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April 24 2003

Firefly ... coming to a theater near you?

Wow and that would fit in with Joss's comments about returning to the big screen when Buffy and Angel came to their natural end.
Joss went from movies to TV with Buffy; it's nice to see him go the other way this time.

Still, I have to wonder if a feature film leaves enough room for all nine characters to shine. Joss has got quite a challenge on his hands. But then the man thrives on challenges, so I ain't losing m'faith.

I really really really miss those characters. At this point I'd even settle for a good comic just to find out what happens to them and their world.
I'd rather have the tv show back in full swing, but if that isn't going to happen then bring on a movie. I'll be there...several time, I'm sure.
I just want to know where Firefly would have ended up if Joss had had a chance to wrap it up. Man, I really wish FOX had let it go, at least, until the end of the season!
Perhaps if a Firefly movie is made (and is relatively successful) FOX would rethink cancellation and we'd get Firefly back on the air. But of course that's years off and who knows where the actors, Joss, or even the fans may be at that point.
The "cancelled show to movies" route worked for Police Squad (1982) a.k.a. The Naked Gun Movies (1988, 1991, 1994), and it only had 6 episodes. Of course there's the glaringly obvious and suggestive example of Star Trek.
In other hopeful routes Firefly could take, Hunter (1984-1991) is returning to T.V. due to the lack of current crime dramas.

Ideally, I too would like to see Firefly back on TV, but beggars and choosers, eh?

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