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November 30 2006

Hollywood Invades the Comic Industry. An article discussing whether or not television and movie directors and writers are making a difference in comics. Includes a profile of Joss in comics.

Uh yeah, these guys have all made a huge difference in the industry recently. The combination of great writing and huge delays make them unique. With the exception of Singer (whose run on Ultimate X-men is delayed) and Richard Donner (whose run just began) all these guys have done amazing books.
I think I'm warming to the Danger arc in some reactionary way. This is another article that brought it up as an odd choice (though it didn't necessarily say it was a bad one). It's kind of derivative but not nearly as bad as people say, and there's a lot of fun in it. Hopefully UNSTOPPABLE will manage to integrate Danger and Ord (probably the two weakest links in the AXM run) and develop their coolness a bit more.

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