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April 24 2003

"We're professional monster killers!" Entertainment Geekly's cranky review of AtS 4x20 "Sacrifice".

"Let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Ben Edlund (this week's writer and producer). The Tick was a fantastically funny comic (as was the cartoon). I also think his work on Firefly was brilliant. But the difference there was that he was writing for new characters, people that we didn't really know yet. He could be quirky and slightly over the top with them and we would take it in stride. But here, writing for characters that are very well established, it just didn't work."

Hmph, indeed.
The author's just plain nuts. Sacrifice was absolutely fabulous - I loved every bit of it. ::sigh:: At least he recognized how wonderfully creepy the spider-demon was.
Coupla random thought about this ep:

- Anyone else see a parallel between Faith/Mayor and Connor/Jasmine? Unhappy, confused super-teen finds acceptance from evil parental figure.

- I wonder if Jasmine and Glory know each other. Maybe they were dimensional neighbours?

-Funny how Jasmine is more menacing, less cartoony and ultimately more interesting than Glory. I guess BtVS Season Five needed a different kind of Big Bad that wouldn't take the focus away from what Buffy was going through.

- I was 95% unspoiled for this ep, and the whole "otherworldy tapestry made of human flesh and guts" caught me by surprise. In a good way.

- I wonder if the extra-dimensional, Jasmine-worshipping spider demon is related to the similar-looking roach/mantis demon from last season's "Fredless"?

- Ah, yes, the annual journey to a hell dimension. Pylea, Quortoth, and now... Mordor?

- The little kid speaking Jasmine's voice was cuh-reeeeee-peeee.

- Did Jasmine eat Cordelia? Don't we get to say goodbye?

- Where are the Power-That-Be?

- So far it looks like Jasmine is not directly connected to The First. Maybe she's just a hungry extra-dimensional goddess with no concept of good or evil, so she comes here, arranges to have Wolfram and Hart eliminated ('cause they can't be seduced? 'cause they have the resources to find out her true name?), then seduces everyone else after she finds out what they want to hear.

- Why does Jasmine look like a decaying corpse? Or is that just an image that the human (and vampire) brain conjures to make sense of her appearance? I see a corpse and I think "decay", as in the "a process by which organic life renews itself". I don't imediately think "evil". Why must we fear death so? :-)

- I'm loving the "staying unspoiled" thing this year. I go through a lot of "oh my god!" moments when I literally shout at my TV like a crazy person. I heartily recommend it.
Mordor! Hah. That made me laugh so loud, I had to explain it to my girlfriend. Woof.

I loved the episode, though I do agree it was chunky in places. I enjoyed starting to see more of Jasmine's evilness. It's as if she wants to absorb the whole world - that everyone will become her. Majorly creepy. Yum.
Vamp_Insurance - liked your comments and big-time agreed with most of them. :) Especially the spoiler-free thing. Spoilers are like a drug; I find it painfully hard to resist them, but life is so much more exciting if I can do without them.

The kid with Jasmine's voice was tres creepy, but Connor was even moreso. ::shudder::

Mordor... BWAA! LOL My boyfriend and I said the exact same thing. Hee!

I'm still not sure what to think about any possible FE/Jasmine connection. On the one hand, I have to think that beings so hugely significant as the freaking First Evil and... whatever the hell Jasmine is... would at least be aware of each other. Yet I have more than a nagging feeling that ME has no intention of connecting the two.
Heh, at least Angel's Mordor is a bit better of a LotR nod than the Turok-Han whichis just well... bad. ;-)
Faith/Mayor, Conner/Jasmine...
I hadn't thought of that!
Good thoughts all around, too!
But didn't that spider-demon guy call her "the devourer"?
I loved Sacrifice, too -- and Ben Edlund rocks, on Angel or The Tick.

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