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November 21 2006

Logo "Contest" for Can't Stop The Serenity 2007. Link is to Can't Stop The Serenity discussion forum, Deadline for entries is Friday, December 8th.

Posted by Devin Pike, CSTS admin:

Greets, all.

What I'd like to task you with is coming up with a logo for the 2007 screenings. The organizational logo -- the interlocking symbols for "Serenity" and Equality Now -- will remain constant, but I would like to have an identifying design to use each year for the flyers, t-shirts, and other promotional materials associated with each individual year.

Requirements: The logo should incorporate the words "Can't Stop The Serenity," and the year 2007. No copyrighted images from the show / movie, as FOX will lay the smack down (reference their closing of Blue Sun Shirts earlier this month). Anything else is fair game, including incorporating the organizational logo.

While this isn't a "contest," per se, the person whose design is chosen will get three t-shirts with their logo (sizes of their choosing), and a framed flyer from the national event press push.

The top three entries will be posted on for voting on Monday, December 11.

Deadline for entries is Friday, December 8. We'll announce the selection after voting concludes on Friday, December 15.

Entries should be sent to , in a high-res version -- either a TIFF or JPG file of 300 dpi.

If you have any designers in your circle of friends or co-workers who you think would like a crack at this, then, by all means, forward this e-mail off to them.

I'll have to bust out the pen tablet after I get back from Thanksgiving.

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