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November 28 2006

This week's Angel books from IDW. Angel Auld Lang Syne #2 gets released as does Angel Scriptbook Vol. 1 TPB. This volume collects the scripts from 'City of', 'A Hole in the World', 'Spin the Bottle', 'Waiting in the Wings' and 'Five by Five'. An ideal seasonal present for the Angel fan in your life.

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Angel: Auld Lang Syne #2
Cover 1
Cover 2
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Preview page 2
Preview page 3
Preview page 4
Preview page 5

Angel Scriptbook Vol. 1 TPB

Hmm, can't see ALS #2 on the shipping lists. Also, wasn't #1 only out last week (not picked up this/last week's comics yet) ? Is there some snafu with the schedule that puts two issues out in two weeks, or are IDW just getting a wee bit ahead of themselves and this isn't actually out for a while ?
Hmm, can't see ALS #2 on the shipping lists

I noticed that too but I'm going with what IDW are saying. Spike Asylum issues 1 and 2 came out within a week of each from what I remember.
Hmm, this is looking promising. It's got a fair way to go If it's to beat my love of Spike Asylum though.
True enough Simon. And anyway, maybe I should stop checking out the proverbial horse's teeth and just enjoy a possible double dose of 'verse goodness ;).

(and yep, Spike: Asylum is current king of the hill and it'll take some knocking off, IMO)
I'll be getting Angel Auld Lang Syne #2 if it really comes out this week.
It's out this week?!?! Yay! I went to get #1 on Thursday and it wasn't in yet. Went back on Saturday and managed to snag the last copy, they'd come in on Friday and sold out so quickly.
Anyone recommend the scriptbook?
I got 'City of'. It was good. It's a no frills thing but it's nice to read the script of the episode.
I love those scriptbooks. The illustrations were more sparse than I'd hoped, but those that were there were still pretty, and the scripts are great stuff to read. Just think it's really weird they're including 'Five by Five' and not 'Sanctuary,' since those are the only two scripts they made sure to put in the correct order in the singles.
Chris Ryall has posted over at the IDW boards that there was a misunderstanding and Angel: Auld Lang Syne isn't out until December 6.
Since the scripts are as close as we may get to Joss writing a novel, I liked them a lot. Not all are Joss creations but all are worth reading.
I got my copy of ALS Vol #1 and #2 last week. (I have a subscription and live in the States ... don't know if that makes any difference.)

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