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December 01 2006

Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Select Fox Box Sets. Including Buffy, Angel, and Firefly! Offer ends 12/15/06 and includes free S&H.

For people that don't already have them or wish to puchase them as holiday gifts. This place always has such low prices and deals, I don't know how they can do it.

I edited it to add a "." at the end of the title. This is my first time posting and then I realized all others had this.

I felt bad. Please forgive me Whedonesque crowd.
Shall we forgive her or burn dakoulkid at the stake, Whedonites?!
Beat me to it! Other verse-y titles listed include Wonderfalls, Tru Calling and Point Pleasant.

(and good job, dakoulkid!)
Now if only DDD had "The Chosen Collection"...
That was quite a sin, dakoulkid, but I think we can overlook it just this once;) Welcome to the room and thanks for this link. Some good deals there, just in time for Christmas.

gossi, put down those matches.
I'm not a witch! You can't burn me! If you try I might turn into a rat and never return until 3 years later.

And yes, melanie, when I saw that no one had posted this I rushed to the occasion. I was going to sift through to see what other related titles were available, but I was too lazy. So thanks for pointing those out!
Can someone tell me if they have ever used this site to purchase dvd sets and if they had a good experience? This deal looks great--I think I'm going to buy several sets to give as holiday gifts...if they are the real deal. Thanks!
I buy stuff from there all the time---especially during the semi-annual "20% off" sales...shipping is perhaps a bit slower than other sites, but the prices are great. Never had a problem with service.
This is my #1 place to get DVDs. Good choices on this deal, too!
If you still need to spread the Firefly to friends and family it is possible 2 buy sets of Firefly off the site and only pay for one. So take advantage!
This is brilliant. I already have all the Angel, Buffy, and Firefly ones, but I got me some Wonderfalls, Arrested Development and Roswell. Thank you so much, what a good deal. Awesome first post.
Very reliable seller, indeed! Great notice of this sale. You are a cool kid, dakoulkid, with or without a "."! ;-)
I almost always buy from these guys, and never any problems.

One note though (and this may no longer be valid, I haven't bought anything lately)... if you decide to buy something as a gift, they don't really have a gift option. You can put in the address of the person you are sending it to, but the package will also contain an invoice with the cost and your credit card info on it. Accidentally discovered this when I bought some items for my parents as a gift, yikes! So, have them ship gifts to you, not to your long-distance friends and family, just in case :-)
I'm tempted if they are the slim pack sets.

Are they the slim pack sets?
If you're speaking about the Buffy sets, I believe they are the slimsets, judging from the price. Seeming the Angel sets are not sold in slimset (the slimsets are priced 25-35 dollars vs. 38 to 55 for the regular) and they are much more expensive, I think the Buffy ones are in slimset.
Yes, FOX has switched to the slimset for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" DVD releases. Not quite sure about "Angel" and a big 'NO' about "Firefly".

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