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November 28 2006

Hollywood Memorabilia Auction Catalog - UPDATED! BtVS Memorabilia in Profiles in History Auction! (link opens large PDF file!).

BtVS items included in the upcoming Hollywood Auction at Profiles in History next month:

* #725 - Joss Whedon life cast of face hung on wall of the Magic Box
(auction estimate: $500-700)
* #726 - Faith's Knife from Season 3 (auction estimate: $2,000-3,000)
* #727 - Mr. Pointy stake from Season 2+ (auction estimate: $8,000-10,000)
* #728 - Sweet's minion's mask from OMWF (auction estimate: $4,000-6,000)
Can't afford it, but nice to see these items again in the catalog. [No, I don't work for the auction house].

December 15, 2006 Actual Auction Results/High Bids:
* #725 - Joss Whedon life cast: $500
* #726 - Faith's dagger: $2,000
* #727 - Mr. Pointy: $8,000
* #728 - Minion's mask: apparently did not make the reserve price.

Somebody got some nice Christmas gifts!

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I get their print catalog now because I bought a Farscape costume prop from PIH not too long ago...I was so excited to see Mr. Pointy in this bunch (not that I could afford to bid)! And their catalog is totally a trip to browse -- like the original Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard of Oz, only a mere $400,000-600,000!!
Oh, man - both Mr. Pointy and Faith's Sinfully Pointy knife. If there's anything I crave, it's a fully-stocked Buffy & Angel weapons cabinet, and I don't even particularly care for weapons...

Cool posters, too. There's a Rosemary's Baby one-sheet that I totally dig, and in a totally different league, orginal poster art for Thunderball ($20,000 - $30,000.) Woo-hoo! Lily Munster's cape! A Twilight Zone snout! And I just want Katharine Hepburn's velvet peignoir 'cause it's purty... Oooh... lookit all the police badges... Edith Head costume sketches! And a used Bette Davis Walk of Fame star for only $400 - $600? WTF? What a steal!

*calms down and remembers there's that house we're saving for...*

Sheldon Leonard's DGA Lifetime Achievement Award?!! And Rosalind Russell's Golden Globe? I always find these kindof things sad... And I love Joss, but the cast of his face is too old-timey death mask, and therefore creepy to have...

Oh, man, I want this stuff... almost all of it.
Well, that most certainly isn't the face that hung by the cash register. That face was the one I bid on and won on eBay from Fox Auctions the night of the last episode. They sent me a different one, which I finally found in a number of episodes hanging over by the wall where they sold candles. I never did understand what happened to the one that I had actually won.
That said, there were others as well, including one near the entrance that you hardly ever see and maybe this is that one. It does look a bit like Joss, doesn't it?
And QG? I love the face I did get although it does creep some people out.

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Anyone else think Faith's knife is going to wind up going for waaaay over $3000?
So what's the deal? How does one bid on these items?

Edit: Oh, OK. I went to the company's home page and it was pretty obvious...

[ edited by AmnesiaInnocent on 2006-11-29 18:04 ]
They also have Elvis' ring from his wedding to Priscilla at the Aladdin.

But I don't see Angel in the picture anywhere. :)
I was looking through the catalog and I believe drool was involved. Good thing I'm having lunch at my desk and have napkins nearby. I'd go for the Joss mask but can't really spare 600 bucks. Darn.
Wow, really cool stuff. Do we know for sure that it's really Joss? Also, yep, Faith's knife should go for way more than $3000. If I had the money, that is what I would get!

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