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November 22 2006

Serenity Actress Engaged. An announcement of a happy event for Tamara Taylor, Summer's teacher from Serenity and now on Bones.

This also includes a brief description of what she and DB are up to (so to speak) in Bones. No spoilers if you have watched the show.

Hey she was also a recurring character on 'NCIS', I just finished the episode she was in on that series 2nd season DVDs, she's a busy bee being on all these shows. If you listen to the Numb3rs Season 2 DVD commentary on the episode she was in, those guys would like to see her back on that show as well.
Tamara is a talented busy actress. I think the role of Cam has been challenging. It must be difficult to read the press from fans that are upset because of the conflict her character causes the relationship of Booth and Brennan. Congrats to her on her engagement.
I love what TT as Cam has brought to Bones, and to the Booth/Bones relationship. I think she's easily the best actor of the supporting cast.
For the Lost fanatics out there (of which I am one), she's also Michael's now deceased wife and mother of Walt.
Heh RavenU, I was just coming in here to post that. :) She's also in an episode at the end of Season 3.
By bizarre coincidence I saw her last night on an episode of sort of proto-House show 'Becker' as a super-fit patient who may or may not have had some terribly tragic disease (had to pop out before the end). She really does crop up all over the place.

(and I think she's a great addition to 'Bones' too though, IMO, TJ Thyne did a great turn on the Gravedigger episode - among others - so not certain i'd agree she's easily the best supporting player. Don't really get fans who want no conflict either, surely that's what makes good drama ? Takes all sorts though I guess ;)
Tamara annoyed me on Lost, don't knwo why but she just annoyed me.

Really liked her part in Serenity. And I am really liking her part in Bones. Am I the one who don't want to see Booth and Brennan hook up?

When Chris Carter decided to hook up Scully and Mulder, it was pretty much the end of it for me. Can't remember even watching the final seasons of the show.

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