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November 29 2006

Mark Sheppard to guest star on Battlestar Galactica. Ron Moore reveals casting tidbit in a blog about new podcasts, including a roundtable discussion.

Firefly's Mark Sheppard (Badger) will guest star and have a major role in the finale.

Ron Moore:
Think of it as being a fly on the wall during a dinner party with a group of people delighted to be talking over the ins and outs of their favorite show. In addition to myself and the missus, we were joined by James Callis, Jamie Bamber, Tamoh Penikett, Mark Sheppard (an upcoming guest star with a major role in the finale) and Henry, a child-hood friend of Jamie's who happened to be in town that night.

Mark posted a while ago on the OB (he posts pretty regularly over there to let us know when he is showing up on TV) that he will be in the last three episodes this season.

He is also going to be on Medium tonight as his recurring serial killer/doctor/ghost character.
Mark Sheppard? Battlestar? I'm there.
Very cool, indeed!! Thanks, crossoverman!

(I so need to catch up on my BSG-watching.)
OMG - Badger and Niska together.
Isn't Jane Espenson writing (or co-writing with Doug Petrie) the finale of BSG?
Oops, I might be getting her BSG gig mixed up with her The Batman gig. Does anyone know when Jane's BSG episode will be broadcast? (Just curious.)
Jane's episode airs on December 8th. It's called "The Passage".
RavenU - huh? Niska has never been on BSG... or is he coming up too?
Thanks, Crossoverman. Looking forward to it.
Does he come from the civilian fleet or is he one of the five missing Cylon models? I don't want to be spoiled, I just like to wonder.
I think Jane's also co-writing an episode with Anne Cofell-Saunders for later in the season. There was an interview with her in Creative Screnwriting Magazine where she mentions writing another episode with Jane for later in the season. Or maybe it's next season - they really seem to work far in advance over there.

"How many rewrites do you typically go through on an episode?

It all depends on the episode. Generally, each episode goes through a great deal of re-writing. During the episode I was working on last week, "Dirty Hands," which I co-wrote with Jane Espenson [Gilmore Girls, Tru Calling], originally it was just going to be [set] on Galactica. Then we decided to set it elsewhere. Then you have to go back and change all the scenes. President Roslin, now she's in her home environment working at her desk, and it changes the story. It's like a river, because when one episode changes, another episode changes. "

BSG just gets more and more Whedon-related as time goes by. I love it!!
Sheppard on BSG, cool!

*quickly staples his own lips together before he says something else embarrasing to Mr Sheppard*

*tries to forget the few parts of Serenity Cubed that alcohol didn't wipe from his memory*
I wonder if he'll be allowed to keep the accent like James Callis, or if he'll have to hide the accent like Jamie Bamber.

This will definetely be a quite interesting guest spot.
Maybe he'll be another cylon model. Lucy Lawless pretty much got introduced that way, last season. With a major guest major, and becoming a major character later on.

Wonder what will happen in the finale, how they'll top New Caprica or Boomer shooting Adama.
"Wonder what will happen in the finale, how they'll top New Caprica or Boomer shooting Adama."

Me too, Numfar PTB. They blew me away with the New Caprica ending. Can they possibly top it?

And omg, I can't wait to see Sheppard. I'd love to see him as a recurring guest star, beyond 3 episodes, I mean. woo hooo!
Crossoverman, my apologies when I typed that last night it was a momentary *squee* to see Badger and Niska on Medium together. I was kinda excited and I kinda forgot to mention that part, especially since this was about Mark on BG.
Because I live in hope that I will see Mark S in a week and a bit, I watched Medium last night so that I could make conversation with him about it. sigh.
Lioness - believe me no one will ever have any problems making conversation with Mark Sheppard, he is quite the talker and he knows stuff on many subjects. Usually just saying Hi is enough to get him started.
So, this makes it Badgerstar Galactica?

So, this makes it Badgerstar Galactica?


Numfar said:

"I wonder if he'll be allowed to keep the accent like James Callis, or if he'll have to hide the accent like Jamie Bamber."

He does a pretty convincing American accent, having lived there for 20 years or so, and in the US is thought of as an American actor rather than a Brit.

So I would have thought that whatever accent he uses will depend on the demands of the part and the request of the director.

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