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November 26 2006

Joss Whedon interview on Fanboy Radio. The show kicks off today (i.e. Sunday) at 6pm Central Time. Listen to it live here.

They are playing the Buffy theme at the moment. Cute!
And an entire hour of Whedon-related music.
Oh dear God. Did that female announcer say JOSH Whedon??

Haha, they have an hour of Joss Whedon talk and music before he joins. Great stuff. The presenter thinks he is his alter ego Josh, though.
Fangirls? JOSH Whedon. Kill me.
I think one of them has realised..
Somebody call her up ... NOW!
ROFL...Why didn't he tell us he changed his name?
Somebody call her up ... NOW!

You know, I actually debated about doing that. But then decided I'm not THAT sad. Not yet.
If they are fangirls, do they know we're talking about them RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

Oooh, Firefly theme.
I like this already. "Burn the land and boil the can't take the sky from me..."
You know, here's a question you can chew on before JoshJoss comes on since the musical is playing.

In the guide to The Chosen, Joss lists his favorite episodes. I was very surprised to find that OMWF is not among them. I would think it would have been right up there.

(Just started rewatching the collection from Season 2 on)
If they are fangirls, do they know we're talking about them RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

Yes, they have CCTV cameras in all our PCs. They totally stole that idea from Joss, though.

Is the stream breaking for anybody else? The interview hasn't even started yet!
He chose episode thats he didn't write/direct.
I predict this will be Whedonesque's biggest topic.
Ah, thanks hitnrun - still, I think it's a crowning achievement for him.
I love this song! One of my favorite Buffy and Faith moments.

No Problem Tonya.
Ah, this is bringing back So. Many. Memories.
It really is. Which is weird considering I and probably lots of others here watch a couple episodes daily on dvd.

And did anyone notice that they turned the song after it said a 'naughty' word?
I gotta say - I'm enjoying reading what you guys are all saying about the pre-show! Keep it up, please??? :-)

Stay awake gossi! You're almost there!!!
Yeah, the radio station is a Christian university station, so I doubt they want to be broadcasting the naughty words.
whedonesque could use a chat room feature right about now. :)
Ok, I didn't know that. Now I do. Thanks!
There's the entirely unofficial #whedonesque on EFnet.
Whee! Cibo Matto! Just watched that episode earlier today.
There's the entirely unofficial #whedonesque on EFnet.

But there's this scary guy in there.
Love this one....
I love the Cibo Matto song. There something so eery about it.

[ edited by hitnrun017 on 2006-11-27 01:34 ]
Is anyone else having trouble connecting?
Nop, what's exactly the problem?
Why don't I have any of these cd's(although I do have OMWF)?????? Which one should I get first ...any suggestions?
Nope, my connection's good -- WMP on a Mac via wireless...

I'm at the ready...

ETA: BlindHawkeyes, maybe it's something folks here can help with...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-11-27 01:39 ]
Both of the Soundtracks are great. But I think the UK version of Radio Sunnydale is the best.

[ edited by hitnrun017 on 2006-11-27 01:37 ]
jenofthejungle - there's two Buffy soundtrack CDs, I think. They're both full of goodness.
The stream seems to be already overpopulated! get of the damn stream now... I want to listen to it too, and I stayed up really late, just to be able to listen to josh (aeh joss)!!!
hope anyone will transcribe the one hour josh(aeh, joss)-goodness.
test test microphone ... test. Is Josh Whedon on? Hoo-boy.

STOP IT STOP IIIIIIIIIIT - for the Love of God.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-11-27 01:41 ]
(bookworm, I'll transcribe at least a portion of it... within the next day or so...)
Ugh! It's bugging me a lot! Joss better set them on the right track when he arrives.
Resisting the urge to phone them and tell them the guys name. Really, I'm not sad. I think. Twitches.
Then they play a song from the movie "Buffy" - do they want him to call in or not.... I mean that might scare him off.
I sent Scott an email asking for permission to rebroadcast the interview on Firefly Talk, so if anyone can't get on the stream tonight, hopefully we'll be getting permission for that.
I love this one
I think one of them is pronouncing it right but other one is not.
Who's the little fear demon?....mwwwaaaahhhh!
This is exactly like listening to my iPod.
What, no music from Alien: Resurrection?
quotergal, if I wouldn't have adored you before, now would be the time to start the quotergal-worship, including a shrine of reasonable size (everything has to be kept in proportion to the other ones...), candle-lighting every day, and including you in my nightly prayers...
(I think whedonesque servers are getting a little slammed...)
Yeah, Eric. Hope they agree.
As long as Scott pronounces his name right, it is all good.
*blushes* Shucks...
What, no music from Alien: Resurrection?

