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December 01 2006


It's on!! Hope to see you guys there!!! LA, here I come!!!

The announcement since the website is down.
Probably server overload. Oh well. Gotta go shopping! I have to pack!
Double yippee!! I hope that BE's schedule for 2007 is still a go as well.
I am already halfway through my packing. I now have to double-check.
Congratulations to Booster for working out their financing. We're all excited to come enjoy ourselves at Flan II!

Obviously this means that the Browncoats' Backup Bash will not be necessary. I want to send my sincerest thank yous to everyone who donated money (it's on its way back to you now), volunteered and otherwise wished us well. Browncoats are the best.

Specifically I want to thank the B3 crew: James R., Lynn B., Arielle K., Louise D., Brian R., Maria G., Marsia P. and my wife, Karla. These folk jumped right into the fray with me and this would have been an impossible endeavor without them. They were ready to do the impossible, and I know we would have succeeded. I'd also like to thank Ray for whipping together our registration form on such short notice, gossi for putting up the Flan Helpline website and theonetruebix for having the idea in the first place.

I'm looking forward to Flan, and I invite everyone to drop by my table (Black Market Beagles) in the dealers' room to say hi!

-Adam Levermore-Rich, Captain of the B3 crew
Good news, we'll be expecting a report from those going! ;-)
I still don't get to go, but I'm so pleased for everyone.
A very big thank you to Adam and the rest of you. I am just a tad sorry that I will not get to experience the great shindig you would have put on.
And don't forget about the already planned SoCal Browncoats Shindig at Flanvention. Check out our Yahoo board for details, but the basics are as follows:

Meet in the bar after the banquet and party all night.

Simple, yet effective shindig.

And let me say a GIANT thank you to Adam for stepping up and running this crew. He did an awesome job.
I am glad people will still get to see the BDH's next weekend as scheduled. I just want to remind those going, one of the dealers will have a few items to raise money for Joss's star on the walk of fame, I hope those going will stop by and check the stuff out.

This has been a rough week for many people, but crisis has been adverted and the Reavers kept at bay for another day. So go and have fun and hopefully the good memories of being together will over come the nightmarish ones of the past few days.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-12-02 00:42 ]
Lioness, it definitely would have been fun! But I'm glad it's going on as planned so everyone can have the experience they were hoping to have!
Yay for everyone with Flan tickets, and more praise and congratulations and *YOU ROCK* to the Browncoat Backup Bash folk. Browncoats are the best! :-)

Have a great time, everyone going to Flan2! :-)
And don't forget about the already planned SoCal Browncoats Shindig at Flanvention.

I'll be there for sure, and I'll be very happy not to be working! :D
And may I say a big thank you to Adam, for he was an excellent captain, as well as the rest of the B3 crew, because I'm sure the event would have been fantastic had we put it on. I'm just relieved we can now relax. ;)
I'm glad Flan's a go and I think the stories are going to take on a heightened sense of "can you believe?" due to the events of this last week. And Adam - congratulations on stepping so gracefully into your unwanted field promotion. The valley may have proven to be a dark place, but you and so very many other friends-I-haven't-met-yet stepped up to hold the line and never think for a moment that we didn't notice.

And to everybody - stop by the dealers' room: I'd love to meet the people who made this madness worthwhile! I'm the redhead with the Southern accent.
I am so happy and relieved. I will be sure to express all my thanks to lexigeek, to Cedric (of the Bedlam Bards), and to everyone who stood by us and helped to ease the upset of this past week with their positive spirit and energy. We are really lucky to have such generous souls in our fandom!
Best news I've read all week. I hope it's the best Flan con ever and wish all of you going a great time.
This is going to sound very silly, but... where, when and what is this Flanvention?
But but but I can't use the term Flangate anymore.

But I am very relieved for the ticket holders, what a nightmare that must have been for them. And a big thank you to the Browncoats who stepped into the breach and organised a back up plan.
Hooray! I hope every has a wonderful time (and that no one canceled travel plans o.o) I look forward to the Shindig :)
Yay!! I wasn't even going, but am still all giggly at the good news.
Have a great time, Flan-goers!
I'm really happy for everybody who's going! I was worried for you guys.
I'm glad everyone's getting their Flan, and that there won't be 500 disgruntled Browncoats wandering the streets of Burbank :)

Have a great time everyone - wish I was going!
Yep, it's great news. I don't know how it came back together, as a rabit was going to be needed to be pulled from a hat. In fact, several rabbits appeared.

