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November 22 2006

(SPOILER) Buffy's Back! Joss discusses the season eight Buffy comics at Entertainment Weekly. This illustration of Buffy is wonderful. Lots of juicy information. And a couple more pics.

Spoiler tag for the ultra-cautious.

That was a great interview. Cheers for that.
So flashy-back Angel and Spike. That's cool. That way the new story is all Buffy. Glad we are not touching NFA.

I am glad we will be finding out about Xander so much. Bet he found a new girl. I actual miss Wills too. Scooby love sounds plentiful.

In comic form the many SIT's mght just be very managable. I can't wait to see what kind of camp Faith is running in the next four or so issues.Wonder if it is for the troubles slayers that were activated. I am glad it is being addressed that this decision, while it worked at the time, may have not been the best and there is alot of work to do now.

That was a great interview and those panels are amazing. I am really excited for this book. I am wondering what kind of leather contraption Buffy is wearing in them, though. LOL.

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Thanks for the great link.
crossoverman - great find. There's more detail on S8 in that interview than I've seen for a while. The panels look OK too. If they are right about the number of issues (noting that Joss himself didn't say it), it will be even better!
I can't wait! Or, well, I'll have to, obviously, but I don't have to like it. Waiting, that is. The comic itself I will most certainly like, but the waiting - not so much.
This is clearly gonna be awesome in the original meaning of the word. There will be lots of awe going on. And possibly some "aaaaw" aswell. Consider me anticipatey and eager-like.
Vince - does that means this will be both awesome and aaaaw-some?

Sorry, I will get back into my box now!
Ok, NOW I'm excited.
Awe-some. Willow Suit Up!

Also, the action frames? Impressive. I hadn't really thought too much about the lack of budget constraints in comics factor in this.

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March? I have to wait till March? aaawwww!
Remember what I commented a few days ago, that we might be expecting some official Press Release from Dark Horse really soon, since they'll release the Solicitation info for March in a couple of weeks.

This is definetely the first or at least the first major action towards that direction of press promotion. It's no coincidence that we're getting this preview this week.

I wonder what will be the timeframe for this whole season. Will it show us the events for a few weeks, months or more than a year. Will there be some timeline matching, like referring to Angel and Spike visit to Rome in "The Girl in Question" or when the scoobies were contacted by Angel's crew, for the Dana slayer events in "Damage".

Joss' AXM has been quite tight into its timeframe, only a few days of duration for each arc. Fray was quite tight too, taking no more than a few weeks if you pay attention in the progress of the events portrayed in it.
Thanks for finding this.. :)
I would think that every mini arch is another part of the season, so it goes all "year long". I would bet we go all the way up to NFA.

Sounds like some serious time has passed, more then a few months, I would think from the tone of this article. It would be nice to see Buffy's side of the conversation for Damaged, if she was even involved and it was not all Giles. Same with TGIQ. Since Andrew always seemd off there. I wondered how much Morty had to do with that. I still have my fingers crossed Buffy is playing Morty and not the other way around.

Plus the very big happies at seeing what may have happen to Dana after she is brought back, Faith and her continued relationship with Buffy as the two oldest slayers alive now, and what all these slayers mean to the good vs. evil balance.

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*sigh* I miss them. Especially Spike.

I wonder if March launch is chosen for a reason -- to time it with the 10-th anniversary of BtVS.
My only hope is that DH stays on course with this comic. It really has a very bad tendency to fall behind and delay comics for weeks and sometimes months. That can take you out of a story and lose intrest very fast, no matter who the artist or writer.
I love that the article about the Buffy comic has a main picture of Spike. LOL.

I know I and very many others were not even considering buying this comic as there was no Spike and Angel in them. A few weeks ago an interview said there would not be any Spike and Angel in them. But now:-

Will we be seeing the two great vampire loves of Buffy's life, Angel and Spike? ''Yes but.

