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November 22 2006

Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1 out this week. Keeping with the grand tradition of the comic book world, IDW launch a team-up mini-series. Angel and Spike. The two vampires with a soul in a new adventure. Fan favourite Scott Tipton writes the story with David Messina drawing it.

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I'm really looking forward to getting this comic. Hopefully by tomorrow. Scott Tipton writes a brilliant Angel and Spike - and I really like David Messina's Artwork.
Yep, a great week for comics, Auld Lang Syne #1 and Great and Secret Show #7. Glad it's a long holiday weekend!!
I will be picking it up at my comic shop over the weekend after the holiday.
At risk of sending you dashing off in a mad panic luvspike, G&SS #7 came out last week, it's at the top of my TBR pile ;).

Looks good, good creative team, I'll certainly be giving this a chance.

(and the new Y trade's out too. Woot ;)
This is off the front page already so it's probable no one will see this but here's my thoughts on Angel: Auld Lang Syne.
I loved this issue, my favourite Angel issue yet. I'm really liking David Messina's art which just seems to be getting better and better. It was great to see all these characters from Angel's past again. I'm looking forward to issue 2 which looks like it will be a cracker.

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