Ultimately, I don't care. As long as the event happens as planned it's all good.
Have a wonderful, wonderful time Flangoers! I'm so relieved for those who are now able to enjoy.
Phew for the Flans!

I'm sure all the browncoats have had their fingers crossed for you guys, attendees or not... so you better party hard!
Fantastic for everyone going (especially my Goners)!!!! Have a blast guys!
Simon - But but but I can't use the term Flangate anymore.

Sure you can, Simon. All you have to do is wait until they finally let Richard Dean Anderson do his dream Stargate/Simpsons crossover event where Ned Flanders is put in charge of Stargate Command.

Well, it might happen...
YAY! I am so glad to hear the news about Flan. Also, besides thanking Adam and the So Cal Browncoats (you guys are mighty), I want to thank Whedonesque. I knew if I came to this sight I would find reliable information-and I appreciated that. Thanks to everyone who is involved with Whedonesque, and thank you to Browncoats in general. I am so happy to be a part of this.
Excellent news. But huge congratulations to Adam and his crew for their heroic efforts!

Have an enormous lot of Big Damn Fun, folks!
I am so delighted for all who have been put through so much trauma this week. I hope there are no more hitches, that all runs smoothly, and that all of you have a great time!
I'm so happy and relieved for those people who've been saving up and looking forward to this event for months or more. What can I say about the SoCal and NorCal Browncoats that hasn't been said already? gossi, Cedric, lexigeek and all the California Browncoats who stepped up to help alleviate anxiety among the ranks, we salute you as the Big Damn Heroes that you are.

Anyone who wonders what it means to be a Browncoat and why we are so passionate about it only needs to look at this board in the past week for an answer.

Have a great time, everyone, and take lots of pictures!

[ edited by samatwitch on 2006-12-02 02:38 ]
Oh, thank the gods! I'm so happy for you guys, I've been so worried. Have a freakin' blast!!! Give the BDHs hugs from me :)
That is truly awesome news! And because I have been remiss in mentioning it to date, kudos of the hugest variety to the SoCal Browncoats and their organized altruism in getting ready to step in if their services were needed. Cap'n Mal couldn't have done it better himself!

Have a blast everyone and take lots of pictures! And someone please tell Jimmy Leary I said "hi!" if he's there. :-)
In a thread at Booster called FLAN SCHEDULE, socklover says: "Vicki will be getting the schedule up tonight (FRIDAY)."
Vicki in the chat/livemessage thing at Booster: "I have a sked. I'm having trouble because the site is so bombed. I'm probably going to need to wait until late... when it settles... I can't email it either- bulk email is also sent thru the server. Just FYI."
From the Booster boards:

Greg Edmonson and the twins, Raf and Yan Feldman, will be joining us for the weekend!!!

They will also be joining in on the Banquet!!

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-12-02 03:50 ]
They're asking people not to post on those new threads yet because they're trying to get the info up.
Simon, it was still Flangate. I love that term, by the way.

I am exceedingly happy that this worked out and we will have Flan. I really can't thank Adam and the Cali Browncoats enough for what they did, though.

The support from everyone has really touched my heart. I'm grateful to all of you.
I am so so so happy right now and more than a little emotional. (Enough so that The Polar Express on TV made me cry! *rolls eyes* ) I have a sneaking suspicion that if the lot here and the BCs on hadn't gotten motivated so quickly and in such numbers that Flan would still be cancelled. Especially all of you that weren't even going but were right there with plans to make the weekend "kick ass" for those of us who were. I can't confrim this. It's just a feeling I have. So thanks for all the mobilizing and articulate posts of outrage. Now I go to sleep dreaming of tomorrow where I get to spend even more money on looking shiny for everyone who will be there. Whoo Hoo!!
This is flan-tastic. For those that looked forward to this and/or saved all year to attend, I wept a little sympathetic weep for you (especially the flan who was planning their first vacation in twenty years) and I am glad that all of this collective angst was, at least, not in vain.

