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November 25 2006

(SPOILER) Coming Attractions at USA Today: Tim Minear's 'Drive'. "I shot Hell in Los Angeles for several years, and we put horses in space... This one should be a cinch."

It's surprising, I know little to nothing about this series, but I really want to see it. Maybe it's Joss's praise, or maybe it's the collective anticipation here on Whedonesque that I see whenever the show is discussed.

The only thing that might be better is to set it in the 1820s with horses instead of cars... in space.
Anyone know if Nick Lea is still set to be in this?

I miss my Krycek.
roadrunner, there have been rumors this week that Lea's role may be being recast. It hasn't been confirmed though.

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I think it's fairly certain to say, unfortunately, Nick's role is being recast. They're going to rejig some elements of the show, but it's set for production.
I'm really cringing at the It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World reference in that written sound byte for the show, even though I know these things are written to be attention grabbers. The above film is only meaningful if you were a kid in the 60s who enjoyed potboiler slapstick, and the lingering image of Jimmy Durante actually kicking a bucket as he "kicked the bucket," or Dick Shawn sobbing for his mommy, Ethel Merman (which I did). The only thing it has in common with Drive is cars and a race. And that's highly tangential.

I'm so glad this show is being produced. Things were looking pretty dicey for a few months there. Now I can't wait for March to come.
Count me as excited and eagerly awaiting. And TonyaJ, the Mad...World reference went whooshing over my head, so I agree completely - arcane reference not likely to bring a whole lot of heat. (At least I'm hoping it's arcane and that I'm not a culturally deprived moron.) :)
It's not arcane, onthedrift, it was a big commercial movie in its time. And I just went on IMDb to see if I could have actually seen it in the theater, as I seemed to remember, and it turns out that though it was originally released before I was born there was a re-release when I was six or seven so I might have. There were a number of other road rally movies with all-star casts, too. I don't remember any of them very clearly but the part of Drive I saw was, though much better than what I remember, vaguely similar. I think it's partly an homage.
not so excited about this now that Nick Lea will not be in the series WISH I could see the pilot
He was in one short scene, and then we just hear his voice on the phone at the end.
After Firefly, Wonderfalls and The Inside I'm pretty much all a-quiver about anything Tim Minear does. Just hope the first 13 epidodes wrap everything up nicely. (Pessismistic? Who, me? No, really . . . .)

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