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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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November 24 2006

(SPOILER) Dawn plays "Willow" on L&O: CI. Michelle Trachtenberg plays a character named "Willow" on this Tuesday's Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

The character is based on video blogger "lonelygirl15"...

This looks like a pretty interesting show, no matter who's in it. This is Michelle's second big dramatic turn in recent months, the other being on "House".

Both on the Willow thing and the lonelygirl15 thing. I might actually have to catch this one.
Michelle is playing Lonelygirl15.

This means... SHE IS WONDER WOMAN!
now gossi that doesn't make any sense.

clearly the reason that Michelle is playing Lonelygirl15 is because Lonelygirl15 was too busy filming Wonder Woman.
But if Michelle is Willow, and Willow is Wonder Woman, and Lonelygirl15 is neither lonely nor 15, and Ben is Glory -- *head explodes*
Yes, it does look interesting. I might actually watch it. I miss my Dawnie, looking forward to seeing her again, well, Michelle anyway.
Personally, I'm going to watch for the Wallace Shawn cameo.

Doesn't he have some sort of ties to the verse? No?? Inconceivable!!!
Wallace Shawn was the voice of Rex in "Toy Story," and Joss is credited with the Screenplay, so...
"Dawn plays "Willow"..."

I admit I burst out laughing when I saw the preview and recognized MT as "Willow." No way that was coincidental! But always like to see Jossverse actors working, so, "Go, Michelle!"

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