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November 28 2006

Angel slimset DVDs. All seasons of Angel re-released as slimsets for a cheaper price.

You know, I dont even own the Buffy chosen collection yet, or an ydvds... but when i have money, as in a real job that involves more tha grad funding, I will buy that first. Then I will buy the angel slim case dvd sets. And finally(or maybe first) I want that moty python collection!!! Its just fricken awesome! it would be perfect for me, I am so tempted to order it.
Wow, he really likes it.
Great news! I'm all for these slim DVD sets, takes up less space on my shelf. Now, if I could only get a refund....never mind. I'm happy to see "Angel" released as an entire series at this great price. Thinking a wonderful gift to friends.
I completely agree with him on Season 5. That season was so incredible. Despite being a Buffy fan I'd never watched Angel until I heard it was being canceled and I tuned in to see the puppet episode. I felt so bad about not watching it previously once I saw the quality on display there.
This is good news, but I'm still holding out for the Angel box set (the UK got one last year, how about a US release?)
I've been kind of hoping for a Angel box set (of all five season) too. Of course I would hope they would add on some 'extras' if and when they do one here, I have been disappointed in how few commentaries are on the DVDs as they are.
Hear you, embers.
Aye, where are thou boxset?
hmmmm how long after Buffy ended did the Buffy chosen box set come out? Although angel only ended one year after Buffy...
About three years (cute, guys).

*whiney fangirl voice* It's not faaaair! I want a box...!!! *pouty kitten tears*
Why would someone recommend a season as essential viewing and then spoil have a dozen plot points in the same article? Weirdness.
ooooh, and I JUST ordered season 5 last week because Deep Discount DVD was having a sale... oh, well. I can comfort myself with the thought of Joss getting more royalty money.
Also Bones season 1 came out today.
I agree with many other comments previously made; I'm holding out for a collector's set to match the one I have for BtVS. But I'm getting impatient. The UK is so lucky... ^_~
sunshineguinn, just buy the UK version and hack your player to make it region-free. It takes less than one minute to do.
*Raises hand* So, am I the only one who kinda loves the clunky old-school boxset design?

Blame the graphic artist in me, but it's the pictures and overall layout I find so appealing, I guess. I have one slimset (which does, admittedly, free up some valuable bookshelf real estate), but there's something about spreading out the whole panoply of each season's disks with their gorgeously coordinated backgrounds that gives me immense pleasure.

Of course, it's ultimately what's on the disks that's most important ... but by gods, the pretty surely doesn't hurt!

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