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April 23 2003

"Holly is the New Buffy". A British tabloid the Daily Star today runs a story saying that Holly Vallance will be taking over the part of Buffy next season and the Daily Record has picked this story up.

You can see the front page teaser at the top of the image. The quality of their reporting can be judged by the fact that they say that the change is because SMG won't sign up for a 7th season :-)

hi davorg, I found a link for the story and tweaked your post accordingly.

Great to see that David Boreanaz is still in BtVS.
Typical reporting from the Daily Star.
I think it is best just to ignore anything in that paper
fish wrapper much? edited to add "wankers".

[ edited by The Lady Pele on 2003-04-23 16:21 ]
They can't even spell Valance properly.
Well the Australian papers have picked this news up so I wonder what the Aussie posters here think of this news. Personally, I think its hystericall funny. The Daily Star, after all, was the newspaper that reported that Britney Spears would play a demon for 8 episodes in the show.
Hahahahahahahaha! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!

Thank you for brightening up my day, this has got to be the funniest thing I've heard in a long time :)
Next they'll be telling us that Doctor Who is coming back. It is! And Robbie Williams is playing him (or something equally improabable).
WOW! That is RICH. Haha, thanks for posting that... hahaha. That made my day, pretty funny stuff.
Holly has a terrific publicist and no chance in hell of ever being Buffy.
This just reminds of that foiler that was going around a few weeks ago about Jack Ryder (Jamie Mitchell in Eastenders) becoming Dawn's new Watcher.
Not only will Holly Valance replace SMG as Buffy, but Tom Lenk's going to replace David Boreanaz as Angel next season too.
As an Ozzie, when I heard this news, I thought this was the greatest insult to our intelligence. If Buffy ratings were on the way down, I can't see why anyone would pick a little known Aussie singer. (She's not known for her acting? ability). I really really really hope this is all a bad joke.
I do support Aussies, but there are limits.
I love this syntax. We should all say things like "broccoli is the new cheese" and "nostrils are the new stirrups" just to see eyebrows raise.

No offense intended to Ms. Valance or the cheese industry. "This is not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products."
I can't believe how the Aussie media has picked up on this "reliably sourced" story. Obviously research is a dirty word for them. I found it interesting that this story "broke" on the same day as E! News was reporting the Buffy breakup party and stating that the final episode ever of Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be May 20. C'mon guys, check the facts before you start jumping on the bandwagon...

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