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November 28 2006

(SPOILER) Tiny rumor about Jewel Staite's role on Stargate Atlantis. Does contains big spoilers for the current season of the show.

The article is mostly about the Paul McGillion's leaving the show, but there is a short paragraph that mentions the rumor that she will be filling in as Dr. Keller, Chief Medical Officer. You know that she's gotta be top 3% to get that gig!

Spoiler central here.. Could do with rewording so it doesn't give as much away, and having a spoiler tag on it.
There all changed.
The subject line on LJ also needs to be changed -- that's actually where the biggest spoiler is.
LJ should have picked it up by now. They do a sweep of RSS feeds every hour or so.
You got to love Jewel. What a sweetheart!
I have to admit, don't watch this show...

However, Jewel. Sci-fi. Wah.
Dr. Kaylee. She absorbed Simon's medical knowledge.
This will make watch this show again.
I've never been a fan of any of the Stargate shows but I might have to start watching if this turns out to be true.
Now if we can get her and Morena in the same scene (and, I guess, the same galaxy), that'd be something...
hehe, bring in Adam B too, he was on stargate for 2 episodes in season 7 or 8 I think?
Just the one episode, kurya, that being the first part of the Heroes two parter in season seven, but he absolutely stole the show. If ever there was a character that screamed to be made a recurring guest star, it was Adam's Colonel Dixon.
I miss Kaylee. *sigh* It'll be nice to see Jewel back on tv, even if she's not Kaylee. Guess I'll have to catch up with Stargate Atlantis!
While watching season 3 of X-Files, a cute little girl popped up that looked familiar. Jewel was on X-Files! Was I the only person on this planet that did not know this?

I have never watched Stargate, but may Netflix it someday I hear the first 6 or so seasons are really good.
Harm, despite what a lot of people suggest, the entire series is really good. All the seasons have a dud episode here and there (as a matter of fact, in my opinion, season three was the weakest but still had some brilliant moments) but even the two seasons since Richard Dean Anderson left have been enjoyable.

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