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November 21 2006

(SPOILER) Summer Glau to guest star on tonight's "The Unit". And, judging from TVguide.comís blog, appears to have a fairly prominent part in this episode.

She plays "Crystal" in this CBS show, which airs at 9pm on the east coast. The name of tonight's episode is "Report by Execption". ususally has the episode on their website after it airs but it's restricted to US veiwers only.

Hasn't she been in this before?
Right here, Simon. Summer joined the cast of the Unit this season as a girlfriend of a guy who may become a Unit member, she is a recurring character this season. Her first episode aired in Sept., this is her second episode.
Well, I loved Regina's blog and so now will give the show a watch tonight.
Actually, this is Summer's third appearance. I missed the other two, but reportedly they were "Extreme Rendition" AKA "Look, Summer's a trailer trash girl!" and "Force Majeure" AKA "Look, Summer's in a bikini!"
IMO, this show is something you watch when you've fallen down and can't reach the remote. This has happened to me a few times so I am familiar with this misogynistic show. Just kidding - I didn't want to admit I actually watched it when nothing else was on instead of getting up and actually doing something constructive. I did see it last night, though, and saw Summer. I'm glad she has work, but her massive talent is wasted on this show. Oh, for more Firefly!

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