I'll sing it for you, gossi...

ETA: *waves at Lioness and onetruebix, too...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-11-27 01:52 ]
Nevermind, got it with WMP for Mac. Thanks guys!
The theme tune to Alien: Resurrection:

Aliens! Aliens!
Creepy Human Alien!
That Makes Cat Noises!
Gooey Alien Worst SFX ever!
Sucked out of spaceship!
Oh fun, I tuned in ten minutes early to be sure it was working, and Buffy starts singing 'Give Me Something To Sing About!'. What fun! I hope Josh Joss has something more interesting things to talk about than the lame questions I've seen posted so far (not that I had any good ones to suggest).
I cannot believe this thread has fifty-four posts already.
I love the minor chords in this song. Hi QG!
Gosh, this is such a great song. I'm so glad SMG decided to sing it herself, wouldn't have had half the effect with dubbing. :)
maybe she has a speech impediment???
By the way, is anyone else recording this? If I do get permission to air it on the podcast, it'd be nice to know I have a backup if "something happens" to my connection.
Which episode is this one from???
Amazing song gossi. I got all teary eyed.

OOOO! PAIN! Me loves this song.
God, I love the song "Pain" -- it's my "driving song"...
Gee, this is turning into quite the party! ::goes to cook some Ghiradelli brownies for all::
Is this Oz's band
Not recording it -- gonna download mp3 from iTunes or Fanboy...
(oops, there went the "f___")
Yup, "Dingos"...
Wow. This reminds me of that Whedon for Kerry event and everyone was trying to find out if he (Joss not the Democratic nominee) was going to do the X-Men 3 movie. Whedonesque's finest moment TM.
Yes I'm recording it just in case something happens on their end, it's been known to happen.
erico, also presuming I have no connection drops, I'll have it.
Thanks, QG -smack.
Yes, today we're trying to find out if Joss is doing... uhm. I don't know. A book! That's it.

This actually reminds me of the New Year 2006 topic, where we all argued about The Matrix and then Joss came online and posted at insane-o hour, and I felt slightly more cool as a result.
And whether Buffy committed suicide. Joss set us straight on that too. yes sir! Good times.
Hey!!?? Lift-off?
Oh Spike. Be still my heart.
It's past 6! Come on, come on!!
(This is also like some "live-blogging" we did recently on here for Serenity HBO broadcast, and Angel & Buffy at end of WB...)

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ok, I love the Firefly theme but I can listen it anytime.
(Don't never get tired of this song...)
Music yes, good, fun, but but.... JOSS!
Wow busy thread... are we trying for a new record?
Anyway, working on my nanowrimo story, soon listening to a cool interview... I love the invention of the net.
I do like the Dandy Warhols. I remember buying this single.
This is such a tease. I thought for sure the Firefly theme was going to be Joss's intro since they played it earlier too. :(
OK, when was *this* song on Buffy?
How long before they announce that Joss can't call into the show because his fans have jammed the studio's phonelines?
We're placing bets that Joss can't get through due to fellow fans jamming the phone lines. :o)
*holds up lit lighter and cell-phone*
Episode 11 Season 5, Triangle. When Spike and Xander are talking to Olaf.

I wonder if we could sponsor a radio show.
Thanks, hitnrun017!
*patiently waits for Joss*
Joss! Hurry! If you talk about him all the time, how come you say his name wrong?

I have my "Joss Whedon is My Master Now" shirt on. Hee Hee, they're talking about us.

[ edited by Harmalicious on 2006-11-27 02:10 ]
Woo, WHEDONesque shoutout!
So who is calling?
We are an invasion!

Yeh! Goners!

