is this thing of executives loving the smell of their own urine and urinating on things. And then more execs come in, and they urinate. And then the next round. By the end, they have this thing which just smells like pee, and nobody likes it.
JOSS WHEDON: "There's really no better way to put it."

-- "Interview: Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon," by Lev Grossman, Sept. 2005,,8599,1109313-1,00.html

My thoughts:

1. Doctor Who - Definitely one of my favorite shows currently on TV, possibly challenged by The Shield (which won't return till around April). Brilliant stuff. Hustle and Torchwood are really great as well; currently, British television is possible better than US TV. And like Simon said, Torchwood is the British Angel.

2. I'm enjoying Heroes. It's a consistently entertaining fantasy adventure. However, I wouldn't consider a great series, at least not yet.

3. Men in Trees - I watched the first 10 minutes and couldn't stand it. I don't think I want to give it another shot.

4. Brothers & Sisters - Unbearably boring. I gave up on this show halfway through the second ep.

5. Veronica Mars is definitely the best show currently airing on American broadcast TV. The current season may not be as good as the previous two, but it's still really damn good.

6. I've never seen the US version, but I couldn't stand the original UK version. (I just didn't get it, I guess.)

7. I haven't watched The O.C. in over a year, and it was pretty mediocre then. Maybe I should give it another shot.

8. I absolutely loved Nip/Tuck in it's first two seasons. The third season was ambitious and entertaining, even if it didn't completely work. But the current season been really awful, due to nothing more than crappy writing. It's like the writers are spending all their time deciding who they're gonna hire with their newly increased casting budget instead of focusing on the scripts. Uggh! At this point, I'm just watching the show out of loyalty, hoping it'll improve.

9. Bones - I like that this CSI-type show is lighter and funnier than most crime dramas, but it's not unique enough for me to watch regularly.

10. I caught a few episodes of Supernatual in its first season. It was okay.

Shows I think you should be watching:
- Desperate Housewives has really gotten back on track this season!
- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is really great, IMHO, even if it's been harshly criticized
- Kidnapped, now banished to, is the other best new show of the season.
- Ugly Betty is a really cute, light-hearted show
- Standoff has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it's been untapped so far.
- I enjoyed the first two episodes of Day Break, but the jury's still out.

Does anyone know when The Boondocks returns?
Kizzy, I'll try and watch the Bones epis during the holidays. I did watch all of the first season and thought DB was terrific, but by the time the second season got going, I felt as if I was watching the same epi over and over again.

For the record, I don't enjoy any of the CSIs or Law and Orders.

I never miss VM or Lost and usually watch Supernatural. The only other time in my adult life that I have watched three shows on a regular basis was when BtVS, AtS and Firefly were all airing.
Reddygirl, David and Emily said in an interview that season two would be better than season one. They both talked about how they felt that they had a better feel for the characters. They also talked about new writers coming on board and there is a new director of photographer. From my POV they lived up to what was said. I hope you enjoy the episodes, and I'm glad you're giving 'Bones' another chance.
Simon, did you now they are doing a US remake of Life on Mars? The bloke who did Ally Mcbeal is doing it. Yeah, that'll go well.

Yep. He seems like he'll put a decent spin on it. Now the Americans will have their own greatest ever TV show just as we Brits do.

"Gene Hunt. Your DCI. And it's 1973, almost dinner time, and I'm having hoops."

I await the US version of that piece of dialogue with great anticipation.

Trailer link: in case anyone is wondering what the hell I'm talking about.
And Lynnie: how did you take Sara's comment to Grissom at the end of last week's episode? Trouble brewing?
Dana5140 | November 20, 00:17 CET

Not sure. I think she was just being glib, not realising the offer he'd been given. She may unintentionally be helping him decide to take up the offer. Eep! No, don't do it, don't do it. :0(

Simon I had such high hopes for Torchwood but alas it's not living up to it for me....yet. It's getting better, but I think it's too obvious it's a UK version of Angel, for people who've watched Angel that is. I also think that they've changed Jack way too much. There may be a reason for the change but they haven't explained it yet.

All that said, a friend of mine who has never seen Angel or Dr Who absolutely loves it. Mind you we both do have a massive crush on John Barrowman. Mine dates back to his Live & Kicking days. *shows age*
"I guess "Studio" 60 isn't getting the love so far"

OK, well I love it! On some levels, I think Studio 60 is exactly what Family Guy said Sports Night was..."A comedy thats too good to be funny". Of course, the person who said that was tripping on toad so take that for what you will...