Now either that's a WooHoo - Go Spike and Angel fans! Or, and this is the cynical me talking, mention they'll be in it in the hope those who said they wouldn't buy the comic will at least buy the ones they are featured in. Even though that feature will probably from the sounds of it be minimal and not forwarding their stories at all.
Thanks much for this, it was a wonderful read first thing in the morning and I'll be smilin' for the rest of the day.

New Buffy. AWESOME.
I think this comic is a way of introducing others to this great fandom. To do that you have to show flashbacks of all the important parts. Angel and Spike both have roles in Buffy's life. But in the long run this comic is going to be mainly focased on Buffy and the Scoobies.

I doubt it was to get certain people to buy this comic that would not, as there is big enough Buffy fandom to support it even minus the two vamps. The excitement out there for this comic was growing even before this was mentioned. Plus this arch was planned out months ago.

IDW comics are not doing very well sales wise lately with Angel and Spike, so while there is many who want to read them, I think there are also just as many if not more who are more intrested in the other characters in the Buffy fandom apart from them.
I seems wonder more things about the series as the days goes by. But it got nothing to do with content.

I wonder if DH will use a higher stock paper to print it. I think that IDW comics price (which tend to be more expensive) are mostly justified because of the really high quality paper they use in their comics.

The previous Buffy series and even in Angel were printed in a thinner and more porous paper. You could find better quality paper in the TPBs or Graphic Novels, just compare the montly series and the Tales of the Slayer TPB.

What would be better for the series: Make it cheaper but in a lower quality paper or make it more expensive. A Dollar of difference do scare a lot of people.
Wonderful interview - March cannot come soon enough.
It would be very cool if they used the same paper they used for the Star Wars comics. Those early graphic comics had beautiful glossy,book like covers and pages that were very thick. They were also not to expensive.

I would much rather quality, since most comics are an investment of sorts. I would want them to last over time. Normal comic pages have to many oils that after time erode the comic itself.
It would be very cool if they used the same paper they used for the Star Wars comics. Those early graphic comics had beautiful glossy,book like covers and pages that were very thick. They were also not to expensive.

I think I know which one you mean. I got those issues from Luke's marriage a few years ago, is that a good example? And they did cost the very common US$2,99, which is even standard over at Marvel and DC nowadays.

It would be really shiny if Season 8 get to be printed that way.

The story is also meta-spreading, creating Buzz for it. Newsarama's Matt Brady, has already posted a page about EW's article over at

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Those were the exactly the ones I meant. Or the ones they used when Timothy Zahn continued the story he had started in book form only now moving it to comic. The ones about Leia almost turning to the darkside.

That was such high quality paper and covers. Or even the paper and covers that used for DC's Alex Ross series Justice. Most regular comics can cost anywhere from 2.50 for many DC titles to 2.99 for most Marvel. DH usually like to run 4.95 for it's very nice paper and important tiles.

I think this comic will be well bought no matter who is in it.As long as the story stays engaging, fans can connect with this being their Buffy and Scooby Gang and DH stays on schedule. I wonder more about if it will have variet covers for the launch. Maybe a foil one.
I like Jeanty's depiction of Buffy. The other sketches that have cropped up make me really excited about this series, and I'm also glad to see all the references to Xander - I've missed him so much!

I'm glad that while Angel and Spike will appear, neither will be a huge focus. I want to see how Buffy deals with an all new chapter of her life, not see her go back and try to relive something from her past. Plus anyone who wants an Angel or Spike fix can always pick up one of their IDW comics, they're not gone for good.
Thanks you so much for the link. This just made my whole... well... LIFE.
I have and will continue to buy the IDW comics as I love both Spike and Angel and the rest of the Ats gang. I merely mentioned that given the denial that either character would be used, it seems there has been a bit of a u-turn. Now that could be explained by behind the scenes negotiations between DH and IDW. But it does seem a bit of a waste of time if their involvement is going to be so minor as to be quite pointless. In which case it does seem to me to be a case of manipulative marketing. Not that all marketing isn't manipulative, mind. LOL.