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-11-27 02:11 ]
You'd be amazed how many people think his name is Josh Whedon.
Heh, I was thinking the same thing, Harmalicious.

And a Whedonesque shout-out.
Hey! We got mentioned! We rule!
jenofthejungle: Maybe she has a speech impediment???

Maybe. Seems to only kick in when she says 'Joss'. ;)
Yes, I would care for him. I would feed him. I would not bathe him. Not my job, plus Kai would kill me.
Simon how about doing a whedonesque podcast?
Hey, they've mentioned us half a dozen times already!
Ack, ack, "Gonerians". Heh.
I ain't calling. I will sound like a complete idiot. I would give him smelly good soap though :)
*Hee-hee, Gonerians... accepts full responsibility*
He could have our spare room...
So is "Gonerians" now official?
What is so appealing about Joss's work? Is he kidding? Joss is brilliant.
Buffy the Watcher, lol.
Simon how about doing a whedonesque podcast?

I've been told I have a wonderful Northern Irish accent.
I'm actually finding this killing-time discussion interesting :)
I know, Joss can just come to this thread, and we'll call in his answers to the show.
Simon is now our podcast mod. I'll do a series on Harmony. Idiot or Just Misunderstood? We'll discuss.
I think there's no need for an official, name, but then, I lean towards a healthy anarchism...
Killtime! Killtime! Killtime!

They're doing quite well with it.
Woo Hoo he's there.

I feel like an school girl right now
"Not an intimidating feminist." Well, that's a relief. Not an Amazonian Maude, then.
"Remembrance of Wonder Woman Past"!!!
WW has to become more human before she becomes a superhero. Hmm.
"And then there's Wonder Woman..."
"Of course we've cast the parts I haven't even written"...

Wonderful man.
...a modern story...

... gotta have the bracelets & the lasso...

Haha. I was having a laughing fit when he said that.
He's still writing it Wonder Woman, OMG when will it come out in 2010.

Color me sarcastic.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-11-27 02:32 ]
Script is a hard work

[ edited by Este on 2006-11-27 02:27 ]
Even though I'm not a huge fan of Riley, it would be kind of cool to see him and Sam in Season 8.
likeadeuce is a girl!

ETA: meant emphatically and in agreement, not in surprise. We knew this from the AX-Men essay thread a while back...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-11-27 03:24 ]
Serenity merchandising!!!

ETA: Darn, thought this was going another way...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-11-27 02:31 ]
"Vote Rebulician", what was he afraid Adam Baldwin was going to write a Jayne novel.
No more novelizations of Serenity.
Well that was an honest answer about why there aren't any Serenity novels.
Tonya J question!

(FWIW, I've never before heard Joss say he wasn't interested in Serenity movels, until just now.)
Yes, I love the funny tricks. Thanks Joss. I had to ask but I do realize that life is fluid and organic.
Funny Trick = Kill.....wah!
Awww Amy Acker's kids and Joss's.
No Serenity without the actors.
Awww, Amy Acker's kiddies.

I think we need "Buffy Babies". :)
Yes, Joss, do a Firefly/Serenity radio play. I was just thinking of that idea last week.
Shepherd Book is not a virgin! What!?!
Right with there bix > I have thought about that for a long time and even mentioned it to Joss last year.
Straight to DVD!!!
I missed Amy Acker. What about her and her kids?
HEHEHE, Joss Whedon does YouTube! Joss mentioning Battlestar Galactica... *fangirls*
Yes, online shows/movies!!
His kids had a playdate with hers -- that's why he was late.
And hey, in radio, you just need two coconuts to have horses.
Lioness, he was having a playdate with her kids...his kids were.
Lioness- Joss was late because his kid was having a play date with Amy Acker's.
... Except for "Hole in the World"...
mmm video podcast-like
Awww, give it up for the Gunn love.
Marvel/Verse Crossover... That'd be kick-ass
Phooey. "I didn't want to kill anybody." Hah!

