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July 25 2002

Photos, transcripts, mp3s of James Marsters' Shore Leave convention appearance.

Good stuff here. Marsters goes into details on how he tried to make the bathroom assault scene (Seeing Red) easier on himself and SMG. And it's always nice to hear praise being heaped on ASH, especially from his co-stars.

CAUTION: Speculative & Spoilery




"QUESTION: ...from the perspective of someone who has been portraying Spike for so many years, how is he going to deal with the guilt? He's going to feel a lot of guilt... 200 years of maiming, violence, killing...[James is nodding his head energetically throughout this question]

JAMES: He was not a killer before he lost his soul and when the soul comes back, how does he feel about what's been happening? Yeah, yeah. My internal feeling, which they've never paid attention to, is that Spike wouldn't want Buffy within a hundred miles of him. He knows that he's evil and he knows that she's not and he wants the best for her, and he doesn't want to spoil her any more than he already has. So I think it would be a question of 'Buffy, get away from me, I'm no good.' Now, dramatically that's kind of problematic, you know ... they're not going to make me Angel. There is no way..."

I've been saying this for weeks now. Months. Everybody thinks I'm crazy. Spike will not come rushing into Buffy's arms after he gets the soul. IF he returns to Sunnydale it won't be cuz of Buffy. It'll be despite her, and I think he comes back for Dawn. He'll try to do the right thing by trying to protect Dawn, but being all souled & chipped & confused, he'll goof everything up.

Marster's words here are to me a bit of validation for that theory. Thoughts?
All I can say is I HOPE there's no rushing back into Buffy's arms. I'm hoping having a soul doesn't make a damn difference to Spike. Yes, tortured with having that soul, but no, not repentant. Yet. That would just be too Angelic, and Angelic!Spike would be torture on us, the viewers.

I'm hoping Buffy has the sense to stay away from him and if there is to be Spuffy, let it be in the last act of the last episode, preferably off camera. I think they've been the least interesting couple on the show ever. No chemistry, and they kissed like gasping fish.

I understand every series needs a bit of romance for the ratings, but I think it's time to explore some other couples, romantic or not. I'd like to see Willow and Xander bond again as friends, now that they are without their partners. As for Giles and Anya... it would be interesting to confront them with temptation, but no consummation. The journey's always more interesting than the result, and it could ultimately provide the Giles character with a real reason to go back to the U.K.

(Interestingly, I read about a chance meeting someone had with Joss recently in an elevator. A misunderstanding lead Joss to say 'So you're a B/X shipper?' Before the guy could say 'no', Joss had said: 'By the end of it, ships won't matter at all.' Which makes me wonder if the 'Puck' rumours mean that everybody's going to have it off with everybody.)

I didn't see much interest in Dawn from Spike in the later episodes of S6, once he'd bagged her big sis. Making him her protector would feel contrived to me.

What I'd like to see is Drusilla back on the scene, and how she deals with Souled!Spike and the woman who pushed him to get one.
I wanna see Angel make a brief appearance just once this season, where he walks up to Spike, whines "copycat!" and then walks away. It'll never happen but that's what I wanna see. =)

Souled!Spike being Dawn's protector IS contrived. That's the beauty of it. Spike would think he's doing the right thing but he'd be doing it for all the wrong reasons, and Buffy'd read through the contrivance of it all in a nanosecond. Unconsciously Spike would think certainly this would win Buffy over, but if anything it'd just make things worse between them, and eventually Spike would take Dawn away from the others (re: kidnapping) because THEY can't protect her like HE can. Being souled doesn't suddenly make Spike angelically perfect. In fact it makes him MORE human. MORE fallible. MORE emotional and more unable to control those emotions. Right & wrong have always been messed up in his head since before he got chipped. Perhaps before he got turned. So he goes back to Sunnydale to protect Dawn not for her sake, but for his own.

Remember Triangle where the troll caused so much damage in The Bronze that there were victims with blood just pouring out of them, and Spike kneeled down to help one of them..

BUFFY: What are you doing?
SPIKE: Making this woman more comfortable. (looks up at Buffy) I'm not sampling, I'll have you know. (looks around) Just look at all these lovely blood-covered people. I could, but not a taste for Spike, not a lick. Know you wouldn't like it.
BUFFY: (amazed) You want credit for not feeding on bleeding disaster victims?
SPIKE: Well, yeah.
BUFFY: You're disgusting. (Walks away)
Spike looks after her in disbelief.
SPIKE: (to himself) What's it take?

"shippers won't matter at all.."
I wouldn't be surprised if that's Joss Whedon's pat answer for any fan who comes up to him in an elevator or hallway who acts like a shipper. Joss may be assuming all us diehard fans are shippers nowadays. I'd imagine he gets tired of people bending his ear trying to convince him to make the romances go one way or the other. It was probably just an injoke and a misunderstanding at your friend's expense.
I always thought the beauty of BtVS was the possibility of romance, not the actual thing. I read somewhere Joss tells his actors to play out every relationship on the show with a romantic undercurrent. (That's probably why they ALL bicker like husbands and wives.)

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