I'm quite sure this comic feels it doesn't need the Spike and Angel and Ats fans to buy it. We will see if the excitement translate into sales in due course, which I'm sure it will. In which case why not let sleeping vamps lie. The interview a few weeks back said that the boys would definitely not be used. I just find this current comment to be curious in light of what has been said previously.
*Spaz spaz spaz* New cannon Buffy, art, Spike and Angel confirmation and a Goners mention. What a great early Xmas present! Joss you shouldn't have! ....Wait, yes you should've.
I am not entirely engrossed by the potentials. Also, on a personal note, I would like to see the dead and supposedly dead characters receive a little more respect than they got at the end. I have to say that the "we saved the world, yipee," at the end disappointed me. Still, a Buffyverse project is a Buffyverse project.
Sweet! My favorite show ever is coming back! Never thought I'd say that. I seriously thought we wouldn't see canon Buffy material for another decade because Joss would be caught up in movies or even a sequel to the BDM.
I am not entirely engrossed by the potentials.

Ditto. I think it would have been a hard sell for me to watch a show about the Slayer School if none or few of the 'old guard' had been involved. But then Joss has a way of drawing me in even when I don't wanna be.
I just hope that this comic is more focused on those we know and love and not an attempt to bring in too many new characters. Just my personal preference, obviously.
I think that it makes sense that Spike and Angel wouldn't be involved much, as we know they only played a part in 'season 8' in the periphery of TGIQ. Flashbacks are cool, though, and I think it would be silly if they weren't mentioned at all. Especially when it comes time to introduce the Immortal.
There are so many issues for Buffy to face after the Potentials' 'awakening' that frankly I don't see there's much time for Angel or Spike (though a wee cameo from either wouldn't hurt). Without incurring the Wrath of Shippers, it'd feel like a step backwards for Buffy as a character, IMO.

Also, some of the IDW titles are doing such a good job (with Spike especially) that it'd be a tad redundant.

(and Rogue et al from what he says about writing for an ensemble cast and the lean direction he's taken X-Men seems like he'd rather avoid a huge cast of Potentials and other new arrivals)

lynnie, could be partly just the way interviews are sometimes published ages after they've happened, could be mis-quotes, could be a bit of the old corporate bug-bear of left hands not knowing what right hands are doing etc. (or, as you say, it could be a deeply cynical marketing ploy ;).

I'm pretty sure Chris Ryall (IDW's Editor in Chief) has always said they're not against the character cross-over in principle so possibly Dark Horse has had a change of heart or legal issues have been resolved.

Liking the sound of it more and more. The way Joss intends to gradually drip the Scoobs back in, possibly with one or two uber-reveals sounds cool. Like when Yul Brynner assembles The Magnificent Seven ;-).

Looking very nice too (though I always suspected it would once we saw some actual panels).
I think the more time spent debating over who should or shouldn't be in it, detracts from the overall concept of the project. I say lay back and enjoy the ride. Wait till it's over and then say your piece. What we say here or elsewhere ain't going to make one bit of difference to what goes in the comic book.

Anyone going to comment on what Joss said about Wonder Woman?
So very very shiny!

Digging the panels, plus the fact that we're going to see Angel and Spike (if only a teensy bit)! Unlike most others, I wasn't too bothered by the Potentials in S7, and it's been said before that a lot of the comic book will focus on our core Scoobies, so I am perfectly okay with all of that.

My only qualm is that Willow won't be appearing in the first issue. Not that I'm really saying that's a bad thing story-wise, I'm just being a pesky fanboy. I've waited so long to see her again...!

Ah, well. This sounds simply fantastic.

And, Simon, about Wonder sucks that he's still in such early stages, but it also conversely does not suck, as I would rather him spend a lot of time making it the best damn product he can than rush through it because of studio demands.
Damn you, double-post demon!

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I'm officialy G-I-Double D-Y.....
Not being a comic geek, I was pretty meh about the comic - willing to buy it but not over the moon. I'm almost excited now.