"I don't beleive in a just and all-knowing dinosaur."
Ha - I knew it. He hated Alan!!!!
He doesn't believe in a just and all-knowing dinosaur? Joss, you have broken my heart!
"A just and all knowing dinosaur." That may be one of the funniest of the funny. And so true.
So many big and huge fans... as a petite fan, I feel inferior.
Captain America/Jenny Sparks crossover. Oh how cool would that be!
Goners talk!!! Oh, dark underbelly of human society. I love Joss.
Goners! It brewed in him. Supernatural thriller. No idea when it will happen. (Do we chew up every piece of info?)
Mia sees the underbelly of Society in a mystical way. A story about human connections - but mystically!
(Do we chew up every piece of info?)

Mystical underbelly... coooooool
Oh, Dude -- Mia mystically sees the underbelly of human society -- Mia goes through a kindof hell, and we have fun in the process...

(Damn, he's right about the "torture-porn.")

I'll bet that's it for Goners today...
I am going to have to pick up some comics...
*sniffle* Someone PLEASE post a link to the transcript of this interview when you all get a chance! I am having computer issues and can't listen and it sounds like so. much. fun!
I'll bet that's it for Goners today...

It's enough to chew over thoroughly, tho. ;)
I'll post it in "Pimp your stuff" at

(But you can download the mp3 very soon at iTunes and/or Fanboy, I think...)
He read our questions before hand!
I assumed it was his anima...
Ahhh. I love Joss.
Fantastic question... "Who was her?" Even better answer.
Well, joining you guys here, because despite all my begging and pleading, I couldn't get the stream to start -- something about a plug in -- QuoterGal, erico and Fanboy mp3 downloads, I'm relying on all of you to transcribe, rebroadcast and download for me later, because I'm cryin' at the moment (in a manly way). Joss's kids and Amy's had a playdate? That rocks. Just and all-knowing dinosaur? Must. Know. More.!!!
Wow. Joss is Buffy. Whodathunkit?

Does that mean Joss is Glory? Or is that Ben?
In "gestalt therapy" -- Joss is all of 'em.

(Sorry, billz, we won't let you down. And gossi that's your kid question...)
His tiny children are inexplicably adorable! And he works best when they are asleep. He loves writing and would prefer to do that more than anything - except be with his kids.But being a real person with a family and kids has cut into his writing time.
He's talking about horror movies he likes. He adores John Carpenter movies.
The Thing and Halloween make up two of my three favorite horror films of all time (the other being The Exorcist). Go Joss with good taste.

And The Descent is fantastic as well.
NOOO! It's over!
Post them on Whedonesque...PLEASE!
He's signing off...
Okay, was he kidding about Event Horizon ('cause I've always liked it)? Awww, too short, too short.

ETA: Wonder if Sam Neill will write him an angry letter ... What? You wanted the T-Rex to decapitate me?

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-11-27 03:02 ]
You can hear them still talking behind the commercials
NO! CRAP! I wish i could listen all night.
This must be one of the fastest-growing Whedonesque threads ever... And we got a mention! What about that! :D
Oh, yeah. That was cool. (Hope he does post something tonight on here, but maybe that's too greedy...)

billz, I'll try and get on it -- gotta explore finding the mp3.
That was no where near long enough. WAH!
So Simon how much do you guys owe them for all that publicity?

Now I go smoke a cig and then come back to rewind and transcribe the Goners bits. Heh.
Fifty HOURS wouldn't be long enough.
Whedonesque servers held up well -- thanks, Caroline.

See all y'all...
Gonerians.....ick. I am with ESG on that one. *shakes fist at QG*
I feel fairly bad about now, you know. Joss' comments about saturation with comments is valid. Woops.

And, by the way - the guy who did The Descent? I'm pretty certain I've heard him say he's a Buffy fan. He's a really intelligent person, and a film maker to watch.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-11-27 03:08 ]
Ah, I kind of thought I should have seen The Descent. When's the DVD coming out?
Night folks. Worth staying up for, but I have work in six hours' time. That was so cool. Thanks, Caroline and Simon!