(Although I would have been sorta tickled by the thought of 500 disgruntled Browncoats wandering the streets of Burbank. And b!x, from reading the BE boards, I see that you supposedly 1) lead a gi-normous army of sock-puppets and 2) are responsible for a vast array of world evils. Good going, you!)

Wee-hoo! You're all coming to my state, now.

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." -- Jane Howard, Families
I see that you supposedly 1) lead a gi-normous army of sock-puppets and 2) are responsible for a vast array of world evils.

Well, all those minions had to do something after the charity screenings were finished.
Simon, I agree with Arcane and MalGal -- IMO, it's a gate -- a scandal that has been discovered by the public -- even though this one comes with a happy ending (yay!).

And b!X, I had always thought the dryer ate my sock puppet. Now I know where that evil little minion has gotten off to. ;-)
Well, all those minions had to do something after the charity screenings were finished.
It's true. It was either join b!x's force of evil or take up knitting. I hate knitting.
I sold all my minions on eBay 'cause I found out they were false or ersatz minions, as I call them.

It's so hard to get good genuine minions these days. Mass-produced minions are usually false and so shoddy. *sigh*

(Hey, billz.)

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-12-02 06:56 ]
Hey, QG, and thanks for shipping those minions off to me so fast after I bought them from you on eBay. I can't afford real minions, you know, especially since my sock puppet ran away and all. The Ersatz!Minions do just fine, really; in fact, they are studying for finals for me right now! (I only hope they do better than I did at midterms!) ;-)
Minions as described, well packaged, A+++++ transaction!!!!
Been reading this thread for days. Ups and Downs with ya'll big time. Glad beyond measure that Flan2 is the haps.

As usual, me pointing out the elephant in the room that all of the angst and heartbreak could've been avoided if they'd just hung it out right from the get-go.

Still mad at the 'ladies' on ya'll's behalf for not managing the money correctly as to give the assured fans what they paid for without all this folderol. Me still thinks they shouldn't have had to have been bailed out. And still not a whiff of a word where all that money went.

Gah. Nuff said. Enjoy with much gusto, and I'm sure they'll be pictures aplenty for me to grin over. So sorry you all had to suffer. So glad you all get your PARTY!
Ditto to what Willowy posted (I see that elephant too!). I was considering going to this Flan, but when I did the math (with travel from New Jersey) the price tag was just too steep for me at this time. If I had tickets I would have been a wreck over the events of the past week, heck I've only been reading about it and I have been a wreck! I have worried all week for all of you who had plans to attend.

Add me to the list of people who are happy the Flan is now on. Enjoy! Nathan is wonderful! Give him a hello from me!
Like a lot of the 'coats out in cyberspace I have been following this closely, even though I don't get to go. I am really pleased for everyone, especially those on the "Goners" crew who are gonna be there. Look forward to your reports (and Dizzy's photos!).
Hey StevieB - we'll show 'em at the Christmas party.
Maybe it's me and my eyes are going but does anyone else see the special ebay ticket lunch on the schedule. I'm not going to this thing but I was just wondering if it was just me not seeing it.
No, I'm not seeing it either.

I also notice Nathan isn't on any Q&A panels until late Saturday night and Adam and Nathan aren't together on any panels except the very last one Sunday night and possibly the opening one Friday. It also appears as if the Feldmans have been added as I see their name on the schedule several times.
This is a mighty relief!
Here is a small video reminder of last year's event, I found over on youtube.
"Maybe it's me and my eyes are going but does anyone else see the special ebay ticket lunch on the schedule. I'm not going to this thing but I was just wondering if it was just me not seeing it."

On the forum someone asked the same thing and the newly promoted Socklover said they forgot to put it on the schedule. Looks like it is supposed to be on Sunday. But don't quote me on the last part. (*Doesn't hold breath, but does have fingers crossed the don't nix that! I have a ticket for it too.*)
I'm so glad to hear this is going ahead. I went last year and really enjoyed, though there's always room for improvement. I've been feeling a lot of vicarious angst (and anger) on behalf of all this year's ticket-holders, as well as a lot of pride in the West Coast groups who were preparing a "Flan B" in case the Flan fell through -- you guys are amazing. I hope everyone who goes this year has a fantastic time, and tell us all about it when you get back!
Thanks for posting that, RavenU. That was one of my favorite moments from Flan. (If only we had their karaoke performance, too. They were amazing!)
The Specially Ticketed Luncheon is on Sunday.

