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December 01 2006

(SPOILER) What does Jane Espenson think of tonight's new Battlestar ep? Ms. Espenson, who wrote next week's episode of BSG, has high praise for tonight's edition.

From AICN:

The great Jane Espenson, who scripted next week’s episode (“Passage”) of “Battlestar Galactica,” says this about tonight’s installment:

“Imagine being told you're following this. I'm the act that follows The Beatles."

Thanks for putting up the spoiler tag. I know there are a number of BSGers for whom even the bit of information provided about tonight's episode is too much. Unfortunately, I'm one of them, and I read before the spoiler tag was added. But, since it's no more than the TV-Guide blurb, I'll survive.

That said, I'm now looking forward to this episode even more (the two-week wait has been hard, even with holiday mirth tossed in). If JE has such high praise for it, it must be top-notch.
I can not say enough about Jane. What a talented writer, I fell in love with her for BtVS' "Earshot". I'm thrilled that Ron Moore picked her as a writer for BSG.

Wish I could be in the room when these two break a story together.
Yes, thanks very much for the spoiler tag. Much appreciated.

I think Jane's too humble.
Blast you americans, who get BSG a day earlier than the North.
And she's co-writing another one if I'm not mistaken. With Ann Cofell Saunders.

Sorry I dont have a link it's from Creative Screenwriting newsletter that I receive ever week.

"How many rewrites do you typically go through on an episode?

It all depends on the episode. Generally, each episode goes through a great deal of re-writing. During the episode I was working on last week, "Dirty Hands," which I co-wrote with Jane Espenson [Gilmore Girls, Tru Calling], originally it was just going to be [set] on Galactica. Then we decided to set it elsewhere. Then you have to go back and change all the scenes. President Roslin, now she's in her home environment working at her desk, and it changes the story. It's like a river, because when one episode changes, another episode changes. "
Wow. That. Was. Amazing.
Alas, I'm on the side of the Cylons - total annihilation of the life form know as man - make it so!
Oh My God!!! This is easily one of the best eps of BSG ever. Hot girls hitting things...what's not to love?!
It was refreshing to see Starbuck let her guard down in the flashbacks, instead being a bitch. Though I'll never forgive her for what she did to Gaeta earlier in the season.
What would Buffy do?
Oh God, Roslin/Adama make me so happy.

I'm really looking forward to Jane's episode next week, too. Especially after this start. We're ready for some plot stuff again, and she can bring the character development too. Perfect.
Well, that explains a lot about Lee's behavior this season. Good episode!
Jane wasn't half wrong, that was soo good. Can't wait for her episode. Anyone see the exclusive scene for it? Jane's getting very vulgar, I love it!!!
Okay, I broke a hitherto inviolate rule of mine and watched this BSG episode. (I haven't watched any BSG, since I've gotta *sigh* get them all and watch them in order...)

I took my hands away from my ears, stopped singing "La, la, la" and watched it, and
It. Was. Good.

Now I understand all the fuss, and must go out today and buy and start watching them, so curse, curse, curse all of you and many, many thanks.

This show would appear to rock the proverbial Casbah.
Oops, QG, now you have 2 and 7/19 years worth to catch up on before next week. Good luck!
Yeah, dl, crap and a half, because there aren't a lot of other things I should be doing instead./saracasm3

Luckily, some of them can be done in front of the tube.

But damnit, this couldn't come at a worse time...
But QuoterGal, it'll be worth every minute! (Okay, except for the episode "Black Market," but even "Buffy" had a weak episode here or there--not that I'm going to venture which ones, as I don't need to be opening that can of worms, or barrel of potential slayers, etc.) Anyway, curious to hear your reactions to BSG and with Jane writing some of the episodes, I'm sure you'll be able to drop a hint or two in future threads and not get too far afield from the actual topic.

Oh, actual topic? Last night's episode: liked the boxing, so glad the infamous Kara/Lee rift was explained but would have rather seen more evidence that the 'ship with the most chemistry, Bill and Laura, had finally, uh, sailed.
Oh, QG, welcome to a great new (for you) show; you will be so happy we dragged you here! ;-)

And, sharin' the love for the new ep. Rocked in every way, except, poor D! I'd be happy to console her, if need be. ;-)
Add me to the list with QG - I have been read so many good things about BSG here at Whedonesque, that I plan to buy the dvds too. It's good to have a new show to look forward to watching, and from everything I've read - this is a great show to watch.

So "Black Market" is not a great ep? Guess they left out the Beagles ;)
Thanks, all, I think what really sold me about the series is that I found this episode riveting, despite the fact that 1) I really couldn't be less interested in boxing or things military and 2) I didn't know anything about any of the characters involved.

This says so much about the quality of the storytelling. And the fact that Jane Espenson is writing some eps for BSG is just sheer extra gravy.
QuoterGal, that's how I felt about Friday Night Lights; couldn't care less about football but pulled in by the storytelling--and the characters.

Passion, no Beagles, but the episode does bear a resemblance to their "smallish droppings." ;)

And billz--you can console Dee; I'll comfort Anders. I'd aim for Helo (sigh), but for Sharon's wrath. I imagine that beside her not wantint to take off her hard-won tags,it would have been an unacceptable risk to the crew to allow her in the ring.

So psyched for Jane's episodes.

Edited because a triple negative is nobody's friend.

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The TV Guide summary at AICN is, well, possibly technically accurate - although I didn't really get a sense it was set up for that specific purpose... just that the tournament was used to get out aggression. And, boy, it did that.

A brilliant episode - all character, no plot. Gotta love it.
Jane was dead-on. Absolutely spectacular. I'm not sure there's ever been a show like BSG before. An hour long ep and nary a plot point to be seen.
narnia, if I get to keep D, then I freely give you Anders -- he does need a shoulder to cry on, lol -- and, yeah, Helo is so unavailable -- but I have to say I didn't dislike Black Market as much as others here. Of course, it was so near in the order of airing to Captain's Hand, which just blew everything away, maybe I was just blinded by CH's glory. ;-)

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billz; yes, that must be it. ;)

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Seriously? I thought this weeks episode wasn't very good. It felt like filler to my and my friends.
This may get buried, but I thought people would enjoy this: Ask Jane Espenson about the next BSG episode

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