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November 22 2006

Alyson Hannigan on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Ayson Hannigan will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tonight, on NBC at 12:35 EST.

Actually her appearance isn't until this Friday night.
Hmm, TV listings say tonight is Will Arnett, Tiki Barber and Billy Talent, while Friday is Hugh Jackman and Aly. But NBC's site says tonight is Will Arnett, Aly and Billy Talent. So it depends which one's up-to-date. My guess is NBC.
My daily e-mail from NBC says that she's on tonight, and the last episode of Conan said she would be on tonight.
Okay, I stand corrected. Thanks for the info DavidB and jam2.
As I was resetting my TiVo to record tonight's Conan, I noticed that the cast of "How I Met Your Mother" will be on the Megan Mullally show on Monday. And it looks like David Boreanaz might be on Tuesday, but that site is a little crazy with the popups and the ads, that I couldn't confirm it.
My always reliable DVR schedules shows HIMYM cast on Monday's Megan Mullallyllwllly show, and DB on Tuesday's.

We all down with the initials up there?

Also, it says Friday is Aly on Conan.
Show started, she is on tonight.
Aly was great, i just wish her interview was longer.
Is her hair darker these days?
I guess her hair is dark to match her character's decision to change her hair color on the show. She was still cute, insisting that she won't eat cute bunnies. Her story about the fan trying to give her a horse was also funny.
Actually, her hair is dark because she felt like it :) When some friends and I saw Alexis's play in Liverpool, we commented to him that we loved her dark hair and he said "Isn't it great? She did it for fun over the summer and they let her keep it."

It just happens to go well with the character's story this year.
She was really cute and funny, wasn't she? I had to wonder about who brought her the horse, though... I bet I know who. *snicker*
I taped this last night and Alyson is so funny and cute. I love her comments about Alexis using different accents to talk to different people. I see she is still getting a lot of mileage out of the Buffy fan wanting to give her a horse story. It is great to see her, but I wonder why she is in NY for Thanksgiving!
I agree that Alyson was funny and looked great. That "fan brings her a horse" story simply must be retired though...she tells it in almost every TV interview!
That "fan brings her a horse" story simply must be retired though...she tells it in almost every TV interview!"

I'd never heard it before. But hey, if I had fans and one of them knocked on my door and tried to give me a horse, I'd probably bring it up for a long time after too. That's an amazing story.

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I saw the post here in time to set my VCR and then forgot to turn it on :( And I was actually still up and could have at least watched! I'm glad she did well.

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