And, Joss, WW sounds really really hard. Perhaps you should take 6 months off from the princess and concentrate on the comix ... and Goners ;-)

Edited for stupid typo. Thanks for pointing that out Lioness ... I think.

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Blech, the Spike and Angel crap continues, something I hoped the show had left behind. Far far away.
Goners! Yes, how is that re-write coming, eh, boss?
If WW is giving some trouble, then Goners is the way to go for a while.
And Cabri, WW wounds? Nice Freudian slip!
Looking forward to it.The stuff with Xander has me intrigued and the slow re-introduction of the gang is a great move,I think.As far as Angel and Spike go.I can't see it being anything more then flashback cameos, and a few mentions.Even if they weren't at different companies,storywise and continuity wise it wouldn't make sense to have them involved in any major way.This has to match season 5 of Angel.Other then the phone call mention in,"Just Rewards",the call to Giles in,"Shells" and Andrew's appearences in "Damage" and TGIQ,there is no direct interaction between the Buffy characters with Angel & Spike.

The closest to direct interaction in person between them and the two vampires is Andrew.

I think at most we will get some mentions to tie into plot threads set up on Angel,some flashbacks and maybe a shot of Buffy noticing a fight breaking out when she's with The Immortal at the dance club in TGIQ.And really that's all there should be even if the Angel characters weren't at IDW.I think even if you didn't have the rights split at two publishers,this is all you would get.Now if you are talking about moving into a season 9 and post NFA,then this could be a different issue with regards to story and the rights factor impacting things in a major way.

I do find it funny though the 180 some fans are doing about season 8 now that Joss says the two vampires will be in it/mentioned even though it will be very limited.Prior to this I've seen people saying how they won't touch season 8 without Spike making an appearence and/or Angel.How some wouldn't and couldn't consider this canon without them even though Joss has been saying it was the offical canon continuation.Was this issue that improtant especially given what the storyline is and the setting/timeline?Was anybody expecting anything more then something limited at the most?Sometimes,especially in the last year,I think it's been more about shoehorning a certain character or characters into the story in any way possible whether it made sense or not just to have your favorite in there.


Just saw Simon's post.Let me know and i'll remove my post or edit it.

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Anyone going to comment on what Joss said about Wonder Woman?

Yeah: I'm not surprised. And I'm actually glad the studio haven't just rushed it into production if they're unsure - I actually said a few months ago I'd be worried if the WeeBee went head first into production on it straight away.

Don't get me wrong - I think Joss knows how to construct a tight story and he's the dude to write a character like this and create a universe around it. But he's gambling a bit on this, so I'd rather the studio and him are on the same page about the project. If he's spent a couple of years getting together a script, I don't want the studio execs to come and scent mark it later on.
IDW comics are not doing very well sales wise lately with Angel and Spike, so while there is many who want to read them, I think there are also just as many if not more who are more intrested in the other characters in the Buffy fandom apart from them.

IDW's Angelverse sales figures are declining but that can be put down to the novelty factor wearing off and the comic books are now finding their own natural level. Had the adventures of Buffy and co been published by IDW without Joss' involvement, I think we'd still seeing a similar decline in sales. The Buffyverse fandom is not as big as it was. Only the die hards seem to remain online these days.

Just saw Simon's post.Let me know and i'll remove my post or edit it.

Tis fine. I just don't want to see posts that promote other characters or plot arc at the expense everything else i.e. Spike/Angel/Faith/Tara/Clem must be in this comic book and I must have this plot line or I will never read it!!!!!!! Patience is a virtue and all that jazz.

Which begs the question, does the creator owe the fans or do the fans owe the creator?

I take the side of Bart in this discussion:
CBG: Last night's Itchy & Scratchy was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.
Bart: Hey, I know it wasn't great, but what right do you have to complain?
CBG: As a loyal viewer, I feel they owe me.
Bart: What? They're giving you thousands of hours entertainment for free. What could they possibly owe you? I mean, if anything, you owe them.
CBG: Worst episode ever.

