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November 27 2006

Firefly Reaches 75,000 Votes on TV_Vote. Firefly has passed over 75,000 votes on TV_Vote: Top 5, a site that ranks the most popular shows. Firefly is currently in 5th place.

Also, according to, December 1st is Voting Day.

I'm confused. It says most popular shows of all time, but most of these shows are sci-fi channel shows. Somehow I can't beleive that Xena and Hercules beat out MASH or I Love Lucy or that Bleak House (which I loved, by the way) would beat out Roots.
You can multiple vote each hour. The list actually represents how often people in a fan base will keep pushing the button. If Locke was real, he'd be winnin'.
Definitely not a scientific poll, but I find it really interesting that "Gunsmoke" is coming in as the sixth highest of all time, not that it wasn't a great show, because it was, but just how much of an Internet fanbase does "Gunsmoke" have?
I think all it proves is that all tv shows have a lunatic dedicated fanbase who are willing to vote as many times as they can. God knows we've seen enough of this in the Whedonverse fandom.

I would so love to see a MORI/Gallup/Nielsen type poll that examines fandoms. Might just be more slightly accurate than TV_Vote.
I also voted for Firefly, which I admit I am watching for the first time. I bought the series for the long holiday weekend and I am halfway through it. It is awesome. Now I can be depressed like everyone else that it only lasted 1 season whereas before I didn't care, gee thanks for that. I also nominated Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Gotta love Bruce Campbell.
luvspike, I'm so jealous of you.

I voted for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Alias, and X-Files.
Funny, I remember how so many people envied me a few years ago because I was buying the Firefly DVD set having never seen any of the episodes...
I am also tremendously envious. Maybe we need the Haitian from Heroes?
Scrubs needs to be on that list. I'm lovin' me some Dr. Cox.

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