Nice to hear so many WHEDONesque plugs too. We ROCK!
How cool was that - I got to hear that live on the other side of the world! The wonders of the interweb!
Dinosaur Bless Us All, Every One. Looking forward to links to transcribey things, kind Whedonesquers (I <3 QG, I hope her partner won't mind!), and thanks for the previews here! :-)
QG, you took my quip and ran with it, girl. This needs a t-shirt:

"And then there's Wonder Woman..."
billz, I'll mention on the next Firefly Talk whether we get permission to air any or all of the interview. If we don't get permission, I'll have us read off some quotes of the Firefly/Serenity parts at least.
I could listen to Joss talk all night, that was too short.
Damn I wish they had asked about the possibility of a Buffy Feature....I am dying to know what he thinks about that. In the time of Spidey, Superman, The Hulk and Wonder Woman, where the heck is Buffy? She could kick all their butts.
Goners sounds really interesting and Wonder Woman will no doubt be a hit, that was such a nice treat to start the week off. Just amazing. :)
I got to hear only the last few minutes, but even that was worth it. (Somebody please post a transcript.) So cool to hear him in real time.
I <3 erico & Firefly Talk too (in a very manly way). Thanks, dude! :-)
onetruebix, I think there might be some delay in getting the mp3 from iTunes or Fanboy -- I can't see any sign of it, yet -- any chance we could talk offline about me getting it so I can transcribe for those unable to hear it? I want to do it right away so they can get into it.

(And seriously folks, I think "Gonerians" is just funny, and that's why I use it...)
And, by the way - the guy who did The Descent? I'm pretty certain I've heard him say he's a Buffy fan. He's a really intelligent person, and a film maker to watch.

Oh, I saw so many homages to Buffy in that film, it's not even funny. I swore The Descent was influenced by Buffy, but I don't think my friends agreed with me.
That was great! I could've listened for hours. Of course, I didn't understand the X-men stuff but I'm so glad I listened in. There was so much to take in, I may have missed a lot just cause I was smiling. (someone asked about Riley *grins*)

Anyone ever notice how mild-mannered Joss Whedon and Stephen King sound when they're talking? Yet they write the most amazing things.
I tried to write it all down but fell way behind...I have bits and pieces but nothing that would match a transcript.
Goners is a film that also brewed in me for a few years, and then after I finished filming Serenity, I just up and wrote it, becase I've been wanitng to for so long. It's a supernatural thriller.

There's not much I'm gonna say about it, because I have no idea when it'll happen, and every piece of information will get chewed over so thoroughly that I'm afraid if I talk about it at all, by the time the movie actually comes out people will be tired of it.

It's about a girl named Mia, people know that, who sort of sees in a mystical way the underbelly of the city and of human society, and goes through a kind of extraordinary hell, and we all have a lot of fun in the process.

It's very much the kind of fiction that I tell. That is to say, I love this character and I've been seeing a lot of horror movies that are torture-porn, where kids we don't care about are mutilated for hours, and I just cannot abide them.

This is much more a story about -- literally about human connection and whether or not it's possible.

But it's told on a very mystical scale and, in a way like everything I've tried to do including Buffy, it's an antidote to that very kind of film, the horror movie with the expendable human beings in it. Because I don't believe any human beings are.

Beautiful sentiment, that.
Dang, good job theonetruebix!
Nice, onetruebix. Is the whole file huge?
Quoter, I just sent you email.
Thanks and good job. That's part of what I didn't catch.
Thanks, onetruebix. I love the way Joss's humanity shines through in what he creates.
Btw, I was able to use flip4mac, a mac program that turns quicktime into wmp, but It only downloaded 7 min clips at a time so I missed big chunks of the interview because I was minutes behind.

Now I'm going to scroll up the thread here to see if Joss answered my question.

ETA: And I guess it wasn't. Oh, well, I'll have to try harder at stalking him so I can get the answer.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2006-11-27 03:47 ]
Too much live excitement tonight. Joss's interview ends just as the Hollywood Christmas Parade starts up. About 25 minutes in, there's David Boreanaz with his wife and son.
And I've ripped off Bix's transcript and put it on the Goners blog. And also trimmed the Goners blog down so there's less potential misinformation. (Frets).
Thanks, onetruebix, you are a Prince among Bixes.

Folks wanting a transcript, check back on this thread periodically -- I will post a link. I'll only do a bit tonight, as I am going to make dinner for my neglected, patient and hungry partner.

