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November 25 2006

Ask Joss a question for his Fanboy Radio interview. There's a thread over at the Fanboy Radio forum inviting people to post (short) questions for Joss' interview tomorrow.

You have to register at the forum to post there btw.

Thanks, Simon, nice catch. I have registered and posted my (overlong, as per usual) question about Goners.

And nice question, Pointy - if I'd thought of it, it's just exactly what I'd want to know about the Buff-ster...

"In Season 8, will Buffy’s relationship to the newly empowered slayers become disturbingly like the Watchers’ relationship to Buffy in earlier seasons? Will she have to explain to them why their lives have to change simply because someone who didn’t know them or ask them – namely Buffy – decided that she needed young women with superpowers to save the world? Will she be telling them that they can’t simply go on with their normal lives, that they have to take on responsibilities that they didn’t ask for? Will she, in some way, “become the thing she hated?” - Pointy, Fanboy forum
Oh, awesome. I was just thinking today that I wish someone would ask the one question I'm dying for Joss to answer. I can't believe nobody's ever asked him this one (catalyst, you know what I'm talking about). Now's my chance!
Can someone explain how you access/listen to the interview? Is it via the 'Net?
Tonya: click here to listen. Their phone number is (817) 257-7631 if you want to speak to the studio tomorrow.

Can't we just be, you know, "Goners"?

ETA: I'm also refraining from my Goners questions because I'm simply going to bring you to Flanvention through the sheer power of my will and ask you in person. So, instead, this: According to a WHEDONesque report on an audio interview with Summer: "She hints that she and Joss 'may' be working on a little something together." What "little something" would that be?

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I'm just a "fan". We're a strange breed. Collectors items, in fact.
theonetruebix: "Gonerians"? Can't we just be, you know, "Goners"?

I think the beauty of the Gonerian-mind (thus far) is that we can and do each call ourselves (and each other) whatever we want. No need to get all homogeneous.

You, sir, shall be a "Goner" and gossi can be a "fan" and I shall continue as a Gonerian, inhabitant of a small island off the coast of Whedonia.
...we can and do each call ourselves (and each other) whatever we want...

What a dangerous thing to say. ;)
Gee, QuoterGal, I wish I thought of that. Actually, if Buffy does slowly turn into Quentin Travers, I'm sure Giles will straighten her out...or maybe the ghosts of past Slayers who suspect they died because their Watchers weren't exactly looking out for their well-being. That should guarantee a new and improved Slayers Guild (my idea for a name for the world-wide Slayers organization), where Slayers will have enough breathing room to have a normal life, and a job. After all, it's not just one Slayer, it's thousands. That makes sure the work load is spread out.
Thanks, gossi! (just don't know what I'd do without my friends, sometimes)
I'll just be a Gonad. Oh, wait.
theonetruebix"What a dangerous thing to say. ;)"

Gonerians are a gentle and peace-loving culture, much given to the collection of Whedon-lore and the alphabetization of personal likes and dislikes. They wander their shores at night, writing five-word stories, collecting shells and useless super-powers, reading the tarot and crooning small bits of the "Mighty Mouse Theme Song."

Little is known about some of their more arcane rituals, but insiders have been given to understand they may involve the use of decidedly noisy spells and random song titles, and observers have noted a marked tendency of Gonerians to howl and quote Buffy during the full moon.
I don't like Gonerians because it sounds too much like Gonnorhea, and I don't want anybody to think I'm a fan of that.
I have umpteen zillion questions that I would love to ask Joss (the following is just a handful):

1) Back in 2004, Nick Brendon hinted that you were working on a new show that may or may not have had the word "Brothers" in the title. Any clues as to what that was?
2) Was Lorne going to appear in Once More With Feeling?
3) Will you and Bryan Hitch ever write a Spider-Man comic book?
4) Do you think you will ever write a novel or, failing that, an autobiography?
5) What did it feel like to be made into a video game charater?
6) How do you think US television will look in 5 years time.
7) What happened to the Pournelle & Niven idea of magic coming back? I loves me some mad-jeeec.
8) Did you ever manage to sell your golden b!X calf on eBay?
Awesome question, gossi.
The one about the children? Ditto, Harm, I think it's great and I'd love to hear what he'd say...
Simon, are you going to post those questions? Because I really really want Joss to write a novel. That is my chosen poison and if I could read a Joss-penned book, I could die happy.
Now all I have to do is remember to tune in....
I posted a couple of questions. One of which is the novel question :). I've always wondered if Joss would write a book ever since I picked up a second hand copy of Mark Frost's (of Twin Peaks fame) first book a few years back.
QG is obviously a recent convert to the Gonersarianite sect - things were a tad more violent during the lengthy and tortuous password ritual imposed upon us by gossi in a far less welcoming time. Who knows what the latest gossi-imposed isolation will do to our mindsets!

