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November 27 2006

Oruche is out! Phina Oruche is the fifth person to be voted out of "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" after two and a half weeks of bitching and biting. Her final interview is on ITV1 right now. She will be missed.

Who IS Phina Oruche!?!?
She was Olivia on Buffy.
Uh, SPOILER tag? Holy cow. I have tried SO hard not to visit for fear of being spoiled. Now I get spoiled here. Apparently there is simply no way to avoid it.

I think I'm going to have to remove Whedonesque from my RSS feed.
In fairness, I think Oruche is the only Buffy related person in that show, so I doubt you'll get spoiled here again, so I wouldn't remove the RSS feed.
Damnit, I have a friend over and I taped it tonight... poop. Never mind! I'm glad she's out!
Not to be cheeky here but I never thought I'd see the day when anything "reality show" based demanded spoiler tags. I'm not a anti-reality show snob by any means, I watch Big Brother and Celeb the same as many people do, but to be truthful I could find out right now who wins the whole thing and I wouldn't care. These reality shows are only about a little light entertainment to pass an hour in the evening. It's not like somebody just told you the entire plots for the next seasons of 24, Lost and BSG.

I do respect people that have the right to view television as they want to and I wouldn't intentionally set about to spoil anything for anybody but this seems like asking for a step too far in how seriously we take reality television.

And let's be honest. After that shower task last night, Myleene should win outright anyway. ;)
If a show has aired, it does not require a spoiler tag. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule but "I'm a celebrity" does not fall into that category.
I mostly only watch it for Ant & Dec anyway :D
I'm taller than them you know, Rach.
That isn't actually saying a great deal, gossi. :D
You're taller than everyone in the known world, Kev.
I'm taller than them you know

Than them ? So even if they stood on each other's shoulders ? Cos that's tall.

And here's the plot of next season's 'Lost' (. . . . . . . . .). That's not invisi-text, BTW, that's really the 'plot' ;-). Re: '24', Jack Bauer Will Be Victorious ! BSG's tougher to predict but I suspect space will be involved (probably with elements of edgy drama).

Apart from flicking i've not seen any of this (not even Myleeeeene taking a shower could entice me ;). Not really my bag (though I watched the first (?) one with Nell Mcandrew, purely so I could decide from an informed position you understand ;).
See, now you've gone and made the spoiler tag necessary, Saje. Shame on you! ;)

I do have to disagree with your Lost comment, although I suspect it wasn't meant too seriously. The plot may be slow in developing but it's there. Just got to have patience with this show. A LOT of patience.

As for Myleene taking a shower not enticing you? Clearly you have not yet seen Myleene taking a shower or you would be unable to make that claim. She is the personification of enticement. Well, she is if you happen to be me, at least! :D
I'm trouble me ;).

Nah, being tongue-in-cheek re: 'Lost', though I wouldn't mind it moving a bit quicker sometimes. Reckon it's better just to settle into the pace and enjoy the character stuff (still at the start of season 2 anyway which has the advantage that I can have some marathon sessions to up the pace a bit).
Than them ? So even if they stood on each other's shoulders ? Cos that's tall.

I wouldn't be surprised. Gossi is one tall dude.
I am a GiAnT! Except not really.
So when is one of Whedon's Army going to do Strictly Come Dancing? Tony Head doing the Paso Doble??? I live in hope.

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