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November 22 2006

Does that music sound familiar? Came across John Jay Silver Guard's competitive 2006 show entitled "Her Story: A Search for Serenity" while searching YouTube.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is just a novice class A guard, (and one injured performer who sits center stage) but you got to love the music choice! In case you are wondering what's going on, this is a winter guard show. It's similar to a drill team but also incorporates equipment; performers spin flags, rifles and sabres. (In the world class level the guards look like Cirque Du Soleil and can achieve some pretty amazing feats.)

How very... American Beauty crossed with Serenity's theme! And without the dodgy letching.
That was... surreal.
(waves flags)
*blinks* Round Rock? Holy Joss, I think that's the field house of the high school I went to.

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