Sorry, ESG, I don't think there was any Fray-mention. And gossi, quit fretting, I don't think there's any harm and plenty good about the Goners forum... we'll just keep on keepin' on making up crap and alphabetizing useless superpowers. I don't think interest in a totally original and completely fascinating Joss-project is going to peak and die. I appreciate that Joss doesn't want us to chew everything to death, but imo, the existence of the forum isn't gonna do anything but help maintain interest over what promises to be a substantial wait...

(And, hey dl, you've got the parade practically in your lap, huh?)
And, hey dl, you've got the parade practically in your lap, huh?
Yeah, it's cool because I can watch on TV, and since the cameras are a couple of blocks up the parade route, I have time to go down to the corner and cheer for something especially good, like DB and family. Now I want for Joss to be in the parade next year with his family so I can see his kids, too ;)
dreamlogic, you must be practically a neighbor of mine :) I was thinking of stepping outside to see the parade, but I'm lazy, so it's the TV for me.
Well I missed all that.... mp3 or transcript please someone!
I was lazy, too, Lady Brick, until DB showed up. And then there was just Edward James Olmos, so I had to go back down to the corner.

Adama! Adama! Adama!
I knew Olmos was going to be in the parade, but I came closest to heading out when I saw Justin Hartley. I was just too lazy to change out of my nice warm pajama pants, though.
QuoterGal, I think Fray was mentioned in the Wonder Woman segment as an example of a solo canon, instead of a team like Joss normally writes.

Do you have a transcript yet of what he said about directing Angel vs Buffy?

BTW - Anyone else catch that he mentioned Steve Trevor?
Ravenu, I won't be putting anything up 'til later tonight, and I'll post it here when I do...
He did mention Steve Trevor as one of the people around Wonder Woman.
It's very much the kind of fiction that I tell. That is to say, I love this character and I've been seeing a lot of horror movies that are torture-porn, where kids we don't care about are mutilated for hours, and I just cannot abide them.

This is much more a story about -- literally about human connection and whether or not it's possible.

But it's told on a very mystical scale and, in a way like everything I've tried to do including Buffy, it's an antidote to that very kind of film, the horror movie with the expendable human beings in it. Because I don't believe any human beings are.

First of all, I salute you, theonetrueb!x, sir, for your mad transcribing skills! (And you, QG, I know your mad skills will also be, er, mad -- just take your time, yo!) :-)

The main thing about this quote is, this is why Joss so rocks. This is exactly what I'm always moaning about with films like Saw and Turistas and so on -- torture for the sake of torture, and the characters are just screaming bleeding meat slabs, valueless as humans, yuck. I loves me some Joss, no doubt! :-)
Oddly, the most intriguing thing to me is a Whedonesque podcast. I'd love to interview Simon. If there weren't an ocean and technology that confuses me in the way.
I do like the sound of a podcast. It wouldn't have to be a full hour - Simon could pick one topic each week to cover and afterwards do a weekly wrap-up of shenanigans on the main board. 15 minutes each, and you've got yourself a full half-hour! :D
FYI, Megan of KTCU has a comment that I gather she had issues getting posted here earlier. Since it was meant for here, I'll put it below, in addition to the link to the original.

Ok, a comment I couldnt post on

Hey yall, this is Megan from the Blender and Fanboy. Im sorry yall are pissed about me mispronouncing Joss's name, I have a problem where I slur my words when I talk really fast or get excited. And this was one of those times. Joss became Josh apparently. I didnt even hear myself say it till I read the boards. Sorry ok? I got really excited and just started babbling. I AM a huge fan; I DO know his name is Joss. Blame it on a speech prob and being over excited.

Thanks to everyone that posted and listened in. Im glad yall liked the theme show despite the mishap with the name. Hopefully we will get Joss back on the show and get to discuss more about runaways (cant wait to read his take on it) and Fray. I know we all would have loved to do a longer show."

PS- Scott was wrong, I do adore Joss, but I would not bath him as he said. Im a fangirl, not a stalker!!!

Also, if you liked the music show before Fanboy, that was The Blender, the music show Im on every Sunday. You can get a list of the Buffy songs we played as well as a list for everyone wonderful show we've had this semester. We play a new theme every week, next week is Hanukkah themed. Because two hot Jewish chicks run the Blender. Yes, Im Jewish. Oy Vey!!!

