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"I told you, it's 'Xander' or 'Sergeant Fury'."
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November 27 2006

Words of wisdom. "Let's face it. Unless there's a web site called "," we're out of luck".

Excellent fan site marketing ploy.

As much as it killed me, I had to give it a title otherwise it'll confuse our RSS subscribers something chronic.
Thanks Simon, wasn't sure.
I love the interweb.
Hah! That little poll at the bottom is gold.
Looks like a tight race between the Cavemen and the Astronauts. Go Cavemen!

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Had to be done. Good work.
Thanks for the fix Simon!!!!!!!!!

I use the RSS feed. I don't like being confused.
Ack, yes, that explains why my site's stats just spiked through the roof. That site links to mine (and incidentally, I have the "darlastashedhere" domain name sans dashes).
Astronauts all the way. We're talking elite Air Force personnel, here.
Oh it's cavemen by a mile - astronauts are nerdy, unarmed, and very well mannered.
I gotta go with the astronauts. Most of the pilot/commander astronauts are military pilots, many test pilots. And they're incredibly intelligent (most of them have the equivalent to at least a masters, PhD if it's an X-plane, in the aircraft they test) and less than well mannered when not in public.
If you just go with the mission/payload specialist, those guys are all PhDs, which means they spent more time in college than some people spend being alive. Combine that with the intelligence factor again and they'd Macgyver their way into complete dominance over the cavemen anyday.
That made my day.

Thanks for the link. I'm a huge Darla fan.

Feelinglistless, I love your name. Very clever.

Oh, and cavemen.
Astronauts totally know how to *cough* bypass cookie-dependent voting restrictions.
Totally off topic, but Matt just used Anya's joke from "Restless" in tonights episode of Studio 60. You know the one: a man with a duck on his head walks in to a doctor's office.....
Astronauts are tiny people who can fit in small spaces, they are not muscle bound because they lift weightless stuff all day long, but cave men have to fight to survive every day of their lives. So I'm convinced that without weapons the cavemen will crush them.
And I love the interweb too!
John Young smuggled a corned beef sandwich aboard a Gemini rocket. He was smart and willing to break rules. I think astronauts win.
Mal's an astronaut. Jayne's a caveman. Case closed.
Craig for the win.
A man with a duck on his head? You mean the Duck Man?

Cavemen. No! Astronauts. No! Cavemen. No! Duck Man!

Imagine what would have happened had this site been put up a long time ago. Angel et al. would have checked for that website, and prematurely (by three years) Angel would have started obsessing over the cavemen vs. astronauts question, without Spike around.

*Angel has cord wrapped around Lindsey's neck.*
LINDSEY: I promise! I'll tell you where Darla is!
ANGEL: Yeah, I don't care about that anymore. Just one question: who do YOU think would win?
Astronauts totally know how to *cough* bypass cookie-dependent voting restrictions.

Yes, yes they do ;).

(but then I guess cavemen know how to 'bypass' the bypassers. Hint: it involves clubs ;)
Hehe, very clever. In a 'damn, I wish I had thought of doing that' kinda way. Definately brought a smile to my face on this miserable November morning.
It's also worth pondering just what kind of cavemen we're dealing with, here. Neaderthals? Cro-Magnon? Australopithecines? There are significant physical and mental differences spread over some 10 million years of hominoid evolution.
Ha! great idea - and astronauts all the way, I'm with Craig's definition.
Everybody knows that cavemen would always win out over those namby pamby self analyzing astronaut wankers ;)

That was cute, thanks feelinglistless.

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