I also love heroes (In fact, with Studio 60, House, and NCIS, the only shows I watch on tv), there is something about the show that really brings an idealism to network TV that hasnt been there in a while. On the other hand, not a big fan of BG, and though I know thats blasphemy for most sci-fi fans, meh its just not my cup of tea. I need sugar in my tea, if you get my drift.
Ah, Supernatural. I tried watching it in the first season but didn't have the attention span. I have trouble watching some shows as they air. But I'd always meant to catch up with it, so when it was released on DVD I netflixed it. Halfway through, I fell in love.

I'm one of the original fans of The X-Files. I'd even say I became an X-Files fan when I saw the first promo FOX aired in 1993. Loyal viewer that I am, I watched to the bitter end, even when my favorite characters were barely even on the show anymore.

So understand what I'm saying when I tell you that watching Supernatural is like watching old-school X-Files episodes, just without the FBI. It's similar in feel and MoTW, also with smart writing and snarky banter. It's kind of a nostalgic thing for me.

And Supernatural is very character-driven, especially now in season two. It's scary, funny, sad - sometimes too sad. And the mythology is fascinating. I can't wait to see where it all leads. If you like supernatural American folklore, you'll enjoy this show.

The only thing that disappoints me it is that I miss Papa Winchester. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing.

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I have not been able to get into Supernatural, try as I might, so it is no watch TV now. These are the shows I do not miss- Heroes, VM, CSI: Crime Scene Investigators. That's it, really. I tried Lost but figure it has become lost in its own mythology. But VM has disappointed this year- too little Mac and Weevil, Wallace is MIA a lot, and VM has been more on her own now.
Lynnie: Yep, she made his mind up for him, with that "misanthrope" crack. And of course all the GSR's were sqeeing with her "I won't wait up" comment...
GSR's Gun Shot Residue? Have I been watching CSI waaaay too long, or is a Grissom/Sarah fan name type thing?
GSR- Grissom Sara Romance. :-)
Snickers- Sara and Nick
Grillows- Grisson and Katherine Willows
YoBling- Warrick and Katherine
Brillows- Brass and Katherine
And for some reason, Sophia is called "Spork."
Spork!? lol. I have enough trouble keeping up with Spangel, Spander, Spesley, etc. Think I'll leave the CSI shipping to the professionals. :0)
Any love out there for Friday Night Lights? My favorite new show--and as I loathe football, never thought I'd say that.

Here's my two cents--re: whatI recommend:

1. BSG
2. Doctor Who
3. Life on Mars (is it out on DVD in the States? I've only seen the hacked up BBC America version).
4. Dead Like Me (being rerun on Sci Fi).
5. Ugly Betty
6. Heroes.
7. The Nine.
8. 30 Rock.
9. Friday Night Lights.

Wish I could recommend Studio 60--but it makes me cringe--and not in the good way. I think Matt and Danny are so smug they are actually hurting the liberal agenda.

Wish I could see Torchwood.
The only show on this season that I CAN'T miss is Bones. Of course, I originally tuned in for DB, and that caused me to persist through the first few episodes, which were a bit awkward. However, I have grown to love the entire cast. I do like procedurals, but I don't think this one is just that as there has been considerable character development over the course of a season and a half. DB, of course, is still my favorite cast member.

I have watched most of the shows listed, but the only one besides Bones that I really make an effort to watch is Supernatural. Yes, the brothers are nifty pieces of eye candy, but that is not enough to keep me coming back. I enjoy the relationship between the brothers and the stories. I have watched CSI (Las Vegas) since it's inception, but gave it up for Supernatural.

I used watch VM, which is now up against House, which I also used to watch. But VM has pretty much lost me and House is the same every week. We have the patient of the week, whom House almost kills, before he saves him/her. I do love his curmudgeonly ways but even that was getting old. I have watched BSG since it premiered, and rarely miss it, but don't really care when I do. I never thought it was as good as some rank it.

So, in summary, the only show on TV now that I won't miss is Bones and I tape it also so that I can watch each episode again. I'm looking forward to the DVD's for Season 1 coming out on Nov 28.
I stopped Grey's Anatomy for Supernatural -- that goes a looong way in my book. I remember watching the pilot episode on Yahoo, because they posted the pilot for streaming before the premiere of the episode on the then-WB. I remember watching it on my laptop with this little 4 inch windows media box playing my episode. AND I WAS FREAKED OUT! I am a horror movie buff and I adore horror movies -- that premiere downright unsettled me! I was pretty impressed, to say the least.

As far as prettiness goes -- they're gorgeous in my book but that's not the entire or only reason I tune in. The show is extremely character driven and there's this great humor that goes into it -- there's always a great laugh because of a good joke.

If you want an example of the amazing strength of writing, just look at the second and third episodes of the current season -- seeing Dean (Jensen Ackles) just unleash his rage and anger at his father's death with a crowbar to the trunk of the impala (he loves that car). It makes grown men cry.

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