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December 01 2006

Joss Whedon and friends. In this month's SFX magazine, there's a great feature about Joss' London meetup with chums back in September. Buy it to find out what Joss, Bryan Hitch, Warren Ellis and Natalie Haynes have to say about comic books, Wonder Woman and James Bond.

Some Joss quotes from the article.

On Bond
I was dying to do a Bond film! I would have killed... I had the whole thing figured out.

On returning to television
But the idea of falling in love with another series is just too painful. Even after making Serenity.

On Wonder Woman
It's a coming of age story. The thing about Wonder Woman is that she's been out of the world of men, so she doesn't have to be a teenager.

Bollocks. Might have to buy this then.

(could do with a pair of sunglasses similar to Zaphod's peril sensitive shades only these would go jet black at the first sign of one of SFX's infamous spoilers ;)
Joss to write and direct Bond 22! The campain starts here!
I look forward to reading it when the edition hits the US.
Hmmmm - don't see a link for this recording of which they speak. I might read it just to see if Joss explains that strange light emanating from his pants.
Hm, I would be interested in seeing Joss do a more feminist-friendly version of Bond. heh.
TonyaJ, or the fact that his feet glowed. I thought that is what was meant when they say he is very bright!
Joss to write and direct Bond 22! The campain starts here!

Make that Bond 23, since the script for Bond 22 is apparently already done, minus some rewrites and polish. Pre-production began on the movie before Bond 21 came out, as they were originally trying to get it out for summer 2008, but now have apparently pushed it back for a November 2008 release. Also for the first time Bond 22 is going to be a direct sequel, picking up directly after the events after Bond 21, where (SPOILER)(End SPOILER).

Also since they just recently rebooted the Bond movies, I don't think they would likely go to someone like Joss for a brand new take on the character. More likely they are going to be going with directors and writers, who want to continue to write the character closer to the way he's portrayed in Ian Flemming's books.

Certainly Joss would make a really interesting Bond, but when it comes to big studio franchises I rather him take on one of the Harry Potter movies.

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I was kinda disappointed with the feature - it felt like the whole thing had been severely edited down to about 3 minutes worth of conversation :(
Matt_Fabb, did you hear about this Craig wanting to do a gay sex scene in next Bond. I read it on semi-reputable website so I'm not sure if its something made up or true. If it is true, that will sure rile up those Bond fans.
delirium_haze, while that would almost certainly make me watch the movie, it's hardly true to Fleming's original Bond!

Does anyone else besides me want to see Joss do a "Jane Bond" movie?
Yup, I hear you, zencat, but our need for a Joss- "Jane Bond" movie might be better satisfied by a character that already exists on her own --by a good Modesty Blaise movie.

I want one, I want one, I want one, and I want Joss to do it. I love the crap 60s one, 'cause it's so Op Art and good-awful, but a real adaptation of the genuine best of those books, and including Willie Garvin, would suit me just as well as a "Jane Bond."

I'm looking forward to the SFX article -- I likes all three of 'em-- Joss, Warren Ellis and Natalie Haynes. Liking Joss has sent me onto to some strange (for me) artistic company, and I don't mean Joss or Natalie.

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Matt_Fabb, did you hear about this Craig wanting to do a gay sex scene in next Bond. I read it on semi-reputable website so I'm not sure if its something made up or true.

There was a concerted effort by certain elements in the Bond fandom to ruin Daniel Craig's chances and they used all and sundry to destroy his image in the media and with the public. Which I am pleased to say backfired completely in their faces as Casino Royale is looking to become the highest grossing Bond film ever.
It just occured to me, it would be absolutly awesome if Joss did an adaptation of the game Perfect Dark. It has a female secret agent, a guy with a bad scottish accent AND an alien called Elvis!
Yeah Simon, that whole 'craignotbond' thing was just bloody ridiculous. Because he's blond ? FFS, grow up.

(i'll have to see it again but I think he's now my second favourite after Connery and actually has a lot of the big man's charisma and screen presence only with an English accent. Didn't say he was perfect ;)

I'd also heard the very early plans were for Bond 22 to be released next year (007 in '007, see what they did there ?) but that schedules just didn't mesh well enough etc. Also, I don't think Bond really needs that sort of gimmick to be honest (sure the Bourne and XXX movies panicked them a bit but I prefer the slightly arrogant "You know the name. You know the number." teaser from a while back. Much as I like the films - and the books - Jason Bournes come and go but "James Bond Will Return". It even says it in the credits ;)

strange (for me) artistic company

That's probably the mildest thing anyone's ever said about Warren Ellis ;).

(and if Joss didn't want to do 'Modesty Blaise' i'd settle for a proper big screen version of 'The Avengers', Emma Peel era, the great thing being it'd open up a whole new avenue of casting speculation. Just can't get enough of that ;-).
I sat and read this in 'Borders' the other day and am glad I didn't buy the thing. It's pretty dull and Joss says hardly anything. And why was that Comedienne there?
RIITS (Read it in the shop).
Joss and her were once on a UK chatshow together.
Natalie Haynes is a comedian, a friend of Warren and Joss, and a very bright and funny lady in her own right. There is very little of her in the interview, because the portion(s) of the taped conversation discussing her current show "Diagnosis Murder" were excised as, um, maybe not quite for public consumption.

There are no DVDs of her shows currently available, but there are some MP3s of earlier audio-only stuff available at her website: She's blown away audiences at recent Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows.

"Lightning mind and a winning smile" - The Independent

"This is no stream of consciousness - it's a tsunami." - Edinburgh Evening News

"Haynes' show is an electrifying, caustic and brutally funny hour" - Sunday Herald

Um, maybe that's why...

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