Worst comic ever. I predict. Asian Dan isn't in it.
Simon That wasn't my intent at all, sorry if it came across that way. :0) No 180 from me either. My heart lies with the Ats crowd now and I have little or no interest in the Scoobies or the Potentials, my position has not altered. I was just highlighting the discrepancy between the two articles and having a pondering-ment. :0)

Naturally Spike and Angel & Co shouldn't detract from the Btvs characters. However, what I meant was that I would only ever be interested in buying an individual issue that had either of those characters only if they were more than just a one frame shot of them looking the other way. They did that for Buffy in the first issue of the Angel comic and I'm sure it was less than satisfying for Buffy fans.

I'm against the shoehorning in of characters too Bufffyfanatic that's why I could never take to the Potentials as they, imo, robbed valuable time from the established cast.

As to canon. I think it's like choosing your religion, a personal and individual thing. Yes Joss has said it's canon, but for me if it's not on screen (big or little) and played by all the fantastic actors who breathed life and unlife into them, then it's not canon. For me. YMMV, which is fine by me. :0)

I hope, and I'm sure they will, that whoever buys this comic will thoroughly enjoy it and I'm happy for them. I hope they are as pleased with the results as I am with IDW's efforts which I find obscenely pleasurable. ;0)
I think also Warner Bros. wants everything to be just right so they don't have a repeat of Superman Returns.I liked Superman Returns but it did run over budget and under performed on the financial expectations the studio had. I'm sure both Joss and the studio want to be sure on all aspects of this film before moving forward.

I really want to see Wonder Woman be a big box office hit.I'm a big comic book nut and so far women superheroes haven't done well.I really want to see Wonder Woman succeed especially since she's the queen of the female superhero.The one that started it all.I see Wonder Woman as the grandmother of Buffy and all the female superheroes that have come since,both in comics and other media.
Superman Returns is on for a sequel, so I wouldn't call it a disaster. They wanted $200m at the box office, and it's got that.
They wanted $200m at the box office, and it's got that.

Eventually. Warner Bros let it play at the box office for ages until it reached 200 million.
I wanted to hate Supermans returns and actually ended up loving it. We have yet to know how much(I suspect alot) the dvd sales will help it's bottom line.

I have been wanting a WW movie since I heard they were redoing all the franchises. But female hero's on the big screen ave always done poorly. Mostly, IMO, because they twist and turn to much from the base character to be politicaly correct or incorporate what today's current trends are. There is a reason why Superman, Batman and yes WW are so iconic and it has nothing to do with any of that. It has to do with the characters and what they represent.

For WW it all about the female role model and self empowerment. I want and hope Joss takes all the time he needs to make this baby the perfect version of that. The WW fans will wait.
I agree,Superman wasn't a disaster.I consider films like Catwoman or Elektra disasters.Superman crossed 200 million in the U.S. which was the bare minimum requirement for a sequel.The sequel is happening but is going to have a reduced budget though.I don't want to see Wonder Woman have to struggle to earn back its money and make a profit.Superman made it to the finish line but it had to limp there.I really enjoyed the film though.I can't wait for the DVD release on Tuesday.I'm getting the big 14 disk set with all the films and extras.

I sort of consider Superman Returns in the same ball park as Hulk.Although Hulk is also going to have a sequel but with a new creative team.

I rather Joss and the studio take it slow and get it right.To me,that's worth the wait of letting Joss really nail the script.
The WW fans will wait.

They're not doing a very good job of it at the moment. Even the pro-Whedon Wondy fans seem to be getting twitchy.
Wondy was been in film licensing mode since, what, 1998? It's not even 10 years yet - impatient fans :oP
Okay, would NEVER put Hulk and Superman Returns in the same sentence.=P Superman Returns at least did killer over seas. And has a very good chance to be killer in DVDs. Sometimes special effects are not what are needed so much as a good story, well acted. For example the new James Bond. It really had more stunts then effects and I thought was very, very good. I had never seen a previous Bond movie to this weekend. I caught the one with Hallie Berry and I have to say I thought the special effects and story was aweful.

