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November 19 2006

SFX magazine review of "Slither" DVD. "A horror movie for horror fans, it wears its fanboy heart on its sleeve."

Not a completely complimentary review, but it does have good things to say:
"’s a giggle and never outstays its welcome, slipping down as easily as an alien worm down the back of the throat…"

Oh, *gag* noice one!

Really should pick a copy of Slither up sometime soon, that commentary w/ James Gunn and Nathan will be priceless. The only problem is that Mr. @#$%^&* Pibb is really hard to come by here in Canada! Perhaps some kindly Whedonesquer could smuggle me some or something. I want my Mr. Pibb!
I finally saw it this weekend and enjoyed it. If only all DVDs came with that variety of extras!
I loved the DVD extras even more than the film itself. The commentary alone justified the price for me.
I love this film so much. I wish James Gunn was more like Joss in a "watch me work on a million things at once" way.
I want my Mr. Pibb!

Close your eyes when you drink Dr. Pepper, WryBread, and you will have Mr. Pibb. ;-)

And, word, sorchasilver. The extras are definitely the best part, because they are so off the hook funny! :-)
I've watched those extras more times than must be normal. And the red f***in' hat thing almost took over my life last week (as it was, it just got my myspace).
Seeing this post put me in the mood and I watched a few more of the Slither extras last night. The deleted and extended scenes were pretty good, but I often find gag reels a little disappointing - just not all that funny - and I found this no exception. But the "I'm Bill Pardy" was, for some reason, hilarious, and Nathan's set tour was fun, too.

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