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November 22 2006

The Weight of the World on her shoulders... Or, more accurately, the weight of the Australian jungle. Phina Oruche has had an interesting week in the outback; arguements, fighting and biting her fellow contestants for cheese and biscuits, but tommorow night the British public have voted her into the final and deciding round of who gets immunity in "I'm a Celebrity...". I pity her rival.

An important one this one. They've been building up to the idea of one side (Boys V Girls) gaining immunity, and with both sides equal, this is the balance tipper. Im a little excited. Im also aware that that makes me so very very sad.

I actually really like Phina. Unlike some of the saps in there, she's really proven herself. And I think the moment when she and Scott Henshall fought viciously, Xander/Harmonyesque for the chest containing cheese and biscuits, while the other two members stood around like it was an episode of "Arrested Development" will be the defining moment of this series
But the important question is, when will she be eating a spider's balls?!
Australia doesn't have jungles, we have rainforests!
It's really a relief to have Phina competing in this next challenge, because they just couldn't make Jan Leeming do another one. The fact that she doesn't seem to understand why (all the whingeing) she keeps getting chosen for challenges really is the most striking thing of all.

Of course Phina has been more combative with Jan than almost anyone else. Clearly the public sees all this and votes accordingly.
I'm getting really bored of Jan and Scott doing all the trials! I wanted Jason to get this one, so he could win, the girls could be up for eviction and Phina could be gone. Because I really dislike her.
I have only caught a small part of one episode, but does anyone find Phina's accent totally bizarre? It's like a cross between Liverpudlian and American. I do admit that she seemed a lot more fiesty and interesting than any of the other "celebrities" though.

I do think it's kind of sad to see her on something like this though. I thought in Buffy that she had a lot of potential (and oddly actually thought Olivia was supposed to be around the same age as Giles) but in my opinion, going from that to Footballer's Wives and then I'm A Celebrity is a bit of a career landslide. I know that sometimes you have to take whatever pays the bills, and maybe Phina will earn a lot of money following this show, but I just don't think I could see her the same way again.

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