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November 30 2006

"Waitress," starring Nathan Fillion, will premiere at Sundance Film Festival. This film, written and directed by the late Adrienne Shelly, will be part of the Spectrum series at Sundance, which takes place January 18-28, 2007.

Of particular interest in this section, albeit for tragic reasons, is "Waitress," selected by Sundance programmers before the murder last month of its director-actress, Adrienne Shelly, best known for her work in Hal Hartley's "Trust" and "The Unbelievable Truth." Programmers anticipate a very poignant screening.

Variety's website also describes the film, and mentions that it stars Keri Russell, Cheryl Hines, Jeremy Sisto and Andy Griffith in addition to Nathan.

It will be wonderful when we mere mortals are able to see it. Anyone know the U.S. release date?
I'm very loooking forward to this! Not only to see Nathan, but also to see Felicity, I mean Keri Russell. She will always be Felicity to me:)

Extremely sad about Adrienne Shelly. So tragic.
It probably doesn't have a wide release yet. Filmakers try to get into Sundance to see if they can get a distributor, which may lead to a release.
this can only be good news--the poweres that be can see it-see that its worth showing everywhere

could it show up on the Sundance channel soon????

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