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November 23 2006

Spider Robinson is a Firefly Fan! Spider Robinson, well-known science fiction writer answers 10 questions in his usual humourous style, including "What's your favourite sci-fi TV show (and why)?"

9. What was your first run-in with the law?

At birth, I was arrested for breaking and exiting. Fortunately, an aunt who was a nymphomaniac grammarian had a word with the judge, and was able to end my sentence with a proposition.

delirium_haze > I was just about to post that as my favorite answer ever.

Joss, you should take notes this guy is clever he might learn a thing or two from him. :)
Eh, I don't know if his answers are truly cleverer than Joss', but that WAS a fun read.

His take on the Sci-Fi shows was funny, but I liked his take on The West Wing, which was original, better than hearing yet another luminary confirm that they thought Firefly was mistreated and brilliant. I'd rather hear a good idea I haven't heard before than someone famous telling me what I already knew. :-)
Spider is always fun to listen to and will talk forever if you let him. We haven't had any discussions about "Firefly" yet, but he and his wife did comment on my "Serenity" button.
Now I'm really thinking I should give BSG another chance. If Spiders favourites are the West Wing and Firefly, he has exactly my taste.

I liked the article, thanks for the link samatwitch.
Groosalug, you should check out BSG. I haven't watched much West Wing, but agree with Spider on all the other counts. If you haven't watched any, just give the mini-series a try. If it doesn't compel, then you've only wasted three hours or so.
Oh, and on the West Wing front: Warren Ellis (comics writer extraordinaire) was a big fan of both The West Wing and Deadwood based on the writing in each. I'm first watched Deadwood due to his recommendations and am now a huge fan, so am guessing that I'd probably really enjoy WW if I spent some time with it.

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I agree with all of Spider's choices: The West Wing, BSG, Heroes and, of course, Firefly. I think maybe it's because, for the most part, the people writing these shows assume they are speaking to an intelligent adult audience.
These American-Canadian SF writers generally have good taste. Charles deLint (who is also a musician!) loves Whedon's works as well.
Wonder what William Gibson thinks of them?
Nice link, Samatwitch.
I keep hearing about this Wheedon fellow.
I actually tried the mini, and the first part of season 1. And I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. I also have the other half of the first season here, so it will be easy to give it another chance.
You all should check out his Callahan series of books. They are a great mix of sci-fi and this little condition we call humanity.
This was a great post! I love Spider Robinson's works, especially the first three Callahan's books and Night of Power.

By the way, I just recently saw the BSG mini-series and wasn't impressed (except by the special effects and cinematography). Does it get better?

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