(Of course, it's immediately followed by someone else who felt that insulting WHEDONesquers was the proper way to defend Megan, who herself seems to have handled the issue just fine on her own without such "help").

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-11-27 07:02 ]
Aw,'s all good. We all have stupid things our bodies do when we get, I get beet red. ALL OVER. Thanks so much for bringing Joss to us. It was awesome even though he didn't answer my question :)
Scott has given me the okay to rebroadcast the interview on Firefly Talk, and I may bump our current Summer Q&A to put it in our next episode, which is coming out hopefully before the 1st.

For those wanting to download the Fanboy mp3 itself, Scott said it'll be up sometime tomorrow.

[ edited by erico on 2006-11-27 08:02 ]
I want to know if Joss is still into Veronica Mars.
Actually the Fanboy mp3 has been available for several hours.
Thanks, all, for the info. They want $.75 on their website, which is kind of a messed-up thing IMO (it's not high enough to pay for any expenses I can figure out, so why are they asking anything at all?), so I'm looking forward to Firefly Talk, and of course to the transcripts! :-)
What's the record for most comments in a single thread?
They charge if you want it ASAP, I think. Then laterish it shows up on their podcast anyway.
Hey yall, this is Megan from the Blender and Fanboy. Im sorry yall are pissed about me mispronouncing Joss's name, I have a problem where I slur my words when I talk really fast or get excited. And this was one of those times. Joss became Josh apparently. I didnt even hear myself say it till I read the boards. Sorry ok? I got really excited and just started babbling. I AM a huge fan; I DO know his name is Joss. Blame it on a speech prob and being over excited.

It happens to me as well Megan. I like Fanboy Radio, they shiny.

What's the record for most comments in a single thread?

I think the Serenity screenings may have had more comments.
Well, I didn't mind if they accidentally mispronounce Joss' name because they got it right later. I just hoped to keep up with the other comic book references they talked about during the show. I did like that comment Joss made about horror movies that consider people as expendible, as in "Saw". I prefer horror flicks where it's an even battle between the monsters and the humans. Seeing some guy think up of different ways to kill someone isn't fun at all.
We should give fanboy radio an award for inciting this mass comment hysteria.
Ooooh! Thanks for the podcast tip, b!x! :-)
Wow, a whole lot of comments in here :)

What's the record for most comments in a single thread?

I think this is the most comments for any thread. Don't remember any other thread getting to 400.... (shows what I know)

EDIT 'cause I clearly shouldn't post just after I've gotten up when I'm already late. Oh well, can't be right all the time :)

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Cool, so is that current king of the hill ? The 'snub-athon' was the longest i've been in (screening/sequel announcements were pre-me).

Totally forgot this was on so am very eagerly awaiting podcasts, iTunes sales (assuming it'll be international, which they usually aren't) and extremely generous transcription offers. Y'all do that thing ... gimme a minute ... it's not rolling ... nope, s'gone ;).

(and Joss liked 'The Descent' ? Cool. Pimped it big style on here before realising it wasn't even out in the US until a few months ago :). I wonder which ending he saw since the US release was apparently slightly different to the UK one. Totally with him re: torture horror too. Haven't/won't watch 'Hostel' or the 'Saw' sequels because of the sort of buttons they seem to be trying to press)
Downloaded from the website, thanks for the info all. $0.75 seems very little to pay for this!
Saje - did you see the original Saw? I thought it was quite, uhm, smart. It actually didn't show a lot of horror, and there was some good directing, and it was all 'bout the characters for the most part. It was an actual movie.

I suspect the sequels lost this along the way. I haven't seen them, just the marketing, which put me off.
Okay, folks, here's the first installment of the interview transcription posted over at, but I am also glad to see that you'all could get an MP3 easily enough, and didn't have to wait for me. :> (Yo, billz...)

This represents just under half of the recording, but unfortunately, not half of Joss's material, as he doesn't appear until a bit of a way in... It covers just up to some of the WW material. I plan to finish this off late tomorrow night.

