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November 26 2006

The Chosen Collection for Under $96! Just in time for the holidays, get The Chosen Collection for $95.90 at after $20 off using Google Checkout. already has a decent price for the box set, $113, plus only $2.90 shipping, or $115.90 total (plus sales tax for shipping to CA, MD, MA, or TN), but right now, Google Checkout has a $10 off $30 promotion at selected stores, and has bumped it up to $20 off $50. So you can potentially get the set for $95.90! Of course it says that it'll ship in 1 to 2 weeks, so it's a delayed gratification, but at these prices...

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Okay, can someone hop in their TARDIS and tell me this about a month ago, before I paid $175 for it on Amazon? Rawr.
" ships within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii only. At this time we are unable to process International shipments and orders going to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands."

It was too good to be true anyway...
That's an incredible price. I already have both series, of course.
I posted this on the flickr annex a day or two ago.
I can't believe they don't ship internationally :S
What is customer satisfaction, reputation like?
Note: Google Checkout does not support all countries anyway (that means Canada)

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demon magnet: I've used a few times, with no troubles. In fact, I bought a copy of Angel: The Curse from them just a month ago. I haven't had occasion to contact their customer service people, so I couldn't tell you about their performance; it's likely a call center in India.

The nice thing about is that they take Amazon's prices, and then cut them by 10% (on books, at least).

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I grabbed the set... I already have all of Buffy on DVD, but I'm always up for downsizing and freeing up more shelf space :)
Try to remember to check out DeepDiscount before you order something on Amazon, their prices are often lower.

I got my Chosen collection from DD last year and it was about $50 cheaper than at Amazon.
In the Netherlands they sell the Angel-boxset for 99 euros and the Buffy-boxset for 119 euros at Mediamarkt.

Too bad I'm spending all of my money on the Nintendo Wii and Zelda when it releases here in Europe early Decembre.
I missed out on the DD sale earlier this year, so this posting is the best thing to happen since OMWF. I just placed an order, and the google sign-up was free and easy. When it arrives (shipping was 4.50 for 4-5 days ground) I'll leave more feedback as to how it turned out.
Omg you just made my year!! Bought my copy!!
"Okay, can someone hop in their TARDIS and tell me this about a month ago, before I paid $175 for it on Amazon? Rawr."

I got mine the old fashioned season at a time for both shows, but they were bargains at the time. Anywho, the Chosen collection for less than a hundred bucks is a great price, especially with the 10th anniversary next March.
So when does Angel get the Shanshu collection. plus bonus disc?
Your move, Fox Video.
What I'm really waiting for is "Once More With Feeling" on HD-DVD.
Hopefully within this decade, but not holding my breath.
If they ever get smart and make HD DVD players that accept both major formats, that's when we'll have HD box sets.
I thought the Chosen Collection was a limited release thing. Isn't that why the after-market price shot up to $250 last year when the stores ran out? If this is a re-issue, are there any differences between this and the original limited version?

That's definitely a good price. I'm just not sure I'd be willing to trust the Google checkout thing. We're talking about an advertising company who has no previous experience in running a consumer payment service and who releases more perpetual-beta products than supported products. Not exactly a confidence-inspiring track record thus far.
My order still hasn't shipped, so I visited the site to see if they still listed it in stock. They do, and now the price has jumped back up to 169.99! Thank god for Whedonesque letting us in on this great deal when it happened!
....and now my order says "On Order" which sounds fishy, since the item page lists it for 173.99 and says it's in stock...hmmm I think I'm getting the shaft.
I have a friend who is having the same problem - "On Order" but not shipped. I hope this gets cleared up soon.

I've ordered from them in the past with no problems, but not a big dollar item like this. :(
Yeah, and I've contacted them 5 times and still no response from there customer service.
My friend is getting the run-around from their customer service, too. She thinks they are trying to get her to cancel the order and re-order at the higher price.
I came to the same conclusion after 6 attempts to contact them, and a failed phone call. I even contacted google checkout who said they would look into it. Days later, I got fed up, fired a profanity laced email to their customer service and cancelled the order....

And they told me it would take 7-10 buisness days to complete the cancellation. Hah! What BS! It also said that at anytime during the cancellation process my order could ship...Which it did, apparently, 3 days ago. I've been told I can keep it or return it for a full refund. I'll keep it of course, but be assured I will never purchase anything from again...

The set is scheduled to arrive at my house on the 11th per the UPS tracking number I was given. I'll post again once this occurs to let you know the final deal....

I joked with my wife that they are probably just sending me each season seperately, not the box set....At this point I won't be surprised.....
It arrived yesterday evening, and while the set totally reeks of awesomeness, I don't think I'll ever be using again.....
I'm the friend of brownishcoat that ordered the Buffy set (I've just been able to join Whedonesque - glad they opened registration!), and FWIW, I did finally get the set, and at the price originally advertised, but I will NEVER use Google Checkout again. Not sure I'll buy from either...

P.S. I'm a relative newcomer to the Verse - only now catching up on Buffy and Angel and only saw Firefly and Serenity (and bought them) this year. SO glad I got wise!
I, too, am new to this site as a member, but I saw the original posting for the low price on Chosen. It took three emails to (the last one being pretty harsh) to get a response, but my set arrived, and I love it!

We did order other items from using Google checkout for the holidays, and one order came fine. The other we had to get on for it, too, but it arrived--twice.

Thanks for the original post thiscloud! It's the only way I could have purchased the set this year!

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