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November 23 2006's top 100 bestselling DVDs of 2006. Firefly comes in at #10, Serenity #18.

Wow! And Brokeback Mountain is 13! This is awesome. People even do have taste in other series: Grey's Anatomy is one of my favourites (after finally overcoming my prejudice against hospital series).
That's awesome.
Though I still wonder the gross sales in a broader sense, not only online, not only amazon, fared market wise.
Gross sales wise, it hasn't been on the retail charts since it's 3rd week of release in the US. In the UK it's 243 on the charts at the moment.

That said, it's still sold a lot one suspects. It's difficult to imagine Serenity hasn't turned a small profit for the studio.
The fact that "Firefly" finished 10th despite the fact it's been available for three years shows that its popularity is still very strong. That must be unusual for a DVD set.
But how can the sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean" be number one for the whole year if it won't be available for two weeks? The pre-orders must have been off the charts for that one
I find it scary that 'The Little Mermaid' is above Serenity and Firefly.
I just find 'The Little Mermaid' scary full stop. Sentient shell-fish ? What kind of deranged mind came up with that one ? They have claws ! And there's millions of them !

(and that's no small achievement for 'Firefly'. It's like the little series that could ;)
Something that might be an intersting reading is on a whedonesque flickr thread > DVD Sales Figures Turn Every Film Into a Mystery.

Here's a small excerpt of interest from the article;

If a movie tanks at the box office, DVDs can offer the last, best place to stem the losses. DVD income can salvage failed television series and generate streams of cash from older movies. A movie frequently collects more money on DVD than in theaters.

"It's not at all unusual for films that do $40 million to $50 million at the box office to do $50 million to $60 million on DVD,"
says Dave Davis, a financial advisor to several movie studios.

If you take out the 2006 releases (which you would expect higher sales) Firefly comes in at #1 and Serenity comes in at #3.

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"Pirates" is at #1 although it's not even available yet! Wow! It's great to see Firefly and Serenity doing so well, they're in very prominent company in the Top 20 of that list!
Hey peeps. I did some research.

Amazon best seller positions for Firefly:

2006: #10
2005: #16
2004: #60
2003: #61
2006: #10
2005: #16
2004: #60
2003: #61

Wow. How many series get higher every year for four consecutive years?
So when do we expect it to make #1?
That's for each year itself, right? Without the accumulative sales from previous years.

Since gossi is doing this. Isn't there an Amazon UK? Are there related lists available there?
Great numbers!! Thanks for sharing! I want a sequel so bad...I hope Universal big wigs will see these numbers and actually think.
Great news, that's really amazing.
Since gossi is doing this. Isn't there an Amazon UK? Are there related lists available there?

Yes there is an Amazon UK. I don't think they do a similar kind of list but right now Firefly is at #908 (when I checked 10 minutes ago, it was at #1295 so I assume one copy was bought). Serenity is at #283.
havok, Disney re-released the Little Mermaid this fall with a huge marketing and Consumer Products push. They did the same last year with Cinderella to ridiculous success and will probably do the same next year with another princess movie. Children's movies tend to make most of their money from DVD release and if a company (like Disney) waits and re-releases their classic movies every ten years there is a whole new batch of kiddie eyeballs for the product.
Firefly seems to be doing great in traditional stores as well. It's everywhere. A couple of weeks ago I noticed the local HMV store had it at #3 on its TV DVD bestseller list, ahead of Lost, season 2 and other recent releases.

I'm trying to figure out who still needs one on my Christmas list.
There's a large focus online on Firefly DVD - for example, you'll see it advertised on this site, on, on etc. If you look at the international Amazon and online sites, it's benchmarking much lower, which is a general indication of sales.

In other words, Firefly is doing well in terms of the online geek community. Companies don't care where their sales from, so it's all good for them.

With regards to if companies notice sales - yes. They have entire departments of people who's sole job is to track these things. Unfortunately, Serenity is nowhere to be seen on the wider scope of things, but it is heartening to see a lot of people are clearly seeing Firefly and Serenity and spreading the word still.

Serenity wasn't a big word of mouth picture at the theatre, but it's certainly where the sales are on DVD. With THAT artwork, you're hardly going to pick up the DVD in a store not knowing anything about it and "OMG!! I MUST SEE THIS!!??~". There's still a lot of online sales, though -- by contrast -- which you have to suspect is due to word'o'the'mouth.

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Amazon would have sold more copies of Serenity if they hadn't limited each person to only five copies. I bought at least five additional copies for friends and family locally after Amazon wouldn't let me order any more. Makes one wonder how much this affected its sales figures (though I realize that most people wouldn't attempt to order more than five :). I also heard that they had a similar cap on Firefly purchases.
It always tugs my heartstrings all out of shape when a big studio claims to have incurred poverty for our sake. Maybe we should make up a sack of canned food to see them through the winter.

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I must agree. I'm really getting up on this 'studio's domain'. What's next? I'm just shaking my head, I don't know.
Just FWIW, Firefly is #304 on as I type, Serenity #251. Given the much smaller fan base in Germany & the fact that Firefly was never aired here, I don't think that's too bad.

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