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November 22 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz and his show Bones are on the cover of this week's TvGuide.. A great interview with both him and Emily Deschanel about their show, their characters and if they should get together.

These two do great interviews together. You can feel their enthusiasm for these characters and this show.

Love how they both answered the last question.

I love this show. Some of the questions in this interview were quite interesting. I can never think of good questions. The one about whether Booth and Brennan are going to get together is one of the ones that is discussed on the boards alot and there are varying opinions. I would like to see them have a bit of a relationship, then back off for professional reasons, then back on again, then off again. I think this interminable sexual tension is not something that would go unfulfilled in real life. But, of course, TV is anything but real life.

DB and ED are great in their roles, IMO, and the supporting staff is exceptional. The chemistry between the whole group is really super.
Nice to see them get a well deserved cover. The friendships off screen are very much apart of the chemistry of the actors on 'Bones.' All the parts of a successful show come together for this show. I hope it has many seasons ahead.
They are so cute. You can tell they are great friends. The chemistry of the whole cast is terrific!

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