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November 21 2006

NHL hockey and the Buffyverse. Only a webcomic could make the connection.

'You know, not everything is about the Buffyverse...'

Yes, yes it is.
A former Oiler great, and Buffy... mentioned in the same webcomic.

This may just be the best thing ever.


[ edited by jfhlbuffy on 2006-11-22 01:27 ]
That was the best sport webcomic I've ever read.
Not everything, but very nearly.

That's cute.
It's true.

Some things are about the Firefly 'verse.
Hey, Angel's a hockey fan. The games are indoors, and they're usually played at night. He also wanted to watch hockey instead of attending the W&H Halloween party.
And David Boreanaz was at game 3 of the Oilers 'Canes Stanley Cup Final series in June :D
he was?? or is this a gest? Yeah, Canada's national sport linked to Buffy... and inner browncoat... shiny!
Kurya, yeah, he was.
Color me slow. I'm not getting the hochey vibe.
I have concluded many a conversation by noting that "eventually, everything circles back to Buffy."

Even hockey.
And, for the record, Messier could TOTALLY slay a vampire.

I'm just sayin'
XanFan32, I GUARANTEE he could slay one ;)

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