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November 24 2006

"It's simply the best X-book in years". Wizard Magazine gets all gushy about Joss' Astonishing X-Men. And quite right too.

Whilst most of the attention gets focussed on Joss, it was nice to see the following in a recent Silver Bullet Comics review of Astonishing X-Men #18:

Cassaday and Martin are David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar to Whedon's scripts.

Sounds to me like Silver Bullet was getting some digs in on Joss. Maybe they should read that essay from a little while back.
From the Silver Bullets review:

I still don't accept Scott being in command of his previously uncontrollable optic blasts that once depended upon physics not psychics.

No, the optic blasts depended on biology (implausible though it may have been) and so only indirectly on physics. The X-men are mutants which means their powers are all based on genes. Genes are expressed (or not) at certain times and though most are not under control of the brain others may be (at least partly e.g. with the manufacture/release of signal hormones etc.). All we're being asked to believe is that the expression of whatever gene that provides Scott's power has been suppressed by some subconscious psychic implant. Surely not a huge stretch in a world with teleportation, flying humans etc. ?

(and Scott can't command the power - yet, as far as he's concerned it's gone, he's been, in his words, 'declawed')

Also, Cassaday/Martin are both hugely talented and contribute a lot to the success of AXM but 'giving the characters photorealism' ? Really ? Photorealism ? '... that word, I do not think it means what you think it means' ;).

Pretty much agree with the Wizard review (though I can't really compare AXM to previous X runs since i've not read many).
I am confused about one thing. In #13 there was a flashback scene to just before the start of Grant Morrison's run with Cassandra telling Emma to infiltrate the X-Men with a new power she'd give her. But in #18 we're told that Cassandra didn't start controlling Emma until she defeated her at the end of "Imperial". So what was up with that flashback?
I thought Wizard were a bit too kind and Silver Bullets a bit too harsh.

I love AXM.
Yeah, I think that's fair. The truth is somewhere in between.

(I agree with most of what the Wizard review says but the tone is certainly gushy)
I've been reading X-Men, off and on, since the Dark Phoenix arc in Uncanny and Whedon's run is definately one of my favorites.

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