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November 21 2006

(SPOILER) Clare Kramer's "The Gravedancers" trailer is now available. You can now watch the trailer for her new critically acclaimed horror movie. A word of warning though, its very graphic and very very scary, not safe for work, for the faint-hearted or the people who are currently alone in their house. I mean it!

I'll tell you something, its been a very long time since I've been so scared by just a trailer. In fact, I dont think I've ever been scared by a trailer. Until today!

Its as to whether I actually go and see this, is the debate!
I think the scariest thing in that trailer was the dancing.
I believe they actually modelled the choreography after one of my famous "I've become the music" dances which take place weekly on Friday nights. In fact, as it so happens, Clare Kramer herself got me drunk, put on some euphoric dance music and filmed me dancing like it was 2006, and now the hideous hoe-bag is taking all the credit for my work, the silly bitch. I want a credit for the job dammit!
Hubby and I saw this this weekend, along with some of the other horror that were 'too much for wide distribution' or however they worded it. It was by far the best of the 4 that we saw, but it's not great. But it had good phlebotinum and whatnot.
Oh, was Gravedancers part of that limited release of the group of films that's going city to city of too explicit horror? Wish I could catch that. No car. I'll watch the trailer when I get home. Mmmmm, Dominic Purcell (John Doe, Dracula in Blade 3).
Oh, I saw this movie over the weekend. It was absolutely TERRIBLE, in my opinion. It started off with a good premise and had some good scary scenes early on in the film. [Mostly the scenes with Dominic Purcell and Clare's character in their home or at the other girl's house.] But once they got to the latter half, it just went completely down hill. The last 20 minutes was so terrible the entire theatre was laughing and by the end, we were laughing so hard we were crying. Seriously, just bad bad bad.
I don't know, Hoppy. Laughing so hard you're crying? Sounds pretty good to me!
The last 20 minutes was so terrible the entire theatre was laughing and by the end, we were laughing so hard we were crying

Surely you're not referring to the Yes, we had a mighty laugh at that too. Kind of killed any chance it had of being an actual good horror flick. But there was some creepy imagery earlier on.
That would be exactly what I'm referring to, Rogue. It just felt like they ran out of script pages with actual words on them and decided to go with that instead.

And jcs, I'm not going to say I didn't get my money's worth. I certainly had a good laugh at it and we have good memories of the experience. But, I don't think laughing is what the director wanted us to do. ;)

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