I have my special edition on pre-order at amazon. So excited for it.

I will admit when I heard that Bats was planned for next year and SR for the year after,I did get very nervous that WW would never ger her amazon ass of the ground. But she is harder then Supes and Bats to flesh out. This time instead of great eyes, boobs, and cheesy 70's sets, she will have a chance to stand toe to toe with her male counterparts. Something as the third member of the trifecta, she as always meant to do. If they get ansy , go read the new WW comics, they are incrediable.
Just remember what Joss said about getting WW to the big screen: "I won't sette. She won't let me settle".
That's all you need to know.
As for Season 8, I hope Joss can let two or three Potentials emerge as stars, and you can get them into comic spin-offs...or maybe some TV movies the CW would be glad to have. And...if they can somehow squeeze in Angel, Spike and his crew in there (if the right agreements can be put in place) so much the better. It's about time both groups form one Super Scooby Gang.
Even the pro-Whedon Wondy fans seem to be getting twitchy.

I think that's the curse of too much information Simon. Used to be that fairly ardent fans would find out about a film a few months before release and the general public would only know when they saw the trailer. Now we know when it's being written, when it's having excessive notes from the studio, who's doing revisions and why etc. etc. It draws the process out for fans to something like the time it takes for the creators and so people get impatient (how writers/directors can stand to spend 3 years pursuing something that then doesn't get made i'll never know. Reckon it'd break me for sure).

It'll be done when it's done and if i'd rather see it sooner than later i'd rather see it not at all than it be, frankly, shite.

I'm getting the big 14 disk set with all the films and extras.

Heard about this a few weeks back. All the films, loads of extras, the special edition of 'Superman Returns' and the much anticipated Donner cut of 'Superman II'. I may be asking Santa for that this year ;).

(and Donna Troy 'Die Another Day' was in many ways the ultimate 'old style' Bond i.e. before the reboot, with loads of gadgets, exotic locations, big effects driven stunts, knowing 'winks' to the audience etc. If you watch the early Connery, the Timothy Dalton ones and most of the Pierce Brosnan ones you'll see something closer to 'Casino Royale' - though with less emphasis on character and a less gritty approach in general)
Hulk was a commercial success, you know. Everybody thinks it was this MASSIVE flop, but it actually made sequel numbers easily. In fact they're making another Hulk film, as it happens.
Pollyana-QuoterGal here: love the idea of exploring the Potentials-Made-Manifest. Not much of a ComicGal either, so just Going with the Knowing that it's Joss at the wheel and that's gotta be some Tasty. Don't think Joss the Creator owes us diddly-squat, and so I'm grateful that he's returning to the Buffy'verse at all.

And I know/fear there'll be Canon-Killing in these lil' comics and I tremble with knowing that I'll get what I need and not what I want. *sigh*

(Oh, and always love hearing Goners (6oners) mentioned. Goners, Goners, Goners, Goners! Go Gonerians!)
Did I miss it or has it ever been confirmed which breast plate Diana will use? In comics she uses the WW in gold. In the tv show and on the Justice League it was the eagle. Just curious.

For WW , I would love her to have one of those cool intro scenes like Supes and Bats always have. Superman 2's scene where he invites Zod and the other to step outside the Daily Planet with the music in the background gets me everytime.

Sage, which one(movie) would you recommend of all the Bonds out there would be the closest match to Casino Royale and maybe somethng I would like?
And...if they can somehow squeeze in Angel, Spike and his crew in there (if the right agreements can be put in place) so much the better. It's about time both groups form one Super Scooby Gang.