I just hope FbR doesn't look askance at all of the non-comics questions - but, after all, it is a comics site. They could simply zone in on the comics questions, leaving us poor Gonersistic worshippers to twist aimlessly in the wind. Again.
cabri: "Who knows what the latest gossi-imposed isolation will do to our mindsets!"

It's possible we'll resort to cannibalism... :>
Thanks for the link Simon. I asked a couple of questions too.
What I wouldn't give to have lunch with Joss.

Hi Joss, Huge fangirl from Indiana here.
my question is this: Any possibility that the much anticipated Buffy season 8 comic might lead into a Buffy big screen feature?


You once said that you thought with more roles under her belt, Sarah Michelle Gellar might warm up to the idea of doing a Buffy big screen movie, is this something you would still be interested in?
Who knows what the latest gossi-imposed isolation will do to our mindsets!

Have I missed something?
Goners is shut down to registration at the moment.

I started with a comics based question for the interview then subtly moved into other topics.
I started with a comics based question for the interview then subtly moved into other topics.

Smart! I added mine at the end; hopefully my question came early enough they read all the way through. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who's going to do the artwork for the Goners comic! (Though I'm saving that specific question for a later, more Goners-already-released time.)
Oh dear then. I asked a musical theatre question, which will not only be overlooked, but also probably regarded as some kind of cross-breedy, inter-geek-marriage, polluting of the waters etc. I really am a total noob. *awaits stoning*

Hey, there was a Superman musical once, okay? And it was actually written by David Newman and Robert Benton. And it was a colossal flop.

Maybe a better question would have been which comic would make the best Broadway musical. Now there's something to ponder all evening.

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Thanks for the link, Simon! Excellent questions.
I agree, excellent questions! I really like the design of their website, too. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! :-)
Superman: The Musical? By David Newman? You gotta be shittin' me. I'd go.

I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who's going to do the artwork for the Goners comic!

Me! It's all stick ladies and stick llamas (which are hilarious). Best comic ever.
Okay, so I'm listening to the station at the moment, and they have a church thanksgiving service on. However, they've messed up and left a CD from Oasis playing in the background, so you have a church thing going on with rock mixed in.

Yep, I'm bored today.
Can somebody summarize the interview for those of us who are on dial-up and can't listen live? (yes, yes, I know I need to get out of the dark ages!)
Will do, twaddle1, assuming I get the time of the interview right. I think it's midnight in UK land. Hopefully.
...assuming I get the time of the interview right.

You'll just have to keep listening all day to make sure.
Yep, I'm bored today.

You must be. Joss' interview doesn't start for another 5 and a bit hours. I gather the interview will be available for download afterwards.
Looks like you have to pay for the download, Simon. Only 75 cents, though.
The link doesn't work for me. It automatically wants to open in my VLC player, and when I do that, VLC crashes. I tried copy/pasting in my itunes, but it didn't do anything. Help? Oh, I'm a Mac.

Also, what time is the interview?
Unfortunately, I believe the FanBoy site said you must have access to a Windows Media player to hear the interview. It's at 6 p.m. Central Time, U.S. :(
Oh, I was just listening in to see what they play, Simon. That, and I'm bored.

And, yeah, they use Windows Media.
And, yeah, they use Windows Media.

That's because they're fanboys, not geeks.
Real Player works too.
theonetruebix - Boom boom!
FYI, if anybody wants to listen to the archived show after it's done without paying, they operate a MySpace page with the shows available for listening here:

Yep, I just wrote a post with "FYI" in it. Shoot me, stuff me, mount me.
I subscribed to the podcast via iTunes. That will work too, correct.

gossi, you are always mounted.
QuoterGal: It's possible we'll resort to cannibalism... :>

I'm not hanging out with YOU anymore, QG. ;)
I suppose I better do a new thread for this shortly.
I was going to suggest that, as it happens Simon. Maybe with a link to the online stream.

I believe Joss is on for an hour. I think. They've already got about 12 days worth of questions from listeners.

Looking forward to this as, well, it's not a typical one hour press junket.
Right that's the new thread up now. Good luck to those who submitted questions.

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