Those select "Ticket Holders" will be told the time/place of the luncheon when they check-in/receive their Registration Packets.
RavenU: Here is a small video reminder of last year's event, I found over on youtube."

I think that Nathan-assisted proposal is one of the sweetest 'Verse things I've ever seen -- thanks for posting it, Ravenu.

I'm not sure why, but it actually made me tear up a little. I hope you guys enjoy many such memorial moments at this year's Flan.

(For those of you that are Nathan's myspace friends, he posted a new blog today about how he spent his Thankgiving vacation. It is set to "Friends only" so I thought I wouldn't post any of it here. But he does make fun of some of the stuff he receives on myspace, so that's all to the good...)
Except I was one of those people who sent him a message. I thought I was being helpful. Did he have to make fun of my blog in return? *goes in corner and cries girly tears* ;P
Now, now, NYPinTA, I'm sure yours was one of the preferred 36%, and not that other less-happy 74%. *grins slightly*

Um, I'm pretty sure Nathan loves you.
*pats hand awkwardly*
You can come out of the corner, now. Please?

*feels guilty*

Nathan loves all his fans, especially the ones he makes fun of, which would be about 109% of them... Really.

At least you didn't say to him what I did, which was to quit show business altogether. I meant to send it to Carrot Top, and hit the wrong button and it went to Nathan. Sheesh, is my face red.
LOL. I feel better now, thanks.
Speaking of: No Nathan at either the cocktail party or the banquet.
Just watching. You kids are great!
Speaking of: No Nathan at either the cocktail party or the banquet.

That official, bix? Was he supposed to be at them?
It's official gossi, the promoter posted it in the foums area, it seems they made another assumption.

vicki - 12/02/2006 1:38 PM
Quick answers to some stuff- my email is now over 500- they've all been read- but lots have to be addressed- no big- but takes a bit of time.


No, Nathan will not be at cocktail or banquet. Yes, he will be at the Sunday lunch. No, this is not Booster and has nothing to do with recent events. Until banquet seating was already done, very recently, we were under the impression that he was attending. It is a personal issue we are not at liberty to disclose. We will contact Nathan's banquet table personally and work out different banquet seating. Adam will be at both the cocktail and banquet. As will the other guests.

Sunday lunch ticket holders will be given time/location of lunch upon check-in.


Also there where some items created to originally raise money for B3 but since the Flan is back on, they are selling the shirts to raise money for charity. If you want more information and see what they are offering you can check them out here.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-12-03 16:19 ]
Uh, bix? That doesn't say to me that BE made assumptions. That says to me that Nathan's plans changed or something happened from HIS camp to cause the change. I think it's not BE that is making assumptions here...

Speaking of which, there is something else I have been wanting to address about all this. A number of people have expressed extreme disappointment that Sean and Morena and Summer allegedly weren't asked to attend Flan 2, as per their own responses to fan queries therein. As someone who has had to book talent for an event in the past, I can tell you that it is not only possible but highly likely that their representation (agent or manager or even both) was contacted and chose to decline on their behalfs (?behalves?! Anyway...) without ever letting the actors know. This happened to me on two distinct occasions, and both times the actors later expressed shock that I had even inquired as to their interest and availability since one was a close, personal friend of an author friend of mine and said that he would have done the event as a favor to HIM if for no other reason. He and the other actor I mention both stated that this happens more often than anyone is aware of, and that it makes them look much less interested in meeting their fans than they'd care to have it appear.

Just putting it out there in the spirit of fairness and balance. :-D

[ edited by OzLady on 2006-12-03 18:37 ]
Uh, oz? I didn't say anything about assumptions. I only posted the news.
OzLady I think that was my statement about assumptions, not bix. To quote a recent comment by the promoter "it was a lame attempt at humor" based on observations about how often they have made assumptions recently.

