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November 30 2006

Quaking in her stylish yet affordable boots. Jane Espenson continues to blog about comedy writing - using a quote of Buffy to explain the subordinate, the superordinate and cognitive science. Leave it to Jane to delve this deeply!

Thanks for posting this. I know I sound like a broken record but I love Jane.
oh, jane. what a woman.
Oh, I echo the love, Reddygirl!! She is quite awesome.
I wrote to her! She actually responded too (online); it was fantastic!
Is she saying she didn't think Buffy's line was funny?
No, she's saying it's only funny because it's so specific. If she'd just said 'boots', not funny.

I too heart Jane ;).
Whoa! Most of that went right over my head, but I think I caught the grist of it. That Jane is a smart woman!
The sun rises and sets by Jane's order. She commands the myriad creatures of the earth and sea, and each and every planet in the multiverse rushes to be allowed to to do her bidding.

Well, allright, but she is pretty nifty.

Whereas Melanie is a ninny and I hate her.

(Sorry, long day which ain't getting any shorter and I'm punchy...)
Hey, QG! I agree. Jane is superlative and the Supreme Commander both. I bet she rides a unicorn to work. Except when she's working at home, of course. . . . And when she needs to fly, I think she just whistles and Pegasus appears to whisk her whither she wills. Or hither and thither, if that's what she wants.

Okay. Being silly. But Jane rocks, she does. And she seems so very nice. Plus writing? She does good.
Sang, I've heard it said that anything and everything that Jane has ever touched always retains a faint smell of violets and roses, that she runs with the wolves, that grass never grows where she spits, ever, that when she speaks, pearls and diamonds fall from her mouth, and that she travels the world over on Christmas eve bringing presents to all the good little girls and boys.

But I don't believe that she once killed a man in Reno just for snoring. That's just silly.

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