I think something like this could happen after season 8.I could see a big company crossover with IDW at that point then,as we move past this time-frame into a post NFA time period

Hulk was a commercial success, you know. Everybody thinks it was this MASSIVE flop, but it actually made sequel numbers easily. In fact they're making another Hulk film, as it happens.
gossi | November 22, 23:56 CET

But they are making The Hulk sequel with a totally new creative team and lower budget because they felt the first creative team failed to deliver an action pact movie.That's why I put Superman Returns and Hulk in the same catagory.Neither were flops but neither were the run away box office blow outs the studios were expecting.Both under performed but not enough not to warrent a sequel.Both are getting sequels but with changes to the type of heavy storyline,A more action pact story with a lower budget.I liked both films although I enjoyed Superman Returns a lot more.I'm more a Superman fan anyway though.The first two Superman films are bliss.Can't wait to see the Donner cut of Superman II.I love the Spider-Man movies.

Heard about this a few weeks back. All the films, loads of extras, the special edition of 'Superman Returns' and the much anticipated Donner cut of 'Superman II'. I may be asking Santa for that this year ;).

And it's only a 100 dollars.14 disks for $100.If you look around,you can get it for under that too.

I think all these projects take time.The first Superman took ten years to get going.The first Batman took ten years.Spider-Man took twenty years partially due to legal issues in the 90s.X-Men took a number of years.The new Superman film took nearly twenty years.

I think they've got the right guy in Joss for WW.Now we just need a little more patience for him to do his thing.

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The other day, I posted that I had never read the X-men and don't read comics. That being said, I will be buying these and will be considering them canon.

Thanks for the link. It made me smile to know we'll be getting a little more 'verse.
I am very excited about this. As it happens, I was mentioning the project earlier this evening to a Joss fan I know - and then I come home and read this. I can never get enough Jossy interview goodness.

His Wonder Woman comments felt very familiar at first - same stuff as he's said some time ago - but then went further, so I guess he's pretty much still having the same issues he was earlier. I really hope it comes together and doesn't become a binned project, as so many do.

And of course, Goners is still the most exciting project in the world for me, so any mention is A Good Thing.

By the way, slightly off topic, but related to other posts here - I loved both Superman Returns and Hulk. Very different films, but both amazing in their way. The spend on Supes was so huge, though. But as a film, it excited me all kinds of ways (of course, Joss doing Wondy will do, too, if he gets the control he needs). And Hulk made the grammar of comics come alive in film the way no other comic-book film has, before or since.
Movie studios do worry me sometimes. If Joss makes WB $300m on total on Wondy, and they go "Oh, it underperformed to our expectations" I'll be... annoyed. But only a little.
I am very, very, very excited--mostly because of Joss' talk about reintroducing each character and giving them their moment. I'm mostly thinking about the character reintro he did in AXM#4, as well as the obvious ones within the show (i.e. "Two to Go," "Destiny" etc.). The idea of gradually getting back into the swing of what everyone is doing, with plenty of room for surprises, tickles me.

And now I can't wait for the Willow issue, just to see the apparent awesomeness of the cover. Damn you Joss! Testing my patience like this.
Talk about movie studios doing weird things.Look at the whole Hobbit situation the came up the last day or so.I imagine New Line is being hammered by Ring fans right now.

The spend on Supes was so huge, though

Yeah they spent 10 million dollars alone on a ten minute sequence that was left on the cutting room film.

I think that's what is becoming the issue.They are spending more and more on films requiring more on the box office return.

Ten years ago,a 100 million dollar gross was considered a box office smash.Now,depending on the budget,it's can be considered poor

When a film costs 200 million dollars or more to make,the studio needs to earn twice that to make a profit.That's why films like Hulk,Superman Returns or King Kong are not bombs but are considered under performers.

I think this is a area Joss will have an advantage.Coming from directing T.V. and with Serenity being low budget in comparison to most studio Sci-Fi films,he knows how to handle money without the budget getting out of control.
Man the more I hear of this comic the more I am dying to get my hands on it. I would have really liked for "Buffy" to resemble SMG a little more but in any event...this comic is so going to rock.
The Scooby news is fantastic and although I wasn't a big fan of all the potentials, I am interested to see just how that move has impacted Buffy's life.
I've never in my life purchased a comic book for my own pleasure. I definitely have to start!

