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November 20 2006

Happy birthday to Jonathan M. Woodward. One of the few actors who have guest starred on all three Whedon-verse shows, celebrates his 33rd birthday today.

And like Nathan Fillion, he too is willing to be your friend on MySpace!.
Happy birthday Johnny Wallet.
Happy birthday Mr Wallet. But he's not the ONLY actor to guest star on all three Whedon shows.
I tweaked that headline a little bit.
Buffy staked him and he reincarnated a year later in Los Angeles. Then Wesley shot him, and he stayed down for a while. Two hundred years later, he was gunned down by Mal.

We haven't seen 'im since.
We haven't seen 'im since.

Not unless he was in Fray.
Just 'cause I'm on a roll...

Carlos Jacott, as far as I know, is the only other actor who was on all three shows.

In Buffy, he was a demon that particularly enjoyed enslaving society's cast-aways in a hidden hell dimension (found in Los Angeles).

In Angel, he was a demon with a craving for Doyle's brains.

In Firefly, he was a fed that liked to shoot at girls when he was nervous.

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Bob Fimiani as well. I had to look that one up.
Please add Andy Umberger to that list:
Firefly: Dortmunder Captain (S1e1 "Serenity")
Buffy: D'Hoffryn (lots of episodes)
Angel: Dr. Ronald Meltzer (S1e4 "I Fall to Pieces")
Happy birthday to Doubleshiny, who shared the screen on a Whedonverse TV thing that Simon really hates... And shares Jonathan's birthday. They even shared cake, once.
Jeff Ricketts is a hat trick, as well. He was the Watchers' Council operative Weatherby on Buffy and Angel, the crabby demon in "Sacrifice" on Angel, and one of the Blue Hand Group on Firefly.

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Whoa, Simon, great find!

Ricketts is a cool one, because unlike the others, he played the same character in Buffy and Angel.
Whoa, Simon, great find!

Ricketts is a cool one, because unlike the others, he played the same character in Buffy and Angel.
post one more time and you got a hat trick.
Guys! Give Jonny a break! He's only 33!

(His birthday is Nov 20, 1973)

I'm trying to remember who Jonathan played on Buffy (I had to enlarge his picture at IMDb and look at it for awhile). Was he the college classmate of Buffy's who had the long existential talk with her at the graveyard before she staked him?
I loved Holden. The coolest psychologist since Bob Newhart.

Happy birthday, JW.
Holden! Yes, happy birthday indeed, Jonathan.
Happy Birthday Jonathan! *raises a glass in his honour*

Random Geeky Factoid: In addition to being Jonathan Woodward's b-day, November 21st. is also the birthday of X-Files creator Chris Carter's wife. "1121" (usually as the time on a digital clock) was often inserted into episodes as an inside joke.

That's one geeky/fannish date there.
"We haven't seen 'im since." (sorry don't know how to properly quote)

Jonny is the lead male role in The Notorious Bettie Page; limited theatre release, now on dvd!!!! Good movie, Check it out!
Happy Birthday Jonathan! Many happy returns.

Was he the college classmate of Buffy's...before she staked him?

He was a high school classmate of Buffy's. The rest of your info was correct.
Happy Birthday Reverend Wallet!

I hope the day finds you many yardballs.
Simon> Someone should get an update into IMDb for Bob Fimiani. Under each of Jonathan M. Woodward, Jeff Ricketts, Andy Umberger and Carlos Jacott, it claims those are the only 4 to be in all 3 shows.
Happy Birthday Revd. I am sure you'll have fun. I still have the teeny bottle of whiskey given out to commemorate last years birthday at a UK convention. Resisted the temptation to try it, of course.

And wow, another hat-tricker - Bob Fimiani - I didn't know about that one *tucks away useful trivia safely* great find.
Joss as well if the info at IMDB is reliable.

# "Firefly" .... Man at Funeral (1 episode, 2003)
... aka Firefly: The Series (USA)
- The Message (2003) TV Episode (uncredited) .... Man at Funeral
# "Angel" .... Numfar (1 episode, 2001)
... aka Angel: The Series (USA)
- Through the Looking Glass (2001) TV Episode .... Numfar

# "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" .... News Caster (1 episode, 1997)
... aka BtVS (USA: promotional abbreviation)
... aka Buffy
... aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series
- I Robot - You Jane (1997) TV Episode (voice) (uncredited) .... News Caster

I don't think imdb is reliable. A number of us have slo-mo-ed the funeral scene many times and never seen him. I think it is because there is a man at the front (Tracy's father?) who might, sorta,look like Joss if you squint.
Happy birthday you crazy tricker of hats ! And many more.

As an aside, BTW, how many of the three-fers died on all the shows ?

(IMDB usually has to be taken with a pinch of salt but since the funeral scene on 'The Message' was - apparently - the last scene of 'Firefly' filmed before the show wrapped, I wouldn't be astonished to hear that Joss just snuck in to the crowd for posterity's sake)
Hopefully we'll find out when the next volume of the Firefly Companion comes out.
Keep in mind that while some of IMDb is provided by an actor, his agent, or other in the "know" people, the bulk of it is submitted by its members--fans like you and me. I've corrected a fair amount of stuff submitted by well-meaning what you read (always!)with a grain of salt is good advice.

We were at one of our local restaurants on Sunday and Jonathan was there celebrating his birthday with family and friends, so I got to wish him a happy birthday in person. Great guy!

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