If anyone's unable to get it over at and wants it, email me, and I'll send it to you thataway... but it won't be 'til tomorrow, as it's so past my bedtime...

Later, you Invading Hoards of Whedonesquers, Gonerians and Bedlamites.

An "Intimidating Feminist"
(You know, one of those)
*marches off to sleep in her heavy twenty-league boots with her beatin' clubs and her feminist goads*
I did gossi though not in the best circumstances (turned up a bit late and the only seats free were right at the front literally about 6 feet from the screen. We joked at the time that some of us would watch the left half of the screen, the rest the right and then we'd fill each other in on what we missed but it really made it basically unwatchable). Keep meaning to give it another chance.

The trailers put me off the sequels too, BTW, as they did with 'Hostel' and when a real hard-core horror fan mate said that if he could unwatch it he would, I thought i'd pass ;).

(and cheers, QuoterGal, you rock. There, I knew the word would come back to me ;)
QuoterGal, you da gal, you intimidating feminist, you! Thanks!! :-)
Many thanks, Quotergal. I like having the transcript as well as the MP3.
Scott has given me the okay to rebroadcast the interview on Firefly Talk...

erico | November 27, 08:00 CET

Squeeeeeee-haw! (Yes, I just combined squee! and yeee-haw!. Call me an innovator; call me excited and happy.)
Thanks erico and QuoterGal (hey, I'm one of those "IF"s, too. I think in my case part of the intimidating-ness is the height thing.)! You both rock, and mightily.
You know, I just thought of a question I could have phoned and asked about: the status of that album between Kai and Joss. I think it's probably buried in children.
Fantastic on the rebroadcast and mp3! And thanks QG!
gossi - buried in children? What do you get up to in Toxteth these days?

This is me crying because I missed the whole, entire FREAKIN event!
Final math exam, and finishing the last of my essays.

I came on here, and saw 274 posts!

catalyst2 - okay, I have to admit you've picked up on the worst use of language I've ever made their. Well, ever made this week. Can I go home now, please? Also, I don't live in Toxteth - I live in Walton, in an area which has only had 3 murders near my flat this year. That's WAY better than Toxteth.

nixy - don't be sad. The show is online, and it's nearly Christmas, that time of year where commercialism is even more in your face than before. Okay, fetch the razor blades, thinking about it.

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Thanks for transcribing the interview QuoterGal. Audio is just too damn hard to understand sometimes.

Meg: You forget, I did a 20-minute documentary with slides for my senior thesis project in high school.

Wow, deja vu. My real name is Megan and I too did a Joss Whedon-related project for my senior year of high school. Perhaps I've found my doppleganger? (And perhaps I completely misspelled 'doppleganger'?)
Yes, EvilFirePixie8, you have , but it was a valiant effort :)
Thank you QG! I was able to write down one or two things, but they actually covered a lot of ground in a short time and I can barely remember most of it.
EvilFirePixie8 - at least you spelt Joss correctly.

Okay, this post is going to get me killed, right? By the snerk monster? Help, mummy.
Looking forward to the transcript and to hearing it again because I did miss things.
That was fun.
Fanboy Radio is a great show, despite my minor quibble that the host's voice often makes me want to stab out my eardrums. But I suggest any fan of comics subscribe to the show via iTunes, because they get a lot of great guests.

The best part of the interview for me was hearing Joss say how much he loves The Descent and John Carpenter movies. The Descent was my favorite horror film of the year, and John Carpenter is one of my favorite directors of all time. I think I just died and went to geek heaven!
I think I just died and went to geek heaven!

Can I have your food?
It's sad this fell off the front page already. At any rate, short of starting a new topic which I don't know would be kosher or not, Celeste from FanBoy Radio posted this, 11/28, 12:28 p.m. Texas time:


so i'm celeste, meg's cohort on the blender (the hour of music leading up to FbR)... i know some people on whedonesque were commenting on our joss music yesterday, so for anyone who is interested the playlist is now up on our myspace page ( also if someone wouldn't mind copying this post onto whedonesque so everyone there knows that the playlist is up, that would be awesome! thanks!
I've been looking for the transcript of the interview and can't find it. Could someone please post a link? *g*

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