As for WW, I would absolutely rather wait and have it be done "right". Besides, maybe then it will have a huge budget and lotsa marketing. Which in turn means WW Underroo's will make a comeback...woohoo!! (that was my childhood trauma...not having Underroos when all the other girls had them *sigh* DO you think they'd make them in adult

Anyhow, I wish Joss lots of luck! Sounds like he is keeping himself very busy!

[ edited by jenofthejungle on 2006-11-23 05:25 ]
Niiice. I'm excited, but guarded. On one hand it's the continuation of one of my favourite T.V. shows in one of my favourite mediums and, y'know, Joss, but on the other, there are expectations. Like, high ones. My insides are all twisty. Submit, though, I shall.
What happened to Buffy looking like this?

I dunno about slayer schools all over the country. I was kinda hoping he would have to invent some reason for Willow to reverse the spell. Does this mean every slayer is now instantly born into their power? I worry for the mom's, LOL. Super babies everywhere that want to spike their stuffed animals for some reason.

Honestly, I like the look of the Fray comics better than this but of course I wait to see the final full product.

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2006-11-23 05:51 ]
TaraLivesOn, that image you linked to is the cover, done by a different artist than the interior art.

Jo Chen's Runaways covers are awesome, that Buffy one is great too, can't wait to see more of 'em.
Getting so excited about this! This is huge new! I want it to make the Entertainment Weekly cover. It won't, but how cool would that be? I can't wait to see what our favorite scoobies are up to!

Joss, take your time with Wondy. Good not to rush. We all want it to have the special Joss touch (not that kind of touch you sickos) that we all like. You can't rush art.

It sounds like Goners is definitely way on the back burner right now.
And it's only a 100 dollars.14 disks for $100.If you look around,you can get it for under that too.

Yep BuffyFantic, and, unusually, we Brits aren't getting totally ripped off since i've seen it advertised for 50-60 over here which is in line with the exchange rate (often they'll just translate dollars prices directly into pounds which can be pretty frustrating to say the least). There're only 13 disks in the R2 release though, I think we may be missing out on Bryan Singer's production diaries for 'Returns'.
Yeah,the other regions outside region 1 don't get disk 14,the production diaries.I don't understand why only region 1 is getting the diaries.

Region 1 has a problem though I just found out about.I read that
Warner Bros. accidentally put the wrong Superman III disk in the region 1 Ultimate set.They put in the bare bones disk that came out in 2001 in the set by mistake,not the new disk with the commentary and deleted scenes.

UPDATE! -- 22 November 2006:

The Region 1 Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD box set was shipped with the old 2001 Superman III DVD (old menu without all of the new extras), while the Region 1 Christopher Reeve Superman Collection DVD box set contains the new version of Superman III with the deleted scenes, trailer, making of, etc. Bill Hunt of found the same error in his Ultimate box.

I also checked the Superman-The Movie theatrical Cut DVD in both the Ultimate and CRSC boxes, and only the French language has the 1978 original sound mix. So you French speaking fans are in luck! As for the rest of us, well...we'll have to wait and see what Warner Bros. decides to do about it.

So, in summary, it appears that, at least in Region 1, the SIII and STM theatrical Cut DVDs in the Ultimate box, and the STM theatrical Cut DVD in the CRSC, do not contain the content we were promised. Keep your hopes up that there will soon be a resolution to this matter.

Please contact me if you have any news to share about your Superman DVDs. I'm curious about what is being discovered in other regions.

Stay tuned for more updates! Happy Holidays!

Major screw up on Warner Home Video's part.Hopfully they'll do an exchange program on the wrong disk.
Oh man, if only I was a gymnast, I would turn back flips for this article. I'm more than tickled, I'm almost pickled from the excitement juice!

Like when Yul Brynner assembles The Magnificent Seven ;

Very nice analogy re the Scoobies being "dribbled" back in to the comic.

And as for Joss, I can only quote the great Foghorn T. Leghorn:

That boy, I say that boy's just like a tattoo. Gets under your skin.

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