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November 28 2006

Tonight on BBC 2 - Chiwetel Ejiofor in "Tsunami, The Aftermath". A two part drama set in the aftermath of the tsunami of Boxing Day, 2004. Chiwetel (who was a revelation in Serenity) stars in it along with Tim Roth and Gina McKee. Five clips from the drama are available for viewing.

The previews for this have been very good btw. Might be talking Bafta material.

I want to see this, yet at the same time I'm a bit hesistant. At times, dramas like this can be hard going.

They also fail to mention Serenity in the blurb of his character page. Bad form BBC! Bad Form!
It looks worth watching, I just wonder if it's maybe a bit too soon (though I guess we can trust the Beeb and that cast to not try and pitch it as 'entertainment').
This is probably a co-production, BBC and HBO, since HBO is showing previews for next month. Bowing out of this thread now so as not to get spoiled.
Yep, dreamlogic, I've been seeing the HBO ads, too. They will show it in 2 parts in early December. Chiwetel had a long interview in the "Making Tsunami" special HBO is airing (it's just a 15 minute behind the scenes thing), just talking about this special, no other topics discussed.
Gosh, thanks for the heads-up. This looks amazing, and it's SUCH a good cast!

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