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April 23 2003

Emma Caulfield sets the record straight on Anya. "The challenge when it comes to Anya is keeping her in check all the time."

"Over a century ago, Anya began casting vengeance spells on men . . . for the next thousand or so years, she continued her work."

Apparently the author doesn't know the difference between a century and a millenium. Still, a good article about one of BtVS' best characters - if only her presence hadn't made NB completely redundant as 'the funny one'.
Now wait...Anya's and Xander's humour in the show is completely different. Anya really took over when Cordelia left for "Angel" -- she speaks her mind, is tactless, and (used to) date Xander. Xander has always been "inappropriately funny but heart-of-gold" man. There is no substituting one for the other.
Anya was Cordy's replacement - not Xander's. Anya became Xander's foil, and his love interest, when Cordy moved on to Angel. Anya has NEVER outshined Xander. Her purpose was to complement him, be a conflict for him, and generally help Xander's character grow. I think both Caulfield and Brendon did well in this area, and I think the writers utilized the characters equally well.

I just don't believe their done.

I've always wished the writers would have explored the idea of Anya discovering or "remembering" that it was the Giles in the other reality who was the catalyst to her present situation. That had Giles never destroyed her power center, she would still be blissfully ignorant and think her evil was inherently a good thing. I would think this'd make Anya wanna do to Giles what Wood would like to do to Spike. The conflict would be intriguing to see explored.

I've always wished the writers would have D'Hoffryn sic one of his other vengeance demon ladies on Anya, and Anya would somehow do to this 'sister' what Giles did to Anya, opening the eyes of another D'Hoffryn follower and make her realize she's been lied to, and by proxy Anya would learn how she was lied to, that all those centuries she thought killing men was making the world a better place but really what she was doing was catering to the whims of a MALE demon.

And I wished the writers would drive home more that Anya is metaphorically like King Midas. She tries so hard to make something better, and her touch somehow taints it. There never really has been anything that's been improved by her presence which wouldn't have done just as well had she not been around. What would a world look like had Anya never existed, or had she never been discovered by D'Hoffryn? What would Anya's realization of that be? There's still so many tales to tell with Anya. It's a shame Emma's walking away now, just when Anya's getting the most interesting.

"I heard Anya screaming from the moment I began playing her, and I more-or-less think she’s still screaming," Caulfield laughs.

Y'know what that means, artistically speaking? If a character is still 'screaming' to the performer's creativity, it means that character is not done telling her story. Caulfield should trust that instinct, rather than just want to "grow up and move on."

Not that I'm bitter. *smirk*
ya know, i love how joss wrote for her in "The Body". The whole scene she had about not understanding death.. was brilliant. She brings me to tears when i see that part. Not only is she representing someone who genuinely doesn't understand death, but she represents how everyone reacts to death deep down. My grandmother died 3 months ago and to this day I continue to not understand it. I "understand" it, but.. i have those misbelieving thoughts. Emma did a wonderful job acting and Joss wrote a wonderful moment...

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