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November 30 2006

In time for the holidays - Firefly DVD sets on sale at Amazon. Also up for sale are seasons 1-8 of Stargate SG1 and the second season of Veronica Mars. 'Supernatural' the show Summar Glau was/wasn't on is also up for sale.

Summer Glau wasn't on Supernatural, but Amber Benson and Amy Acker were ;)

Either the server's clock is one hour ahead, or something's goign wrong with the time zone conversion... Supposedly I posted this at 0:16, Dec 1, CET, but it's still Nov 30 here (23:27h)

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Uh...ignore this and look below for the complete one. Seems I hit the "post" button rather than the "preview" button....:S

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It's great to see the BDBS (Big Damn Boxed Set) on sale...but who in the hell wrote the "official" plot synopsis?!?

I mean, the number of hilarious (for a Browncoat) goofs is strangely astounding:

- Zoe, an ensign? Uh..nope. Corporal. And it's Washburne...Alleyne if you wanna get picky for the opening to the pilot and the flashback scene in The Message.
- Jayne, a combat soldier? As the man said, "Didn't fight in no war." Mercenary, simple as that;D
- Inara, Mal's girlfriend? Uh...only in shipper fantasies. More like "mutual sexual tension and verbal sparring partner."
- "Former Alliance medical officer Simon Tamm"...uh...better, but this description makes him sound like a physician on a naval vessel like the Dortmunder. Oh...and it's "Tam," Mr. Amazon Plot Synopsis Writer;)

Now...maybe I'm being anal...but I just feel that having a faulty plot synopsis blurb doesn't to the series justice. Oh well..
I'm not sure which is more offensive. His factual mistakes or the way he butchers English grammar. Someone needs to consider a career change.

Also, Stargate and Veronica Mars are not on sale. They're at the same price they've been at for quite some time.
Hey,! I know you're smaller than your big American dad (dare I say "sire"?), but how about offering up similar sales on some excellent TV on DVD from time to time? Either you do already and I'm cursed to miss them every single time or maybe...there's no time like the present? *hopeful grin*
Also, the first season of Seth Green's Robot Chicken is on sale for an amazing $8.99! I finally broke down and ordered it. How can I not, at that price?!
Firefly is back down to 32 or 33 on the rankings. I wonder if it would win the prize for most "legs" of any DVD set on Amazon?

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