I do know that they did contact most of the artist ealier in the year including the ones claiming they had not been asked and the promoters where told to contact them again closer to the event. i know one person's management was contacted multiple times and they were told to try again in a few months for an answer. I know that convention companies ask a lot of guest to show up at their event but because of many things, negositations may fall through before the artist ever knows they are ask, most are kept pretty oblivous to these event details. On more than one occassion, I have heard guest say they just show up where their management tells them too and they have no real idea what they are suppose to be doing there, until someone tells them. That is why you will routinely see bookers, managers, and other assistances with them that are not part of the event.
bix, my bad *totally*! I'm sorry! I had originally written something to you about Nathan not attending part of the weekend AND to RavenU, and when I went to edit it to correct my usage of the wrong 'there' I managed to delete part of my post. And now I can't recall for the life of me what I said to you. Meh. Again, sorry about that!

RavenU, exactly! Which is why I think it's kind of unfair to blame the promoters/orgnizers for the actors thinking they weren't invited (not that YOU were doing that, but others were). Bottom line is that it is very hard to plan events, and that is made even harder when one is not only trying to run a business but also attempting to satisfy a group in which one is also a member oneself(in this case, the folks at BE are fans themselves, but I was also thinking of trying to organize an event at one's school or for a PTA or whatnot). There are just too many conflicting factors which can't all be given equal weight.

ANYWAY, here's to it all balancing out by everyone having a good time and, if things work out, Booster continuing on with firming footing in place.
Just to back this one up with OzLady - I've seen situations before where actors have been asked to attend events, except they haven't actually been asked - their agents/bookers/managers/etc have dealt with it and not actually told the actor about it.

I heard from somebody last year about an actor (not whedon related) who went onto stage at a convention and was asking the audience why he was there - he had no idea, he'd just turned up. I think he had been in Star Wars or something from memory.
No problem, OzLady. I was going to mention what you did but I didn't want to stir up any more stuff while feelings were raw. Knowing that most people wouldn't really hear it, while emotions were intense. So I let those comments slide for awhile, at least until it calmed down a bit.

gossi, lol, that is a more common occurance than you might think. People have to remember these people are not public speakers by profession, it's not really a high priority job requirement. I have sceen this happen alot of times with a lot of different guest. Some people are naturals at entertaining a crowd while other's need prompts and reminders about what is going on. Especially, if they have not been told by anyone what to expect. I have had to do my share of stage prompting, it becomes an interesting interactive experience on a surreal level to remind a person of what they have done in order to jog their memory in order to answer a question. The ones who are good at it or at least faking it can just start talking and never stop until time is up, and in the process have the audience completely entertained the whole time.
So, anyway, Joss, seriously, call Summer and y'all come to Burbank and let me interview you about the R. Tam Sessions. I'll never have another chance. ;)
This is really interesting to find out, that it's possible the actors' peeps might not have told them if they were invited to Flan2. I had no idea it worked like that; I guess I assumed that when you have an agent, they call you and tell you about the invitations that have come in and ask you if you are interested. Learn something new every day!

Well, what's really important is that Browncoats will be going to Los Angeles and meeting the BDHs and shindigging their a**es off! Have fun, everyone, and be sure to post reports about what goes on! :-)
billz, right??! If I were an actor...well, I probably wouldn't be up at this hour but that's neither here nor there. ;-) Seriously, the analogy that was drawn for me by an agent friend was that actors are like children and their representation are their parents who filter the world for them so that they can survive in it. Degrading comparison perhaps, but pretty apt if you think about it (at least for some).
7%- Suggestions on how I should live my life/manage my MySpace. Btw- I read your blog. Not very entertaining. Perhaps you should look inward for improvement?

Huh. I thought he was saying that we were also telling him, "Btw - ..." Right Nathan, like you have time to read our blogs. If someone gets a chance during some Q&A at Flanvention II, they should thank him again for even putting a MySpace up to communicate with us (and Nathan, I really did suggest posting a picture of you holding a sign saying "Yes, it's really me," to be helpful -- this is what will ultimately inspire your MySpace imposter(s) to get out of town).
actors are like children and their representation are their parents who filter the world for them so that they can survive in it

LOL, OzLady! :-)

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